Jigoku Kurayami Hana mo Naki 4.8

Jigoku Kurayami Hana Mo Naki

Chapter 5

175,197 May 01,21 Michio Yoru

A young man who can see people’s sins in the form of youkai gets employed at a sort of odds-and-ends agency run by supernatural beings.
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Planetary Human 4.8

Planetary Human

Chapter 58

209,654 Mar 18,21 Jo Seok (조석)

Just the extraordinarily unfortunate life of a high school boy… but misfortune isn't all that's extraordinary about him.
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Dorei Yuugi Guren 4.5

Dorei Yuugi Guren

Chapter 3: Rank A Is Not A Joke

30,756 Feb 03,21 Nanami Yamai,Takashi Kimura

Sequel of Dorei Yuugi, with new characters.
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Outta Fire 4.5

Outta Fire

Chapter 1

26,056 Jan 12,21 载水

Translated by Isekai Scan Team The ninth son of the Dragon Pool Sea came to the world to learn through experience, but he accidentally joined a special high-tech fire brigade. In order to blend in with his human partner, he must perform dangerous tasks while hiding the fact that he has superpowers, constantly having to choose between a life or death choice of saving lives or not exposing his ident
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The Dark Night Journal 4.2

The Dark Night Journal

Chapter 2

16,783 Jan 28,21 尼尼鸭,酉癸

This sets in a Victorian world era where sentinels and guides belongs. People began to enjoy the glory of “the sun never sets” created by their ancestors. Endless enjoyment is the exquisite glory before the building collapsed, but evil is spreading in this city. “Red dancing shoes collector”, “beautiful young hunter”, “angel of death and baby hunter”
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Who's Your Daddy? 4.5

Who's Your Daddy?

Vol.1 Chapter 11

380,095 Mar 16,21 안코, 장량

Louis, the commander of the Second Chief of Guards, is abruptly diagnosed as being "in the fourth month of pregnancy" while chasing a serial killer who is making a splash in the capital. Four months ago, an unforgettable night at the palace ball… Who did he spend the night with?
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Maboroshi Panty 2.5

Maboroshi Panty

Chapter 6: The Introduction Of Ugly Jack

13,838 Feb 03,21 Nagai Go,Koenji Hiroshi

A dormitory climbing school that consists of junior high and high schools in the mountains of N prefecture. There was another No. 1 in this school with the No. 1 advancement rate from the University of Tokyo. That is the highest crime rate in the school. Kotobuki, who is in charge of the school police, starts a detective activity in the name of Maboroshi Panty to help her father.
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Liar Satsuki Can See Death 4.6

Liar Satsuki Can See Death

Chapter 6: Conflict (3)

255,705 Mar 16,21 Ryouko

"You... are going to die tomorrow." Minadzuki Satsuki, 16 years old. Apart from being antisocial and declaring the death of her classmates, she is a normal high school second-year student. Her nickname is "Liar Satsuki". However, her eyes alone are abnormal. What she is gazing at is... Twitter of the author : https://t
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Hiyori-chan no Onegai wa Zettai 4.7

Hiyori-Chan No Onegai Wa Zettai

Chapter 4: At Hiyori's Hometown

113,019 Jan 31,21 Misaki Saginomiya,Arima Tsukasa

Kadokawa synopsis: "My requests are absolute." Hamure Hiyori can make any of her "requests" come true. Our love, which was never meant to begin, will turn my life and the entire world on its head. She's warm, cute, and somewhat air-headed. Even so, she has the power of her "requests" that no one can resist
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Heavenly Bride 4.4

Heavenly Bride

Chapter 27

352,921 May 10,21 문솔

“I am the one who will be your husband.” Chae-yeon, the princess of the Chae Dynasty, lost her mother, who was the Empress. She has lived in the palace, being cosigned to death by the Emperor’s beloved warlord, Gwibi. Chae-yeon, who decided to become a priest of heaven to change the fate of her beloved and reluctant brother, Sung-jong, heads to the shrine after the ritual of Jech
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Answer Me, My Prince 4.9

Answer Me, My Prince

Chapter 18

493,316 May 12,21 유폴히

She wrote a letter there, at an antique storage box of books that I got by a mere chance, and a reply came back. From the handsome playboy Prince, Archie Albert , the pathetic supporting character in “The Princess and the Knight,” Cordelia had a dream that she had a conversation with the main character in the novel. Prince Archie desperately needs the advice of Cordel
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Perfect Victim 4.3

Perfect Victim

Chapter 79

140,663 Feb 09,21 尼三岁

“The person who is destined to be the perfect lover is secretly a murderous devil?! There are many secrets to the widowed mother. The life of Qiqi is completely changed by a mysterious stalker.”
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The Young Witch Wants to Have Sex!? 4.6

The Young Witch Wants To Have Sex!?

