Portrait of Queen Berta: I Accidentally Got Pregnant With His Majesty's Child 4.7

Portrait Of Queen Berta: I Accidentally Got Pregnant With His Majesty's Child

Chapter 2

5,081 Oct 21,20 Nishino Himawari,Tanaka Aya

Berta’s marriage was suddenly arranged, she will become the second consort of the King. The current royal family values lineage above all else, with several generations of consanguineous marriages, to preserve its “purity.” The politics of the Kingdom, following the idea of the pureblood noblemen’s superiority, caused national power to decline. To retain the power of the Ki
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You Shou Yan 4.2

You Shou Yan

Chapter 2: I Depart The Town Of Baidi, Engulfed In Vibrant Clouds, At Dawn.

695 Oct 12,20 Xue Xia Mao Yao Zi

In the wake of scientific advancement, the once majestic mythological animals can't be compared to the olden days now. The mythological animal Si Bu Xiang received orders to descend to the mortal world and to help out other mythological animals in dire straits wandering the human world. In the secular world, he met his old colleague Pi Xiu in a tight spot, his drinking buddy Tu Ye down in his
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So That’s How, The Saintess Became The Devil Of Revenge 4.8

So That’S How, The Saintess Became The Devil Of Revenge

Chapter 3

26,413 Oct 19,20 해칼

After overthrowing the devil, the Saintess and her colleagues were executed for treason. Reborn again, she decides to take revenge. Deciding to eliminate the kingdom, the warrior, and all those who betrayed her!
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The God Of War 4.5

The God Of War

Chapter 3

21,201 Oct 15,20 LIM JAEYONG

In order to reverse the defeat that lasted for more than forty years, the god of war Chen Yun was reborn and returned to 10 years before the start of the war to see how he dominated the martial arts as the second son of the Simon family, Simon Fei!
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Nyx no Lantern 4.4

Nyx No Lantern

Chapter 2: Down The Rabbit Hole

935 Oct 08,20 Kan Takahama

In 1878, as the wave of Western culture spreads through Japan, Miyo, a girl orphaned in the Satsuma Rebellion, works at a curio shop in Nagasaki called Vingt. The dresses, sewing machines, binoculars, boots, and other items acquired at the Paris Exhibition by the proprietor Momotoshi Koura have aroused her curiosity. Miyo accumulates experience in her job while using the clairvoyant ability which
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Hortensia Saga 3.5

Hortensia Saga

Chapter 2

9,634 Oct 06,20 Pon Jea,Sega,Seiji

Hortensia Saga is set in the kingdom of Hortensia, a nation that has known peace for some 700 hundred years as a result of being protected from invasion by the tributary states of Olivier and Camellia. However, on the fifth day of the 12th month in the year 767 of the King's Calendar, Camellia erupts into violent rebellion and monstrous demons appear, and the kingdom of Hortensia is plunged in
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Nengara Nenbyaku Ansatsu Renka 4.5

Nengara Nenbyaku Ansatsu Renka

Chapter 5

13,106 Oct 04,20 Kusakawa Nari

The Haiboshi family's line of work is assassination. Takatori, their princess, picks up a boy named Raika who swore to dedicate everything.
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The King’s Favor 4.9

The King’S Favor

Chapter 0

564 Oct 04,20 Yun Duan Manhua, Cha Bo

One individual is has a hidden crime that she committed, and the other is a bloody prince who is also the master of strength. Is it destiny or the reincarnation of fate that bought Jin Feng & yu Lou to intertwine with their relationship?
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Lunatic’s ugly girl 4.1

Lunatic’S Ugly Girl

Chapter 7

4,051 Oct 04,20 Hangman (manyu)

One is the ugly daughter of former prime minister of a dynasty, the other is the foolish abolished Crown Prince. They have their own different purpose, but support each other and grow up together step by step below the dangerous situation!Resources:
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Jun And Wang Xin 3.7

Jun And Wang Xin

Chapter 5

1,514 Oct 04,20 Zuo Xiao Yu

Lu Wang Xin is the Miss of Yun Jian province. She fell in love with Xia Hou You. However, after Xia Hou You ascended the throne, he put Lu Wang Xin into the Cold Palace. Heartbroken, Lu Wang Xin died. Reborn at age 16, Lu Wang Xin embarked on the road of revenge…
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Two Coffins 3.5

Two Coffins

Chapter 57

37,131 Oct 04,20 Updating

A woman arrives at the Earl’s Castle, and a subtle relationship between the Earl, the Earl’s wife and the female guest unfolds. The Earl’s wife is jealous of the female guest, while the gravely ill Earl believes in eternal life just like the Egyptian pharaohs. So he collects many ancient relics. However, the Earl actually prepares two coffins instead of one for himself…
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Piratebent 4.3


Chapter 3

5,226 Sep 30,20 Joyamu

A boy dresses up as a girl in order to survive during a pirate raid but ends up kidnapped instead. To keep his identity secret he tries to manipulate his polar opposite, Red beard’s heir. The pirate gradually transforms him instead, in a series where nothing is like it seems.
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Become Vicious Empress 3.7

