Mugen no Gunkan Yamato 4.2

Mugen No Gunkan Yamato

Chapter 3: Air Raid On Tokyo

14,026 Jan 20,21 Moto Souichi

Kamihara Kurusu who lost his consciousness found his soul in a time slip to Showa 16 (1941), the day battleship Yamato is launched. After realizing his situation, Kurusu sets out on a game to make Imperial Japan win the Pacific War. With the help of an ensign who can see and hear him, he shared his knowledge about the history of Pacific War to Yamamoto Isoroku, commander of the combined fleet. But
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Beauty In My Bed 3.3

Beauty In My Bed

Chapter 0

4,487 Jan 17,21 百鬼随行

Ruan Tang, a beautiful wealthy man, was abandoned in a forest after getting his legs crushed. He wakes up finding himself in a broken down, tiny home. Who is this mysterious savior?
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Secrets of the Golden Desert Fox 3.8

Secrets Of The Golden Desert Fox

Chapter 30

20,046 Jan 17,21 노란선인장

A love story between a human with a hidden identity and a ghost. A story that pioneers a new era of romantic fantasy comics in south korea.
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Shuumatsu no Valkyrie: The Legend of Lu Bu Fengxian 4.8

Shuumatsu No Valkyrie: The Legend Of Lu Bu Fengxian

Chapter 3: The Flying General Vs The Tyrannical Emperor

174,423 Jan 20,21 Fukui Takumi,Umemura Shinya,Ono Takeo

A spin-off centering on Lu Bu Fengxian.
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A Toast To Your Eyes 4.7

A Toast To Your Eyes

Chapter 1 - Oneshot

13,775 Jan 12,21 백서하

Scarlett, who has lost her lover six times to her friend, has always believed and forgiven her friend’s words that are pitiful yet beautiful. “It was for you, Scarlett. Haven’t you always said that any man who can get taken away easily isn’t yours?” But as soon as the veil falls off, Scarlett finally decides to take revenge on her friend. And soon, in front of her fri
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King of Fire Dragon 4.6

King Of Fire Dragon

Chapter 5

20,567 Jan 19,21 Lee Dae-Sung

Seo Moon Moo-hui, who had no choice but to look at the world with a different eye from her childhood, unfolds a new world from the tip of his brush, who unexpectedly went out to Kang-ho!
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Your Mask is Falling Off, Your Majesty 4.6

Your Mask Is Falling Off, Your Majesty

Chapter 2

3,748 Jan 16,21 云霜堂工作室

Gou persuades, Su Lili, the girl who unfortunately time-travelled to become a useless princess, and wants to marry the world’s most terrifying mad emperor – Yi QiYaun, in place of her sister! She was planning to escape the marriage before she got on the sedan chair, but she finally rolled into the palace and ran away with Xiao Bailian! ! The world is so big, she is going to a place whe
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A Concubine’s Daughter and Her Tactics 4

A Concubine’S Daughter And Her Tactics

Chapter 2

8,920 Jan 14,21 ZhiZhi

During the Great Yan dynasty (756-763), The Eleventh Miss Luo was forced to marry her brother-in-law as a second wife. She thought it was an arranged marriage, but for the benefit of the family, she unexpectedly became the true favorite of this man’s heart. Even though she is a concubine’s daughter, why should she be bullied? Let’s see how the little concubine’s daughter fi
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Royal brother, away with the sword 4.5

Royal Brother, Away With The Sword

Chapter 1

5,820 Jan 12,21 岛上Project

Song Qing Chen died a regrettable death after being killed with a sword by Song Huai Chen. She wakes up in fiery after awaking to her younger self. The reborn Song Qing Chen only wants to avenge those who have looked down upon her, but she never knew that it was so hard to kill the youth Song Huai Chen….
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Who's Your Daddy? 4.3

Who's Your Daddy?

Vol.1 Chapter 9

85,329 Jan 10,21 안코, 장량

Louis, the commander of the Second Chief of Guards, is abruptly diagnosed as being "in the fourth month of pregnancy" while chasing a serial killer who is making a splash in the capital. Four months ago, an unforgettable night at the palace ball… Who did he spend the night with?
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Evil King and Concubine: Healing Hands Cover the Sky 3.4

Evil King And Concubine: Healing Hands Cover The Sky

Chapter 5

22,275 Jan 12,21 Ali Literature

The poor modern female doctor picks up the mess when she travels, rejuvenates her life, makes countless treatments, and eventually becomes a myth!
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Elixir of the Sun 4.6

Elixir Of The Sun

Chapter 9

26,467 Jan 15,21 Konn,One,Solddam,Song yi

Bayan is an outcast amongst the Siyo, a people who have healing powers. Considered worthless because she doesn’t have the ability to heal others, Bayan is sent to the court of Dhan, the Great Sun Emperor, who is cursed with unrelenting bloodlust and slaughters his concubines mercilessly. It seems that Bayan’s fate is sealed the moment she reaches the emperor’s palace and Dhan is
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Twin flowers of the cold distant sea 4.3

