Kung Fu Beauty 4.4

Kung Fu Beauty

Chapter 24

126,337 Apr 21,21 Updating

A woman is murdered then reincarnates as the born-again Kungfu Lady. A story of revenge, moving into adulthood, romance, and ambition… Kungfu Beauty
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Dear My Hunny Bunny 4.8

Dear My Hunny Bunny

Chapter 18

214,555 Apr 19,21 Lee min young

Jay is an 8th rank public official. She works as a special guardian, and her mission is to heal children whose souls have been deeply wounded. Ludwig shuts himself off from the world. He seems as if he's forgotten how to smile. However, he learns what it means to be happy through Jay, and Jay cherishes him as her own precious Hunny bunny.
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Secretary Undone 4.2

Secretary Undone

Chapter 10

71,086 Apr 19,21 Bi hyang,Seaweeds candy

From her looks to her background, everything abut Mia seems so ordinary. But then she lands a job as the secretary of Siwoo Lee, a former model who is now a director at Taeyang Group, a conglomerate he is set to inherit. Siwoo is a notorious playboy and Mia finds out that she only got the job because she was the farthest from his type. But as they work together, she proves to be very capable and a
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Kekkon Shitanode, Sex Yuukyuu Kudasai! 4.2

Kekkon Shitanode, Sex Yuukyuu Kudasai!

Chapter 23

615,763 Apr 14,21 Oniku hanamura

"I must give my darling wife her reward." Deeply, passionately, satisfying every single bit of you. Our 10 day sex vacation starts now!
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Your Devotion Is My Salvation 3.5

Your Devotion Is My Salvation

Chapter 21 : Afterwords

52,158 Apr 14,21 Nam taeryeong

Police officer Reinholt who went to a 5-star hotel for a vacation wanted a one night stand at first sight with a man who introduced himself as “Milo”. In that passing moment when Reinholt thought of how he wanted to have a special relationship with him, he saw Milo with an unusual crowd… Is that guy part of the mafia…? Even when Reinholt teld himself in his mind that he shouldn , his heart w
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Candy Men 3.7

Candy Men

Chapter 1

8,053 Apr 14,21 Chanok

Kyuyeon has an alternate persona in an online game, he pretends to be a female player with a character named “Yorong” only to rip off items from other clueless users. One of “her” diehard fans named “Yeommin” showers Kyuyeon with gifts day and night. He's happy but at the same time, Kyuyeon feels a bit pressured about Yeommin because he's always asking “Yorong” for a date. To top it all off,
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The Devil's Temptation 3.1

The Devil's Temptation

Chapter 1

18,041 Apr 13,21 Youn

Hyun was supposed to spend his Christmas snuggling with his car on his comfy couch watching Tv. This year, however, he decides to attend his company holiday party to make his existence known to his office crush-the devilishly handsome Alek, but instead, downs too many drinks, makes a fool of himself, and blacks out. The morning after, he wakes up to a Christmas nightmare: lying next to him b
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Duchess of the Glass House 4.5

Duchess Of The Glass House

Chapter 11

541,417 Apr 22,21 공기알

"Live your life. Don't be swayed and give it to others." Edhart's words were quite arbitrary but they strangely resonated with me. However, my marriage with him was close to misfortune and my precious child was taken away. I died lonely in a humble detached house. My second life was thankfully given to me when I gave up on everything. I vowed to make take the opportunity I was given. "W
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The Secret Case Files Of The Cafe April 3.3

The Secret Case Files Of The Cafe April

Chapter 3 : Case 3

58,150 Apr 19,21 Hyogo kijima

Customers come to the Cafe April with all sorts of issues. The owner, Miharu, brews to please, sometimes offering pleasure, other times comfort, and other times a first experience. In a part of town where passion and desire swirl about, he's tired of waiting for real love to show up. Hyogo Kijima's compilation offers a great touch of titillation.
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My special squishy someone 4

My Special Squishy Someone

Chapter 25

1,636,570 Apr 23,21 Ddasoom

After losing all hope of finding love, Ha-eun doesn't see the point of carrying on…until one day, a mysterious being saves her life and promises to make her irresistible to any man. Its method is unorthodox to say the least, but it sure makes her feel good.
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Ano Yoru Kara Kimi ni Koishiteta 3.7

