Afterlife Classes 4.5

Afterlife Classes

Chapter 6

6,012 May 16,21 Kaori

Choi Kanghee has no friends and is often misunderstood due to his scary appearance, but all he really wants in life are some friends. One day, he returned home to mourn for his grandmother's death anniversary, but a strange turn of events ends up reuniting Kanghee with his grandma! Can they work together to create new friends, or did it just turn more difficult? 저세상 클라스! / Otherworld classes
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World Line 4.9

World Line

2,008 May 15,21 Victoryze

The fate in the hands of this girl brings both safety and disaster to all of humanity. Starting from the story of Rui who tried to find a way out of her destiny by crossing the line between worlds.
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The exclusive little girl for the top-ranking boss 2.2

The Exclusive Little Girl For The Top-Ranking Boss

Chapter 2

4,008 May 16,21 No idea

The young girl, lucky enough to enter Jason's entertainment, was asked to complete an almost impossible task signing up to be the top.I thought the top man was very arrogant and cold, but I never thought he was the cute cat who shared the bed with himself!And what kind of strange encounters will happen between the humanoid carp and the alien catfish?c
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My Roommate is a Mannequin! 4

My Roommate Is A Mannequin!

Chapter 2

2,010 May 16,21 Updating

Doyoon, a mannequin that wants to be a human being, and Jiho, who suffers from a fear of dolls, become roommates by chance. Doyoon becomes a human being, and Jiho is forced to face her trauma. A strange living arrangement between a man and a woman!
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Surviving In The Harem 4.8

Surviving In The Harem

Chapter 1

2,010 May 15,21 Oribal

A story taking place in the harem of the Osmann Empire in the 17th century on the story of friendship and desire of two girls, Nascha and Asha.
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Wicked King’s Favour 4.5

Wicked King’S Favour

2,006 May 15,21 Updating

She was a top agent from the 21st century. After transmigration, she became the fifth princess of Dongyue Kingdom who was ugly, retarded and weak. He was the powerful, cold and ruthless prince regent. Sometimes misfortune is a blessing in disguise. When she was framed by her fiance, she met him who was badly injured. A sweet love story thus begins…
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How Dare You 4.4

How Dare You

Chapter 4

34,102 May 15,21 Bab,강희자매

Lawrence Di Bicci, a young banker who dominated the Kosimo Empire. One day, Rahui, a mixed-race girl thrown at him instead of debt. “Please accept me as a maid .” It was just a collateral. But… The girl is a lady, it began to occur a crack on his frozen heart . “The contract should have been prudent. It was what you wanted in the first place. So don't blame me. What I see is not money, but you.” “
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Taming the Lady 4.7

Taming The Lady

Chapter 5

80,246 May 16,21 Miyashima,불탄닷

I woke up as the daughter of the grand duke in a novel- the same world as Raon, my favorite character. This must be God's grace towards me, a fan! But of all things, I'd become Istina, the very villainess who always caused Raon trouble. Raon is disgusted at the very sight of Istina. However, I persistently followed him around, hoping to become friendly with Raon. “Hey, Raon!” “I don't want to.” “B
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The Boutique at 97th Sheldon Street 4.7

The Boutique At 97Th Sheldon Street

Chapter 7

24,066 May 13,21 Young hyun

After regaining her senses, Yoo-Eun finds herself inside a game! No logging out! No inventory! All she can do is design clothes?! While struggling with her reality of being in a survival game, Yoo Eun arrives at the boutique on Sheldon Street and encounters a mysterious noble, Ashton. Holding onto her, he asks for her help. It seems as if he was waiting for her… Isn't that suspicious?
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I Raised My Childhood Friend as a Tyrant 4.7

I Raised My Childhood Friend As A Tyrant

Chapter 18

483,338 May 16,21 랑채,정선

“I'm not interested in the throne.” I reincarnated as the person who makes the male lead become a tyrant, “the short-lived childhood friend.” I took the blame for him and died, just like the original story. And, I thought that I could finally return to my original world, but… “Why am I back to ten years old??”
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Headsman the King! 3.8

Headsman The King!

Chapter 84

184,453 May 15,21 IQiYi

Princess Pei Yi's mother, the goddess of the Contemporary Empire, was killed by the King because of triggering a natural disaster. Pei Yi survived, but she was always neglected and used by her father. For changing her father's attitude to her and establishing herself in the palace, she is sparing no efforts to find out the truth of her mother's death…
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Skill Emperor,combat king 4.3

Skill Emperor,combat King

Chapter 78

467,225 May 13,21 Boyi Comics

With sword pointed to the sky to stir up the world, I wanna go up to the sky and fight against all heroes. I'm the emperor of this world, and I'm gonna write my own epic!
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Love Blossoms in Hwawol Valley 4.2

Love Blossoms In Hwawol Valley

Chapter 10

14,631 May 15,21 Keihong,Park sung sil

Sewol's search for a miraculous medicinal plant to save her sick sister Dewol brings her all the way to Hwawol Tang, a flower shop run by Woonwu. Little does she suspect that Woonwu is actually a divine god, the dandy son of the Jade Emperor. Woonwu has been kicked out of the heavens by his father for his misdeeds and is living in exile in Hanyang. As punishment, he cannot set one foot outside Han
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The Reincarnated Weapon Shop Owner 3.8