Chapter 2

74,774 Dec 26,20 Nakamura Enjitsu

Hiiragi visits Chikage Komori, a transfer student that has never come to school. His chastity is at stake when he comes across a beautiful girl that is wearing nothing but a jacket!? A magical-sex Spring Junior High Student journal begins now!
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Nishikida Keibu wa Dorobou ga Osuki 4.7

Nishikida Keibu Wa Dorobou Ga Osuki

Chapter 3

14,502 Jan 17,21 Mayuko Kanba

A wholesome heist- "love comedy" starring a gentleman thief and a police inspector!
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Dead Company 4.3

Dead Company

Chapter 3

50,452 Dec 26,20 Tonogai Yoshiki

The story follows Miyamura, a young, unemployed man who has gone through a special experience, but lives an empty existence. However, one day he is scouted by EDC, a major game development company.
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The Deathless 4.7

The Deathless

Chapter 92.2

1,071,684 Mar 21,21 Anjeo,KKWorld

An ordinary girl as she is, she possesses the eyes of death which can make her see the death rate of others. Even if she’s troubled, she has no access to death! Hearing her calling, the god of death comes for her. However, it’s useless? What will happen between a girl who desires death and the god of death who cannot kill the girl? What’s the secret of the girl’s super powe
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DevilShot 4.8


Chapter 3: The Snake And The Gravekeeper (3)

64,766 Feb 19,21 CTK

The moment I looked Death in the eye, I made a contract with the Lord of the Underworld. Fr: Face à la mort, il nous faut parfois pactiser avec le diable.
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Unpredictable 4.6


Chapter 1

18,053 Dec 18,20 Ou Ba Ba,鸥八八

Due to certain unknown reasons, university freshman Jiang Jiang has finally returned to school after two years of suspension. During an entanglement with someone, she was helped by a “bestie” whom she had met through the Internet. This “bestie” seemingly knows everything about Jiang Jiang. Everything that happens around her seems to be under their control. Is it out of care
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Tantei wa Mou, Shindeiru 4.9

Tantei Wa Mou, Shindeiru

Chapter 5

379,243 Apr 22,21 Mugiko,Nigojuu

I, an ordinary high school student, Kimizuka Kimihiko, who easily gets involved in things, was appointed to take care of mysterious attache cases by mysterious men in black suits. After meeting a beautiful angel-like detective girl, named Siesta in a hijacked plane, I became her assistant. And from there– [You deal with the beehive, and I’ll rest
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Kyomushi Sanmyaku 2.8

Kyomushi Sanmyaku

Chapter 4: Decision

338,552 Mar 20,21 Fujimi Yasutaka,Sazanami Yusuke

A tunnel in a mountain that a college student visited with the intention of trying to deliver a video. The giant bugs that appeared there attacked them! VS. Human cruel survival.
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The Three Sisters Are Trying To Seduce Me!! 4.6

The Three Sisters Are Trying To Seduce Me!!

Chapter 6

672,243 Apr 09,21 Eria Haseyoshi

Kozaburo, who dreams about becoming a doctor, moves to the countryside to focus on his university's admission exams. However, in this female-only town where he is moving to, three extremely beautiful sisters are living in his lodging house?!! Besides, this town has a secret... it was a town where the Japanese version of Succubus, "Hinoenma," resided. Beings who steal men
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Kakukazoku 4


Chapter 8

119,365 Mar 06,21 Katou Takahiro

An estranged family is falling apart when a meteor shower grants the son his wish- let our family grow together again...quite literally-
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Elegy of the Heavens 4.3

Elegy Of The Heavens

Chapter 15

127,911 Mar 19,21 鹿鸣动漫

The Gods created the Heavens, Hell, and the Human world, and the Gods also created Angels, but what if the Gods are wrong? You once said that as long as I live, we can meet again…I will wait forever, even in the depths of Hell, waiting for our love that is not blessed by the Gods
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Unmelting Words 4.4

Unmelting Words

Chapter 49

224,131 Apr 16,21 Michii

[New Sequel to ‘340 Days’] Police officer Nohee is an Unliar: she is completely unable to lie. But telling the truth gets tricky when she meets the wanted criminal Yeonho. As a Word Wraith, Yeonho can make others do whatever he wants just by speaking – he can even kill them. Because of this astonshing ability, he’s now a suspect in the murder of his adoptive parents. Yeonho
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