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Infinite Stratos

vol.5 chapter 26 : Thin Red Line 1

Students are trained in the Infinite Stratos academy to pilot the weapon system IS (Infinite Stratos). Although it is believed that only females have the ability to operate the IS, there is one man who can. His name is Orimura Ichika. More.

Mazinkaiser vs Shin Getter Robot

chapter 1

Crossover one-shot between Mazinkaiser and Shin Getter Robo. It was included in Immortal Super Robot Encyclopedia (不滅のスーパー� ボット大全). The manga begins with the Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger fighting against an alien machine after the Diana A and Venus A have been taken down. More.

Shin Change!! Getter Robo Crater Battle

chapter 1

Prequel to the Getter Robo Armageddon anime. Also published in the Getter Saga version of Shin Getter Robo. More.

Kidou Senshi Gundam MSV Chronicles: Johnny Ridden


Do you know of the man called Johnny Ridden? The legendary Zeon ace pilot? He disappeared after the battle after Abaoa Qu after a deadly showdown with a formidable Federation MS, and became a legend. As Johnny Ridden is trying to adapt to his new life of exile on Earth, he is followed by his past. He is called back into the spotlight to fight one last evil, a ghost of the old Principality of Zeon. More.

Kidou Sensei Gundam - Kokui no Kariudo

vol.1 ch.1

In the year U.C. 0079, as the One Year War draws to a close. Major Wolfgang leads the Principality of Zeon squadron "Hunter of Black Clothes" on atmospheric patrols. The squad is named after Wolfgang's black Zaku. The Federation fears them as "GM Hunters". When Wolfgang enters combat with a GM squadron fatefully close to the atmosphere.The hidden war of an ace Zeon Pilot. More.

Koukaku Kidoutai

vol.1 chapter 1

From Anime News Network: In a near future, technology has firmly taken root into society at large. Cybernetic implants are nothing uncommon and robots roam as plentiful as humans, all connected through their "ghosts" to the electronic datastreams of the net. Major Kusanagi Motoko and the Public Security Section 9 find themselves in a constant battle with the newly created wave of technological More.

Magma Taishi

vol.3 ch.20 : Showdown of the Century

An evil dinosaur-wizard-alien named Goa plans to take over earth and get rid of all the humans living on it. Earth, the creator of earth, makes three "Rocketonians" to stop him: the golden giant Magma, his mostly absent throughout the whole series wife Mol, and their son Gamu, who is made in the image of the main character, Mamoru (a human boy). More.

Verdant Lord

chapter 61 : (END)

Set in the near future where Mother Nature has decided to fight back against all of the human encroachment. It has your standard apocalyptic scenario, but we're right in the middle of the apocalypse actually happening, rather than the aftermath. Vines and foliage entangle cities, as large wooden mech-like creatures called Arethusa (named after one of the mythical Greek Hesperides that tended t More.

Getter Robo Anthology - Shinka no Ishi


A compilation of different authors and artists' take on Getter Robo. Featuring original short stories and art by: Eiichi Shimizu & Tomohiro Shimoguchi Naoto Tsushima Go Nagai & Dynamic Pro Masakazu Ooi Masayuki Fujihara Hiroyuki Imaishi Nozomu Tamaki More.

Getter Robo Arc

vol.2 ch.14 : The Endless Battle

Set in a post-Apocalyptic Earth, Hayato Jin continues to lead the Saotome Research Institute after the events of Getter Robo Go. He has succeeded Professor Saotome's masterpiece prototype, the Shin Getter Robo, with a more stable creation: Getter Robo Āḥ. More.

Getter Robo G

vol.1 ch.4 : The Terrifying Bacteriological Bomb

After Emperor Gore and the Dinosaur Empire is defeated, a new enemy, Emperor Burai and his Hyakki (Hundred Demon) Empire rises and threatens to take over Earth. Ryoma, Hayato, and newcomer Benkei pilot the new Getter Robo G to save Earth.> Part of the Getter Robo series(see> Super Robot Retsuden( More.

