I’ll Be The Matriarch In This Life 5

I’Ll Be The Matriarch In This Life

Chapter 9

112,296 Mar 02,21 Ant Studio,Kim Roah

Florentia was reincarnated as the illegitimate child of the richest family in the empire. She had thought that everything would go well in the future. But her father had passed away, her relatives left her at the doorsteps, and the honourable family she was so proud of was completely ruined…. But is this real? She drank a little (a lot) and was hit by a carriage, When
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Beauty as the Beast 4.1

Beauty As The Beast

Chapter 3

6,016 Mar 02,21 Soyoung lee

In a kingdom where everyone believes that touching a rose will curse you, Ines works hard trimming the roses in her village. She has never once feared the curse of the rose. What she's really afraid of is herself: every new moon, she must be locked in the cellar of her family's home. One night, her father is unable to arrive home in time, and Ines wakes up the next morning in an unfamiliar place.
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Paixiu restaurant, only in but not out 3.7

Paixiu Restaurant, Only In But Not Out

Chapter 0 - Prologue

0 Mar 01,21 Updating

The old monster Pai Yao went out and threw the trash into the bin, and the male ghost fell into his arms. The male ghost Wenxi is as beautiful as a flower, with a cold body and soft body, just enough to make Pai Yao, who has been condemned by the body heat, can be used as a pillow. Pai Yao swears to God that he just takes this ghost as a pillow, but no one believes it. Pai Yao: “Although the red t
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Teaching the Tyrant Manners 4.9

Teaching The Tyrant Manners

Chapter 0 - Promo

12,038 Mar 01,21 Haila

I came into the world of a novel I was reading, and became an unknown extra destined for a miserable life. Teaching manners to a crazy bastard who turns into a tyrant? Manners, my ass! Quick thinking was my only means of survival. I tried everything to prevent such a tragic relationship with the tyrant from happening. I kicked, punched and screamed my head off, but I was still be
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Couple of Mirrors 4.5

Couple Of Mirrors

Chapter 0.1: Teaser - Retired Assassin X Gentlewoman Author

4,424 Feb 26,21 Zhao Na, Li Zongchen

In the Republic of China, famous Shanghainese author Xu Youyi has everything anyone could want-- until the day an anonymous letter arrives, revealing the truth behind her perfect life. Betrayed by both her best friend and her husband, she meets Yan Wei, the outwardly cold but inwardly warm owner of a photography studio. They click instantly, both independent yet in harmony with one another. Growin
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Military Phoenix 4.7

Military Phoenix

Chapter 0

4,876 Feb 25,21 有鹿文化

As a military commander, I crossed over to the Sky Spirit Continent due to an accident. After opening my eyes, I encountered an inexplicable assassination. To that, I just wanted to say, “You messed with the wrong person!” I signed the system on the front foot, awakened the top spiritual power on the back foot, carrying a bazooka to do in the real culprit, stirring him up! The only thing that hurt
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The Pampered Regent of the Richest Woman 4.9

The Pampered Regent Of The Richest Woman

Chapter 5

12,024 Feb 27,21 温流素言,主笔

Great Yan's richest woman, Wen Jiu, struggled throughout her entire life to become wealthy. However, she was deceived by a scumbag, which caused her to lose both her life and wealth. When she woke up, she has become 15 years old again. Opening her eyes, she sees an old enemy on top of a sedan coming for marriage in place of his fifth brother! Knowing that the handsome man in front of her will one
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Can’t Get Along With Dear Princess 4.3

Can’T Get Along With Dear Princess

Chapter 1

7,951 Feb 24,21 石头人

“Warning: Yuri content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older.” For my country, I was prepared to sacrifice myself, even for marriage. But the one I had to marry happened to be a girl. I had thought I had pranked the goddess pranker, but unexpectedly the goddess had pranked me.
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The Last Dynasty 4.3

The Last Dynasty

Chapter 5

3,490 Feb 27,21 Mo Fei

The story is about a university student named Gao Ying, who happened to be staying at a hotel in an old town with many mysteries and suddenly got caught up in a conflict, a disaster from hundred of years ago. Here, for the first time ever, the truth of the world will be revealed to his eyes. A mysterious story filled with spiritual elements and humor.
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The Secret of the Friendly Duke 4.9

The Secret Of The Friendly Duke

Chapter 2

32,106 Mar 02,21 Sojyu

“Help me, Zion!” Noelle Miceria is the bastard daughter of a noble family and suffers abuse by everyone in the house. One day, Noelle overhears her father's terrible plan. That night she asked the help of her friend Zion who came to visit the family. When she came to my senses, the people who bullied her had been killed. The culprit was Zion, turns out that he knew how to wield magic. “What do you
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Pet the Little Princess 4.3

Pet The Little Princess

Chapter 2

9,556 Feb 24,21 Young Dream

This is a story about: a female lead who transforms into a child after losing her virginity, her identity switches between an adult and a kid. With the crown prince who has a dual personality too, there's equal parts love and bite.
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Do Snakes Eat Flowers? 4.5

Do Snakes Eat Flowers?

