Dear, My Lover 3

Dear, My Lover

Chapter 1

0 Feb 27,21 DOTGAVI

"If I can't have him, I wish nobody could. If only my sister could disappear...!" Felix, who fell in love with his sister's fiancé, Julian, knows she doesn't love him, but watching them from afar pains him. Felix, who wants to stay by Julian's side, gets a chance on the day of the wedding announcement.一 a possessive desire for Julian. Is it obsession? Or is it love?
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Couple of Mirrors 4

Couple Of Mirrors

Chapter 0.1: Teaser - Retired Assassin X Gentlewoman Author

2,007 Feb 26,21 Zhao Na, Li Zongchen

In the Republic of China, famous Shanghainese author Xu Youyi has everything anyone could want-- until the day an anonymous letter arrives, revealing the truth behind her perfect life. Betrayed by both her best friend and her husband, she meets Yan Wei, the outwardly cold but inwardly warm owner of a photography studio. They click instantly, both independent yet in harmony with one another. Growin
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A Story About a Yakuza and a Detective With a Stern Face 4.9

A Story About A Yakuza And A Detective With A Stern Face

Chapter 8: The Tale Of Anto-Kun

86,181 Feb 26,21 Seiju Natsumegu

The love story between a yakuza and a detective who both can't be honest with their feelings.
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Revenge Is Ours 4.8

Revenge Is Ours

Chapter 15

10,022 Feb 25,21 Gomok,Nam yuhyeon

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Is Everyday Life Possible? 4.6

Is Everyday Life Possible?

Chapter 2

2,007 Feb 27,21 독점 시녹,정경윤

Yoo-il Hotel's representative director is Lee Hojin. He not only possesses an outstanding appearance and background, but he is also competent, modest, and well-mannered! The natural enemy of such a man is Lee Youngjun, his cousin. In order to screw over the devious last boss who takes everything away from him, even the attention and spotlight meant for others, Hojin is trying to obtain an art piec
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The Pampered Regent of the Richest Woman 4.8

The Pampered Regent Of The Richest Woman

Chapter 5

4,006 Feb 27,21 温流素言,主笔

Great Yan's richest woman, Wen Jiu, struggled throughout her entire life to become wealthy. However, she was deceived by a scumbag, which caused her to lose both her life and wealth. When she woke up, she has become 15 years old again. Opening her eyes, she sees an old enemy on top of a sedan coming for marriage in place of his fifth brother! Knowing that the handsome man in front of her will one
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The Killer Lives Next Door 4.6

The Killer Lives Next Door

Chapter 1

3,887 Feb 24,21 김성희 / Kim Seonghee

A killer who can completely conceal all traces of his existence has been hired to deal with the target while keeping a low profile. However, the place where the killer infiltrated was an apartment in Korea that was has poor soundproofing level. Everyone can hear everything that is happening in the apartment. It is in this place that the killer is to monitor the target until given further instructi
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Waka-chan is pushy again 4.6

Waka-Chan Is Pushy Again

Chapter 1.1

10,030 Feb 24,21 島村 (shimamura)

One Friday… Tomoya, a first-year college student who is determined to get a girlfriend, becomes friends with a beautiful, soothing girl, Sakuraba Waka, but is unable to find the courage to take the first step. Then one day, Tomoya witnesses another side of Waka…?
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The queen of flowers 4.3

The Queen Of Flowers

Chapter 1

6,017 Feb 24,21 Lee ji hwan,Seo yoon young

Kim Sohye's life changed after being chosen as the empress. Unfortunately, Shoye's life after marriage is not exactly happy. The king who previously had a concubine doesn't love her and always insulted her. The concubine turned out to have evil intentions to the king. But, slowly but surely the king begins to feel the empress's sincere heart. The feeling of their love began to grow like a flower i
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Shadow Hack 4.2

Shadow Hack

Chapter 2

14,030 Feb 27,21 Great Lord of Cloudland

By coincidence, Li Yunmu found a super machine from humanity's age of darkness. From that point onwards, his ordinary life would never be the same! Aptitude? Innate talent? What are these? Could they be eaten? I have neither aptitude nor innate skill, but my shadow can level up using hacks. Experience, Ability points, battle prowess…….all of them could be hacked. Even while he is asleep or tired,
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The Secret of the Friendly Duke 4.8

The Secret Of The Friendly Duke

Chapter 1

16,052 Feb 24,21 Sojyu

“Help me, Zion!” Noelle Miceria is the bastard daughter of a noble family and suffers abuse by everyone in the house. One day, Noelle overhears her father's terrible plan. That night she asked the help of her friend Zion who came to visit the family. When she came to my senses, the people who bullied her had been killed. The culprit was Zion, turns out that he knew how to wield magic. “What do you
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The Pinnacle Doctor 4.5

The Pinnacle Doctor

Chapter 6

34,092 Feb 23,21 时光鱼

The Pinnacle Doctor – He is an ordinary caregiver, and no one expected that he would have a special skill. Let's watch the teenager step on the enemy, embrace the beauty, and play in the bustling city!
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Adopted boys 4.9