The Reincarnated Weapon Shop Owner

Chapter 80

471,259 May 16,21 Pineapple Bread

An average-looking but extraordinarily strong weapon shop owner and a well-behaved but mysterious demon girl. What roles do they play in this ever-changing world?
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Asura’s Paradise 2.8

Asura’S Paradise

Chapter 28

82,228 May 15,21 Zhiyin Animation x Shenju E'rengu Comic

This story is about a girl's adventure in the late Victorian era when steam engines are widely used. Because of the pollution, the content of platinum and nickel in the air rises, and thus very few people mutate and gain special power. Those people are called the platinum-nickel mutants. The government established the Garden of Eden, claiming that they want to help the mutants live a better life.
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Ryuu Kusari no Ori -Kokoro no Uchi no 4.8

Ryuu Kusari No Ori -Kokoro No Uchi No "kokoro"-

Chapter 1

100,256 May 07,21 Cadet

The solminati academy is a prestigious school that harbors the dreams and hopes of ambitious students. Our story resolves a young man named Nozomu Bountis who entered the school for his lover's dream. As time went on, his powers deadlocked and could no longer advance, and his grades fell. Eventually, his lover was stolen by his at the time best friend. Heartbroken and lost on what to do next, he f
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Extras Don’t Want to be Overly Obsessed 4.8

Extras Don’T Want To Be Overly Obsessed

Chapter 7

280,724 May 15,21 Glize,Pareto

I thought I am just a one liner unnamed commoner extra. Until the villainous duke, who is known to kill every town he get into, came in to light and is in pursuit of a single young lady. “Duke Cedric is already halfway through the Empire. I heard he's coming to this area this month.” Why is the bloody duke is looking for his youngest sister who disappeared five years ago? “Rose hair and golden eye
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The God of Pro Wrestling 4.8

The God Of Pro Wrestling

Chapter 18

316,908 May 13,21 Noejo

Junho Kim, he loved pro-wrestling more than anyone but he couldn't escape the racial standards. After his meaningless retirement, while working as a construction worker, he got caught up in an unexpected accident… And after he opened his eyes, he returned to the day before his WWF entrance exam! “This time, I won't end as the villain ‘king-fury' with a 0.7% s
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In Love With An Abstinent Man 3.9

In Love With An Abstinent Man

Chapter 22

31,927 May 06,21 Jiuchan comic,Zheng jiuchān

A Thousand years ago, They had met by chance in the mountains & had a relationship f three lifetimes . Ah Yin was orn because of her obsession , she had ruined his lover's great distiny .The target of his life was all because of her wild thoughts …… But ; she still couldn't understand why loving a person is hurt a person
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Shouldn’t The Devil Love You? 4.4

Shouldn’T The Devil Love You?

Chapter 3

33,815 May 06,21 Usamaru

I will also make my second first love with you. The devil's daughter,ijaya, and the devil's angelic angel,'noah', were lovers. But one day, noah is killed by someone. To iljaya in sorrow, the surprising news arrives that noah has been reincarnated as a human. iljaya goes down to the human world to meet noah again, but there he…
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Matchmaking Baby Princess 4.8

Matchmaking Baby Princess

Chapter 2

76,223 May 08,21 big karin,Jimmy shin,Park karin

I woke up as the orphaned princess Eryl in a novel! My lovely aunt Lucinda, who suffers from raising me alone, is as kind as an angel. Though it doesn't appear so in the eyes of my uncle, tyrant Emperor Tessa Illuminas. “Aunt, only trust in me! I'll make you walk on a flower path!” Eryl enters the imperial palace only for her aunt. But this uncle doesn't seem like the tyrant in the novel at all? R
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God of War, Crazy Princess 4.6

God Of War, Crazy Princess

Chapter 104

772,176 May 16,21 Sanfu Comics

Sheng Qianyu, a gifted special force soldier, experienced a time-travel. She didn't expect to wake up as a noble lady in the Prime Minister's mansion! She should have been married to Prince Yu if she wasn't betrayed by her fiance and sister. The wedding night was stained with blood, and her whole family was slaughtered. In the name of Lord Yu's third daughter, she went to the palac
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I Shall Live As a Prince 4.9

I Shall Live As A Prince

Chapter 25

266,664 May 12,21 Updating

Lee Hyun Ho, an ordinary man who was looking for a job in Korea, has been reincarnated into a prince from the Joseon dynasty. But unfortunately, he was reincarnated into Grand Prince Jinseong, the younger brother of the tyrant Yeonsangun! Although he graduated from a decent school, Hyun ho struggled to find a job. One day, he went to sleep after spending his day living the ordinary life of a poor
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I Was Sealed 900 Million Times 3.7

I Was Sealed 900 Million Times

Chapter 18

330,868 May 16,21 Updating

Douse the sun with a pee! A fart shattered the void! The greatness of the natural gods and men was often caused by their inability to control their own power, causing trouble everywhere, and finally sealed themselves under the begging of the gods of the gods, and volunteered to practice in the lower realm, but was…
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