Twin Flowers Of The Cold Distant Sea

Chapter 3

7,938 Jan 12,21 星曜工作室

The little princess Lian Tan, who was regarded as the “star of destruction” by the beast tribe was unhappy with her elder twin sister, holy maiden, Yao Fang's marriage. Hence, she designed a plan to make the crown prince Shao Yu call off the marriage through her talent of causing trouble. However, while doing so, she landed herself in grave danger. Meanwhile, the holy maiden, Yao F
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I’m a Martial Art Villainess but I’m the Strongest! 4.8

I’M A Martial Art Villainess But I’M The Strongest!

Chapter 15

369,727 Jan 19,21 Wilbrite

Our main character was an unsuccessful romance fantasy novelist when she gets into a hit-and-run then wakes up as the villainess in a best-selling martial arts novel. She uses the information from the novel that she had analyzed in her original life, in order to avoid her death-ending and finding the truth behind what had really happened to her.
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Reincarnated War God 4.5

Reincarnated War God

Chapter 10

103,328 Jan 18,21 Codezero,Han Yuh Reum

A desperate forty-year war that has extinguished both hope and happiness. Jinwoon, a man who was the god of battle, returned after living two lives to overturn the battle of the defeated war
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Rainbow Crown 4.2

Rainbow Crown

Chapter 1

2,598 Jan 16,21 井绳

The top idol that was once a huge success has now fallen to the bottom, becoming the “canary” of the mysterious leader? But never thought that this dominating leader was actually his “illegal food”? I’ve seen how to get back to the top with the help of dominating fans! “I’m here to help you back up”
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Nameless lantern 4.8

Nameless Lantern

Chapter 0

5,140 Jan 05,21 Yizhe

The state of Joseon is defeated by the invaders of the royal family. Two girls are born with a power that both the emperor and his traitors can use. Will this light illuminate the chaos of the times that have come? Or will it be the reason an entire country burns out? … A new story begins!
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I Want To Be The Emperor 4.2

I Want To Be The Emperor

Chapter 11

9,366 Jan 17,21 超漫细菌图

A generation of actress Ye Zhen accidentally crossed the award ceremony. I thought this was the unlucky limit, who would have exchanged bodies with the emperor! This time, thousands of miles and three thousand harems became hers, and even the emperor became her “sweet wife”. Very good, I will govern the country, go to Gongdou! …Wait, how can the memorial mountain be so high, do
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Reincarnation Cycle 3.5

Reincarnation Cycle

Chapter 103: Episode 103

782,360 Jan 19,21 China South Angel

Everyone else wants to live forever while all he wants is to die. Others have to die while he couldn't no matter what, but he couldn't live, either. No matter how many times he dies, he'll be reincarnated and start a new life as a different person. But no matter how many times he revives, he won't live longer than one year and then he dies again. All this because the "Cops of
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A Tender Love 4.5

A Tender Love

Chapter 106 End

128,201 Jan 07,21 Huh sarin,Kiryang

A young girl becomes the princess in a foreign kingdom and vies for the cold prince’s love despite the obstacles that stand between them.
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The Tyrant’s Guardian is an Evil Witch 4.9

The Tyrant’S Guardian Is An Evil Witch

Chapter 23

506,002 Jan 14,21 Blue Lagoon,Hari

I seem to have reincarnated in the world of an r-rated romance fantasy novel. And not just as an ordinary character, but as the witch who loses her life to the crazy male lead! Luckily there is a long 200 years until the main characters are born and grow into their roles. Now that my life is not in imminent danger, shall we leisurely think of ways to avoid death? However, I had n
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Tokugawa no Saru 4.1

Tokugawa No Saru

Chapter 2

20,171 Dec 30,20 Fujita Kakuji

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Heavenly Bride 4.6

Heavenly Bride

Chapter 9

41,632 Jan 14,21 문솔

“I am the one who will be your husband.” Chae-yeon, the princess of the Chae Dynasty, lost her mother, who was the Empress. She has lived in the palace, being cosigned to death by the Emperor’s beloved warlord, Gwibi. Chae-yeon, who decided to become a priest of heaven to change the fate of her beloved and reluctant brother, Sung-jong, heads to the shrine after the ritual of Jech
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Answer Me, My Prince 4.9

Answer Me, My Prince

Chapter 8

60,155 Jan 15,21 유폴히

She wrote a letter there, at an antique storage box of books that I got by a mere chance, and a reply came back. From the handsome playboy Prince, Archie Albert , the pathetic supporting character in “The Princess and the Knight,” Cordelia had a dream that she had a conversation with the main character in the novel. Prince Archie desperately needs the advice of Cordel
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