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Ano Niji o Koete

vol.1 ch.1 : Over the Rainbow -A Story of the Sakamoto Family-

From Sugar-Oasis: "I wish I was born in a normal family..." A high school girl, Sakamoto Kina, is one of the nine children in her family. She's so embarrassed that she can't tell people that she has such a big family. Of course, she can't tell Noguchi-kun, her crush, either... One day, Kina's mom, who is usually energetic, suddenly collapses...!! More.

Sweet Valerian

vol.1 ch.0

[From Condensation]: About three girls who transform into rabbits to save people from the Stress Monsters. More.

Plant Plan


Yuuya is sent seeds from his mother and he decides to plant them. More.


vol.1 ch.1

Summary from Sherbet Lemon A girl who would die for romance, Bora, fell in love with a beautiful cheating dog-seller one day. She tries to find him with only the information of his school, but fails miserably. Just as she was about to give up, Bora gets an offer to be a substitute for a daughter of a rich, prestigious family who looks just like herself. Dumbstruck, Bora rejects the offer, but cha More.


vol.1 ch.1

A very short story in full color about the memories of walking along the path with blossoming cosmos. More.

Fifteen (Katou Mizuki)


Do you remember yourself at fifteen? More.

Together During Summer, Too

vol.1 ch.0

A short full color story about a young couple imagining their holidays. More.

Yami no Matsuei Sketchbook

ch.0 : Walking the Dog

Sketchbook printed in 2000 featuring character sketches from Matsushita's works including Yami no Matsuei.Includes a reprinted shoujo oneshot: "Inu ga Arukeba" (Walking the Dog): Dog lover Shinri wants to be a guide dog trainer. Unfortunately, dogs seem to hate him and co-worker Iruka never lets him forget it. But things change for the better with the arrival of new dog Wakame. More.

Kimi ni Shika Kikoenai (TSUZUKI Setsuri)

vol.1 ch.1 : [Includes chapters 1-4 & 0]

From Tokyopop: In these haunting tales, a girl creates a cell phone in her imagination, from which she can communicate with others... A young boy discovers his new friend has the power to heal others--and learns about true friendship and sacrifice... And the healing power of love confronts the tragedy and horror of a deadly train accident. More.

Rocker in Locker


After a long illness, Naki returns to school and finds a ghost in her locker who asks her to become a Rock-n-Roller. More.

Travel To The Cats' Territory

vol.1 ch.1 : Travel To The Cats' Territory

From Cinderella Story: Yue Cheng is collecting cats for her homework report, and what she did is captured by the cats' "watcher". And after following a cat that she wants to catch, Yue Cheng and her friend found themselves in the cat spirit's territory. What will happen...? More.

The Evergreen Tree

ch.0 : The Evergreen Tree

Bamboo Garden The scent of the evergreen tree was what started everything. Why does she carry a parasol she won't even use, why is he cheered up by the nonsensical things that she says and does? Nothing is answered as she smells the evergreen tree again on her way home. Adapted From Devil's Bride More.

100 Days Dream


Summary from MegKF: "Even though I don't have wings, I can fly." More.



From MangaArt: A Gag manga that could be a bit strange... for sensitive readers. More.

The Black Cat

ch.0 : [Oneshot]

Kuro Neko. Oneshot.[From ShoujoMagic]:The story is based on the classic work of the same name by Edgar Allen Poe. This is an original rendition of the traditional story. It is NOT for the faint of heart! More.

Boku no Kirai na Akuma


From Delish Scans: Maa-kun is plagued by a demon that only he can see! How can he get rid of it? More.

Sunset and Curry

ch.0 : [Oneshot]

Have you ever heard of a crow that could speak it's mind and a forever-curryeating-family? More.

Pink Colored Infatuation


Yo Jang Do is in love with the worlds most perfect man. They wear matching outfits, and she always stops to see him on her way to cram school. There's no reason for her to worry about his status as a popular idol, or that she's really just his obsessive fangirl stalker. No, there are bigger problems for Yo Jang Do. What if her perfect man isn't perfect? More.

Ojiizoo Quest

vol.1 ch.1

Himeno is going on a school-trip with her classmates, including three boys who can transform into the buddhist monk statue, Jizo. More.

Feminine no San Shimai


Aesop's fable, "The Ant and the Grasshopper" is reinvented in this short manga. More.

Magic Boots

vol.1 ch.2

What do you get when you mix together a wacky wizard, a girl who loves fairy tales, and a pair of enchanted footwear? Anything can happen to those who wear these magical boots which have "unlimited power", and things get crazy (crazily funny) when love goes awry in this cute, two-chapter story by Wujian and Wulin. More.

Sekai wa Hikari no Naka ni - Kurayami no Meikyuu

chapter 1 : oneshot

During a school field trip to a cavern, after being warned about CHUDs, Hikari strays from the path and ends up alone in the darkness. More.

Kirakira Precure a la Mode

vol.1 chapter 1

14-year-old Ichika Usami loves sweets and wishes to become a patissiere. When she encounters fairy Pekorin, she is able to transform into Cure Whip to protect Kirakiraru, an energy that represents the feelings put into making a sweet, from the Kirakiraru Thieves. She is later joined by four other girls. More.