Idol to Otaku no Risou no Kankei 4.3

Idol To Otaku No Risou No Kankei

Vol.12 Chapter 67

535,894 Aug 04,20 noumisozoo, Sekizui Hikinuki no Kei

An otaku’s idol moves right next to him. And it’s a dream come true! But as it turns out, she’s a bit more sadistic then we expected. Are you seeing a trend here? There is no mercy. Submit to the bully girl of your dreams now. -Orchesc/a/ns Author's Twitter. Author's  Fanbox.
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Forensic Princess 4.8

Forensic Princess

Chapter 184

5,509,223 Aug 04,20 iCiyuan

A 21st century forensic doctor somehow traveled back to ancient China and became a princess. What’s better is her first treatment was rather intimate?
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The Ghostly Doctor 1973.9

The Ghostly Doctor

Chapter 252

20,490,990 Aug 04,20 Yuan man dongman

She, the leader of the hidden sect, specializes in poison and assassination. A genius, and a weirdo, in the eyes of others. After dying from an accident, she was reborn in the body of a disfigured lady. Having her identity changed and unable to return to her family, she abandoned them, but, if she doesn’t take revenge on those who caused her harm, will she be worthy of the title "The
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The Prince’s Private Masseuse 4.7

The Prince’S Private Masseuse

Chapter 32

114,878 Aug 04,20 Chika

“I’ll make you remember me by force.” A man I don’t know suddenly kissed me… And when I opened my eyes… I found myself at war times in another world.
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The Only Love I Know 4.3

The Only Love I Know

Chapter 8

10,337 Aug 04,20 Aim

Hari Lee, a girl who’s busy balancing both part-time jobs and school, falls for her senior at school, Jinho, but her one-sided love ends without her getting the chance to confess when Jinho starts dating her friend, Yeonju, instead. 3 years later, Jinho and Yeonju are still together and Hari has gotten over Jinho, but Jinho suddenly starts drunk-calling Hari and confessing to her? To get rid
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The Devil 5

The Devil

Chapter 1

2 Aug 04,20 Ena

The princess trapped in the tower brings in a marriage. Her husband has killed his ex-wife several times. The frightened princess eventually wakes up the sarcophagus in the basement and calls out the devil…. “I don’t want to marry him, Raven.”
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Daisy and the Prince 5

Daisy And The Prince

Chapter 0

2 Aug 04,20 Kaykayb

Daisy doesn’t want to live a luxurious life because her family is restraining her from doing what she likes. Instead, they want her to be an elegant lady and marry a nobleman. Will she accomplish it when the Crown Prince appear making it more complicated for her goals?Source of collecting this is kaykayb, I’m sorry for the incorrect grammar I&rs
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Motokare ← Retry 4.7

Motokare ← Retry

Chapter 4

230,023 Aug 04,20 Hanaya En

This time i will say it honestly—there is only you. the person that i don't want to see the most in this world—"my ex-boyfriend" During junior high school, Mitsu had her first boyfriend and first heartbreak. Without really resolving the problems between them, she is now a university student. This year, she definitely wants to have a new love, but unfortunatel
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Zero Game 4.5

Zero Game

Chapter 48: Episode 48 - Siege Battle 3

763,788 Aug 04,20 Jeulbahsen

A fantasy/drama story that follows a young girl as she participates in a survival game with the prize being a chance to rebuild her life to be better than the one she had. And the price of failure being her death.
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Motokare←Retry 4.8


Vol.2 Chapter 4

102,439 Aug 04,20 Hanaya En

This time i will say it honestly--- there is only you. the person that i don't want to see the most in this world --- "my ex-boyfriend" During junior high school, Mitsu had her first boyfriend and first heart broken, without really solving problems between them had, she is now a university student. This year, she definitely want to have a new love, but unfortunately Kaed
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Peerless Dad 4.8

Peerless Dad

Chapter 134

27,249,695 Aug 04,20 Hyeon-Sook Lee, Cyung-chan Noh

Its an amazing story about one martial arts journey through marriage, fatherhood, and battles.
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Bambino! Secondo 4.4

Bambino! Secondo

Vol.6 Chapter 57: Economics

400,986 Aug 04,20 Sekiya Tetsuji

Shogo Ban is now a chef at Ristorante Legare. As the Yokohama branch of the Trattoria Baccanale he used to work at, he has been entrusted with the responsibility of head of the pasta section. Rejoin Ban as he struggles to meet the expectations of work and develop his personal relationships.
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Vector Ball 4.5

Vector Ball

Vol.4 Chapter 27: Everyone Loves Barbecue

250,347 Aug 04,20 Raiku Makoto

After a series of bizarre incidents in his school, student Kometaki Okaka decided to investigate the cause of it. What he discovers will turn his world upside down.
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Enoch (Modak) 4.5