Getter Robo

vol.2 ch.12 : Rebirth!! A New Getter Robo

Ryoma Nagare, Hayato Jin, and Prof. Saotome pilot three specially designed combat jets, which can be combined together in different forms to form three different kinds of giant robots, Getter-1 (used for aerial combat), Getter-2 (for land-based conflicts), and Getter-3 (for undersea battles). They were assembled by Prof. Saotome and became Earth's first line of defense against the Dinosaur Empire, More.

Giant Robo

vol.2 ch.39

Updating More.

Infinite Stratos - Official Anthology Comic

vol.1 ch.1-11 : [Complete]

Ichika, a male, from some reason has been able to move the IS a weapon only women can use. And now, he is to enter the IS Academy, an institute designed to develop the skills of said pilots.Join the childhood friend Houki, the aristocrat Cecilia, the transferee Rin, the boyish Charles, the somewhat scary Laura, the ever girl-surrounded Ichika and their friends in this school of love-comedy!Related More.

Juushin Liger

vol.1 ch.0

Manga version of the same-name anime. More.

Kannazuki no Miko

vol.2 ch.14

Two girls, Kurusugawa Himeko and Himemiya Chikane, who have a close friendship that is secret from their classmates, are suddenly confronted with their fate to be the Priestesses of the Sun and the Moon. When an ominous lunar eclipse occurs on their shared birthday, they are forced into a pitched battle against Orochi and his forces, who wish for the total annihilation of the planet. But it's not More.

Kiddy Grade - Reverse

vol.1 ch.6 : RE:Birth Day

From Studio ADTRW: After suffering numerous interstellar wars, mankind has finally formed an interstellar union. However there are still many disputes and wars occurring amongst the members of the union itself. In order to resolve these problems, a secret organization, known as GOTT, is formed. They employ agents with special powers to fight for the organization. Agents Eclair and Lumiere are t More.

Kidou Senshi Gundam AGE ~Hajimari no Monogatari~

ch.2 : [End]

Mankind migrated to space colonies several centuries ago, with wars on Earth having long ended. Suddenly during the Advanced Generation (AG) Year 101 an Unknown Enemy (UE) appears and starts to attack Earth and its colonies starting a full-scale war. They destroy the space colony "Angel" in a disaster later referred to as "The Day the Angel Fell". In AG 108 the UE attack a once peaceful colony kno More.

Kidou Senshi Gundam F90

vol.1 ch.8 : CONCLUSION [End]

Universal Century 0120 Phantom mobile suits, oh my! Renegade Zeon mobile suits steal the newly developed Gundam F90 during it's testing phase! The Federation Forces give pursuit to Mars where the Oldsmobile Army is about to unleash it's ultimate assault against the Earth! Who will survive?! More.

Kidou Senshi Gundam Seed Destiny Astray

vol.4 ch.21 : Scoop.21 - Those Who See The Truth [End]

From Anime News Network It is October, Cosmic Era 71. The Second Battle of Yakin Due has brought about the end of the war between Earth and PLANT. Jess Rabble, a mobile suit pilot, journalist and cameraman, wishes to photograph the truth of the world from a mobile suit's perspective. During an encounter with the Junk Guild, he meets Lowe Gear, who offers him the newly completed Astray Out Frame i More.

May Miracle

ch.0 : Oneshot

College freshman, Seiji Murayama, is living on his own for the first time until an enormous cyborg from his past appears in his closet. More.

Shin Getter Robo

vol.1 ch.9.5 : [Extra: Crater Battle]

Prequel to Getter Robo Go. While Professor Saotome feverishly works on his latest creation, Shin Getter Robo, the lab comes under attack from an old foe. The Getter team is called into action, but events quickly spiral out of control, leading to questions and doubts concerning the usage of Getter rays. More.