Chapter 0

3,370 Feb 23,21 So Naeum (소나음)

The Imperial Palace is ruled by the Tyrant. Harang, a genius musician, is also known as Aehwa's exclusive magician, a flower whom the Emperor dearly cherishes. However, the Emperor couldn't allow Harang to see Aehwa's face at all. “Now, for those eyes that shouldn't obtain anything… Pull them out!” With a vulgar desire, Harang decides to take revenge on the Emperor and Aehwa, both of whom made him
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Forbidden City · Impurrial Cat Room 4.9

Forbidden City · Impurrial Cat Room

Chapter 2: Randomized Crossing

4,924 Feb 21,21 A'Nan &, Daitu

There are special creatures that live in the modern Forbidden City. By day, they're the idols of the Forbidden City, and a simple yawn can earn the squeals of the crowd! By night, they're the protectors of the Forbidden City who watch over the restoration of cultural relics! While they could've lived day to day on their cute appearances alone, they've chosen to bear the burden of preserving cultur
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Souten no Ken Regenesis 4.9

Souten No Ken Regenesis

Vol.2 Chapter 8: Atonement Of Hell

8,006 Feb 21,21 YATSU Hiroyuki

The year is 1939 and the world is plunged into chaos during the onslaught of WWII. After completing the initiation ritual, the 62nd Successor of Hokuto Shinken, Kasumi Kenshiro, is called upon by the destiny of Hokuto. He embarks on a new journey to the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia) which is crawling with the Dutch Army along with an anonymous user who wields a mysterious fist!
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The Inner Palace Tale of a Villainess Noble Girl 4.8

The Inner Palace Tale Of A Villainess Noble Girl

Chapter 3

84,229 Feb 24,21 Natsumegu Seiju,Ryofu

In the Elgrand Kingdom, a certain earl’s daughter was well-known. Captivating men and women of all ages with her beautiful looks, she did as she pleased. To those who defied her, she had no forgiveness, crushing them thoroughly, and she caused misfortune for multitudes of people simply for her amusement. Beautiful and cruel, with sharp thorns, she was the “Rose of Ice.”
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The Masquerade 4.2

The Masquerade

Vol.1 Chapter 1

32,080 Feb 19,21 Gwendolyn

Brought to you by: Happy Croissant Scans! 『Sometimes, your future gets decided by just one moment.』 The whole kingdom of Jesús fell into a state of shock after hearing the news of Queen Mary Trizia’s Suicide. While everyone praised Mary Trizia for being an excellent queen, whilst her older twin brother, Rafael Evans, was most suspicious of her death.
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Kangibanka 4.8


Chapter 4: Those Who Were Left Behind

43,196 Feb 27,21 Megumi Kouji,Imamura Shougo

This was the early Sengoku (Warring States) period. People suffered, starved and suffered from constant wars. The orphan Kyubei, who has lost his parents, is rescued by Tamon Maru, the leader of a band of robbers, where he is sold into slavery. When Tamon Maru talks about his desire to rise in troubled times and become a daimyo (Japanese feudal lord), Kyubei feels the heartbeat of his soul ... A n
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The Emperor’s Dog 4.9

The Emperor’S Dog

Chapter 0

21,492 Feb 17,21 이횐

Hari, who died in an unexpected car accident, had come to her senses after being reincarnated into a completely different world. Was she the daughter of the emperor? Hari, who opened her eyes with a throbbing heart, was in shock. I’m a dog? A dog that can talk, too? And it gets worse! I was the hunting dog of a cruel emperor who exterminated his own relatives to ascend to the throne. Now tha
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The Fake Princess’ OP Bunny 4.8

The Fake Princess’ Op Bunny

Chapter 6

132,404 Mar 01,21 HAN SERAM

“The Duchess of Gernoa de Lantera,” attracts attention from high society. But she’s a fake! Her real name is Larissa. A girl who used to run street vendors in the market for families in poverty. She was sold to a duke by her family, to play the part of his dead daughter, and is living in danger. A rabbit with black fur in the arms of a fake duchess. That rabbit
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Winter Sovereign 4.3

Winter Sovereign

Chapter 7

48,134 Feb 17,21 I Eat Tomatoes,Wo Chi Xi Hong Shi

Back in ancient times, there was a small piece of land owned by some nobles that were located in the Anyang province. The name of the land was, “Land of the Winter Eagles.” The owner of the land was named Dong Bo Lie. He created the land after having a romance with Mo Yang Yu of the Mo Yang family. Dong Bo Lie and Mo Yang Yu had two children, Dong Bo Xue Ying, and Dong Bo Qing Shi. (TL
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The Predatory Marriage Between the King and the Paladin 4.9

The Predatory Marriage Between The King And The Paladin

Chapter 2

72,175 Feb 17,21 Irinbi

“Yes, I’ll become a king. I’m going to take everything I want.” Bloody Calliope, a warlord who usurped the throne and began her quest to take control of neighboring countries. Ezekiel, a famous, noble paladin, heads to Alpensia to stop the war. His mission was to execute the King’s command in order to stop the war, but… What awaited him
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Olive's Plan To Get Rich 4.7

Olive's Plan To Get Rich

Vol.1 Chapter 0: Prologue

20,351 Feb 13,21 自由沙漏

Olive, a young girl who is not satisfied with being a marriage tool, runs away from home overnight. On the way out, she accidentally saved Snow, a man who calls himself a nobleman in distress. Olive, who lost her belongings because of her helpfulness towards others, decides to seize Snow's house for her own business plan. With her own efforts, she was able to build up her jewelry stand busines
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Reijou Hanayome Keiji Choukyou -Mukuna Tsubomi wa yoru Hiraku- 4.5

Reijou Hanayome Keiji Choukyou -Mukuna Tsubomi Wa Yoru Hiraku-

Chapter 3

64,133 Feb 10,21 Foxies

“Young lady, this is not love — this is training”. The young lady from Zennomiya Household, Tsubomi, as a preparation before her wedding. Suddenly, the childhood friend who is also her household butler, Yoshino, pushed her on the bed. A face she didn’t know from her long time friend. Before she could think with her head,
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The Princess’ Jewelry Box 4.8

The Princess’ Jewelry Box

Chapter 1

27,477 Feb 09,21

In order to become a unparalleled empress, princess Ariana creates a collection of talented men. The heartwarming appearance of the jewels she gather will truly make her shine.. more or less something like that
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