Enoch (Modak)

Chapter 10

18,819 Aug 04,20 S

“Chimeras” are people that have been infused with animal DNA in order to give them superpowers and abilities, however society doesn’t favor them so they live in fear and rejection. Our main character, code name “01”, works as a mercenary who happens upon an old acquaintance. He’s then given a job to protect and transport Enoch, a girl who is sought out to be the
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Salad Days 4.2

Salad Days

Chapter 40.5: Extra

230,992 Aug 04,20 Inokuma,Shinobu

Salad Days is a large collection of short love stories. Although almost all of them are unrelated some characters in previous stories reappear as a support character or as a main character if the author chooses to write more stories about the character.
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Kekkai Sensen - Back 2 Back 4.7

Kekkai Sensen - Back 2 Back

Vol.8 Chapter 23: Calamity Auction Pt. 6

390,155 Aug 04,20 Nightow Yasuhiro

Three years ago, a gateway between Earth and the Beyond opened over the city of New York. In one terrible night, New York was destroyed, rebuilt, and rechristened Jerusalem's Lot, a paranormal melting pot where magic and madness dwell alongside the mundane. The mysterious super-agents of Libra fight the impossible to prevent the unthinkable.
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Asper Girl 4.9

Asper Girl

Chapter 33: Spider's Thread (Part One)

1,377,084 Aug 04,20 Souhachi Hagimoto,Renji Morita

Yokoi Taku has trouble getting along with people, so he moved to Tokyo as soon as he graduated from high school. He now lives alone, making a living by delivering newspapers and drawing doujinshi, though people totally ignore his non-erotic works. One day, a girl named Saitou Megumi suddenly shows up at his door, claiming that she came all the way from Tottori to meet him because she's a big f
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Kemono no Souja 4.4

Kemono No Souja

Vol.4 Chapter 4.6: Tomura

416,064 Aug 04,20 Uehashi Nahoko

Centered around a girl who can control the greatest of beasts as if she was playing a musical instrument. However, she gets embroiled in a war for supremacy between kingdoms.
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Other World Warrior 4.6

Other World Warrior

Vol.4 Chapter 128

20,525,564 Aug 04,20 Keum Ho

Would you like to find a job? Even at the cost of your soul? If so, then you’ve found the right place. Our job hunting advice website, Soul Sellers, is a site geared towards those willing to even sell their souls for employment; that’s right, people like you. Are you dealing with angels or demons? 30-year old freeloader Chul Ho Kang made a deal through this shady site, eve
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Gate - Jietai Kare no Chi nite, Kaku Tatakeri 4.7

Gate - Jietai Kare No Chi Nite, Kaku Tatakeri

Chapter 96

11,213,804 Aug 04,20 Yanai Takumi, Sao Satoru

A gate appears in Tokyo's Ginza district sometime in the 21st century. From the gate pours out monsters, knights from middle-age Europe, and other fantasy-like beings, and they kill many of the citizens of Tokyo. This event is known as the Ginza Incident. The government sends a small group of soldiers from the Japanese Self-Defense Forces to the alternate world beyond the gate. Led by otaku so
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Since I Became a Saint, I'll do Whatever I Want with My Second Life ~The Prince was my Lover who Threw me Away in my Previous Life~ 4.7

Since I Became A Saint, I'll Do Whatever I Want With My Second Life ~The Prince Was My Lover Who Threw Me Away In My Previous Life~

Vol.3 Chapter 9

1,740,790 Aug 04,20 Haneko,Saho Niiyama,Nue Kogomori

Liz who remembers being dumped by her lover in her previous life decides to live freely in her current one. <br><br>Holding a mysterious power, she was invited to the palace as a saint candidate where she meets with the crown prince who was actually her former lover from her previous life.<br><br>Though Liz looks to be the weakest among the saint candidates she is (likely)
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Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi 4.6

Kaifuku Jutsushi No Yarinaoshi

Chapter 28.1

27,738,420 Aug 04,20 Tsukiyo Rui

Healing magicians cannot fight alone.’ Keare, who was bound by this common knowledge, was exploited again and again by others. But one day, he noticed what lay beyond healing magic, and was convinced that a healing magician was the strongest class. However, by the time he realized that potential, he was deprived of everything. Thus, he used healing magic on the world itself to go back four y
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Noah of the Blood Sea 4.7

Noah Of The Blood Sea

Chapter 17

488,117 Aug 04,20 Yu Satomi

When a family of three book passage on a luxury liner they soon realize that the glamours cruise ship is nothing but a facade as a series of mysterious killings spread throughtout the ship. With the sea proving no escape, how will they survive?
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