Become Vicious Empress

Chapter 37

34,864 Sep 30,20 Updating

I’ve time-traveled to be the most vicious empress in the world? Author, this character setting isn’t right! Since I’ve been forced to accept the label being the No. 1 vicious empress, look what you made me do!
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The World for Your Smile 3.8

The World For Your Smile

Chapter 24

18,389 Sep 30,20 Updating

The heartbeat at the first moment we met, the trust when skin to skin, the story stars from these moments… The peaceful life of the doctor went to a unknown situation. But the embrace of this moment will be forever? The encounter was carefully designed by “the devil”, but “the devil” cannot control his heart from now on… When the thin ice of love is broken, al
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Stories Among the Flowers 4

Stories Among The Flowers

Chapter 32

5,162 Sep 30,20 Updating

Blossomfall Shop, the flower shops, are scattered in many small town’s quiet streets. In the shop, there is a a girl in plain clothes called Lady Blossomfall and her servant girl. They travel in the stories of others and achieve some extraordinary girls’ aspirations. But there are some exchange conditions…
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Memoir of the Golden Hairpin 3.9

Memoir Of The Golden Hairpin

Chapter 79

10,535 Sep 30,20 Updating

The famous female detective Huang ZiXia turned from a genius at solving cases to a murderess who poisoned her whole family, a wanted criminal in all the lands. She could only escape to the capital but unfortunately, she met the Kui Prince, Li ShuBai. As a mere eunuch, she must now investigate the mysteries around her. The sky grows darker and the rain keeps pouring down. Huang ZiXia and Li ShuBai
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Beauty And The West Chamber 3.6

Beauty And The West Chamber

Chapter 27

4,205 Sep 30,20 Updating

In the chaotic period of the Republic of China, Chen Qiming, an opera actor in Peking Opera Association, was entangled by a new warlord, Yan Ci, at the first sight. Circulating between the support and threat of warlord forces, involving in the competition and grudges of opera association, Chen Qiming gradually found another side of Yan Ci under his military uniform. Who would have thought that the
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Shadow Slayer 1.9

Shadow Slayer

Chapter 44.2

5,750 Sep 30,20 Updating

Saved and raised by an assassin, Shangguan XueMei lived as the Phantom Thief, saving the helpless as her savior did her. But when the Emperor demanded his brother, Xuan Feng to have her captured, the world she once belonged to entwined itself with the one she now called home.
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Dragon Amulet: The Emperor and The Country 3.9

Dragon Amulet: The Emperor And The Country

Chapter 107

152,232 Sep 30,20 Updating

On the boundless land, big events were happening to change the future. The country was plunged into politic chaos: the emperor on the throne was in danger as many other people didn’t believe in the faith that the present emperor was the destined one and they wanted to take the throne. In their eyes, any one of them was qualified to be an emperor. Under such circumstance, hundreds of social f
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Lackadaisy 4.5


Chapter 20

5,726 Sep 30,20 Updating

In 1927 St. Louis, National Prohibition is in full effect and gangsters, flappers, crooked police and government agents are amok. In the midst of the heady chaos of the Jazz Age, the Lackadaisy Speakeasy, manned by a spirited gang of ne’er-do-wells, struggles to stay in business and out of the crosshairs of both the law and rival bootleg operations.
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The Butterfly Mystery 3.6

The Butterfly Mystery

Chapter 146

26,050 Sep 29,20 Updating

Shangguan Lianlian pledged to marry Chuck Muir without parental consent, while Chuck Muir is suspected of being engaged to a daughter of a rich family. Lianlian was so sad and traveled to the ancient times… Involved in the legend that who drinks the Goddess from the Heavens’ blood will live forever, she was chased by Guangling King’s men. How does this couple which is separated
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From the Red Fog 4.8

From The Red Fog

Chapter 3: The Organization

17,372 Oct 13,20 NOHARA Mosae

This work is a story about a boy, Rwanda, whose mother is a vicious murderer, set in England at the end of the 19th century. Rwanda, who has long been confined in the basement, grew up and left the house after a certain incident. Eventually, he arrived at the town and was picked up by a staff member of the nursing home and decided to live in the facility. But peaceful everyday life is only boring
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Queen of Hearts in Wonderland 4.7

Queen Of Hearts In Wonderland

Chapter 2.1: ♡ Joker

14,354 Oct 07,20 Yohachi,Nagatsuki Haruka

In the prolonged absence of the King and Queen of the Kingdom of Hearts, their daughter, Princess Eleonor, was compelled to hastily ascend the throne. At that moment, memories of Eleonor’s previous life came flooding back to her, and it dawned on her that the world in which she currently resides is that of an otome game she once played…? All the
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Sennen Kitsune 4.8

Sennen Kitsune

Chapter 3: Song Daxian Meets The Fox

2,253 Sep 23,20 Cho Rokuro

The fox who has lived for a millennium will outsmart the humans?! In China during the Jin dynasty, it's said that a millennial fox lived in the tomb of King Yan Zhao of Zhou. That fox, Guangtian, goes to meet with Zhang Hua, who was well-known for his erudition,  in order to compare his wisdom with the humans...!? A strange and h
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