Adopted Boys

Chapter 4

9,098 Feb 23,21 Si Ra Bin

Yeo Ju, planned to confess to her childhood friend through a novel and even signed with a publishing company. Yeo Ju then is bound by money when she tries to leave the publishing company. Cooky Scans is working on this^^
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A Plot War In The Mary Sue World 2.6

A Plot War In The Mary Sue World

Chapter 22

14,024 Feb 23,21 Lu tianyi,yuanqi factory

As long as there's money .He Gu can even perfectly perform Mary Sue scripts !! Yet after so many stories he's successfully performed , he met his first waterloo all of a sudden .And the meddling initiator of all this is now after him like ghost ? Splendid , then it's war on ! Mary Sue vs Anti Mary Sue , Tricks vs Anti tricks , Egoism vs Egotism .The plot between two men . Mary Su
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Gazing at the Moon 4.7

Gazing At The Moon

Chapter 1

2,331 Feb 23,21 Dangeoddaeng

“You are the Child of the Moon. You must come along with me to the Moon Palace.” Bora is a high school student who has the ability to see ghosts. One day, a Moon Rabbit finds me and drops a bomb on me. You're saying that I have to travel to the moon when I, due to my useless ability, can't even get into a single relationship? There's no way! I won't go! I'm going to escape my hopeless love life! W
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Do Snakes Eat Flowers? 4.5

Do Snakes Eat Flowers?

Chapter 0

2,614 Feb 23,21 So Naeum (소나음)

The Imperial Palace is ruled by the Tyrant. Harang, a genius musician, is also known as Aehwa's exclusive magician, a flower whom the Emperor dearly cherishes. However, the Emperor couldn't allow Harang to see Aehwa's face at all. “Now, for those eyes that shouldn't obtain anything… Pull them out!” With a vulgar desire, Harang decides to take revenge on the Emperor and Aehwa, both of whom made him
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What Is Your Wish? 4.7

What Is Your Wish?

Chapter 1

2,143 Feb 23,21 말랑멜로우

“A tree that grants wishes?!” A chaotic, healing fantasy story about a sassy girl and a cute wish-granting tree spirit.
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Midnight Blue 4.2

Midnight Blue

Chapter 10

10,022 Feb 23,21 보보군

A woman who tries to get along with a man chasing his dreams. A battle of pride between reality and ideals.
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#DRCL midnight children 4.6

#drcl Midnight Children

Chapter 2: Prelude To The Storm

5,391 Feb 23,21 Sakamoto Shinichi

Based on Bram Stoker's "Dracula", a gothic horror story at the end of the 19th century.
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Tsugi wa Sasete ne 3.9

Tsugi Wa Sasete Ne

Chapter 3

12,021 Feb 23,21 Enoki Rika

Sixteen-year-old Yanagisawa Yae is our very optimistic heroine. Even when she was given only two options to pick from—either to move overseas with her parents due to their jobs or to move to the countryside to stay closer to her grandparents, she chose the latter. As she looked up the apartment she would be moving into, she ended up in a shrine. Since she is in the shrine anyways, she offers her p
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Minami Nanami Wishes to Shine 4.9

Minami Nanami Wishes To Shine

Chapter 2: A Shining Prologue

9,700 Feb 23,21 Bana Yoshida,Yaku Yuki

A spin-off manga of Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki centered around Minami Nanami.
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Last Order: Hitori Bocchi no Hyakunen Sensou 4.5

Last Order: Hitori Bocchi No Hyakunen Sensou

Chapter 2: Dreaming Of Electric Sheep

19,773 Feb 23,21 Hamamatsu Kasuga,Matsuba Satoru

A post-apocalyptic world. Following her last order, the mechanical soldier Ria has been fighting an endless war for over a hundred years. With the people she was meant to protect gone, and her comrades-in-arms lost, Ria spends her days fighting alone. Then, a human appears before her once more..!?
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My Boyfriend Is So 4.3

My Boyfriend Is So "use-Full"

Chapter 10

15,238 Feb 22,21 Ersan Jiulu Studio

I have no money, no car, no work, my life seems to be at it's tip... "God! Please please give me a hottie and take me to the climax of my life!!" ——As if the summon was heard upon, a boy fell from the ceiling and the cake loving Zhen Tian's greeting was surprisingly...the taste(a)of (French) the(kiss) lips!!? What do you mean it doesn't taste good?!! Hmph!
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Form of Sympathy 3.9

Form Of Sympathy

Chapter 32

92,219 Feb 22,21 Park Nodeok

Two unrequited loves ended because of a marriage. Kwon Yuri met Lee Sunwoo, his homeroom teacher, while he was still in high school at the wedding ceremony of his cousin - whom he's had a crush on for years. He found a little comfort in the fact that he was not the only one who was not happy about the wedding. Yuri thought Sunwoo's tears were for his cousin,
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