Ano Yoru Kara Kimi Ni Koishiteta

Chapter 7

36,115 Apr 13,21 Voltage / Mika sakurano

Ayumi Komatsu works seriously trying move up at a major advertising agency, until one night at a company party she drank too much and woke up without memory in a mysterious stranger's bed! A popular story from the game "Irresistible Mistakes (Love365)" adapted for manga!
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Everyday, Love Me More 3.5

Everyday, Love Me More

Volume 1 Chapter 3

70,191 Apr 15,21 Kon shota

When he was young, Oto would visit his grandma in the summer. But, because he was from Tokyo, Oto had no friends to play with and sat alone in the shade. That was until a boy two years older named Sora came and invited Oto to play with him and his friends. To Oto, Sora was his knight in shining armor and was destroyed when he disappeared the following summer, making Oto regret not communicat
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Immortal Technical College 4.2

Immortal Technical College

Chapter 11

70,174 Apr 22,21 阅动文化

Jiang Ziya was admitted to a strange school, and his classmates knew all about magic, and the school claimed that they wanted to turn students into immortals! The super-match Loli, who met Jiang Ziya on the way, was chased by the school bully, Lei Zhenzi. This unscientific school is called the Immortal Technical College. Sit and see how Jiang Ziya interpret hilarious campus life!
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Forbidden Love 3.6

Forbidden Love

Chapter 10

7,518 Apr 12,21 Kou kou lu

She falls into darkness after failing the college entrance exam. Go back to school for another year? Is college the only way to success? As a college teacher who lives a monotonous life, he's deeply attracted to the cute and smart girl. But they have secrets that won't allow them to fall in love with each other. What to do with their forbidden love?
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Money City 2.2

Money City

Chapter 20

28,933 Apr 18,21 Kexiao

Several women who once got into trouble because of money formed an alliance. They seek after rich men, have an extravagant life, and believe only wealth can bring power to people. Although they are crazy about money, they will finally understand money isn't the only important thing after experiencing love, disloyal friendship and life risks.
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Lady Scarlet 4.3

Lady Scarlet

Chapter 2

48,119 Apr 15,21 Amin123

Scarlet Marica is the eldest daughter of the bankrupt Baron Marica. She decides to go to the capital with the ambition of becoming the most recognized piano teacher. 3 years later, Scarlet fell in love with Edward Hart instead of pursuing her dream. She thought that she would get married in the future. But then she found out that her lover had a fiancée all along! Eventually, the richest man of th
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Shirei to Kisu 4.2

Shirei To Kisu

5,066 Apr 11,21 Eri takashima

I will destroy your life of mediocrity. A dull and sullen co-worker turns out to be Yamato Toudou -- the super pompous son of a super-rich family -- in disguise!! He forces the unfortunate Shizuku Miyashita to be his slave when she finds herself indebted to him to the tune of 30 million yen! Shizuku had lived an earnest but ordinary life up until this point, so just why in the world did this
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Return of the Reborn God Emperor

Return Of The Reborn God Emperor

Chapter 71

2,354,442 Apr 22,21 Daxingdao dongman

In the previous life, Lin Xiao obtained the Divine cultivation method accidentally, which resulted in his ancient body being awakened and his achievement of the unparalled invincible body. After all kinds of hardships, he eventually became a giant, awing all immortals and demons. However, he was besieged by other Immortal Emperors in the heaven realm at the time of his breaking through and g
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Shirei to Kisu 2 4.7

Shirei To Kisu 2

Chapter 1

6,680 Apr 11,21 Eri takashima

So wait, I've turned my teacher into an obedient pet?! High-school sophomore Mai Misobe spends her days dreaming of the day when her handsome world history teacher Mr. Yoshioka will see her for who she really is. One day, Mai is out late after a night of fun downtown when she spots Mr. Yoshioka smoking a cigarette and dressed up as a bartender in a back alley. She takes a picture without thi
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Today Living With You 4.8

Today Living With You

Chapter 25

48,124 Apr 12,21 Dur,Woo ji hye

“Fine! I'll start dating then!!” Dohee has a crush on childhood friend Jaehyuk. But in order to distance herself from him, she has decided to start dating others when the handsome lunatic Wonyoung appears! Wonyoung's constant antics slowly start to rub off on Dohee… will Dohee be able to start a relationship in her eventful campus life? Today L
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Watashi o Kaeru Koi o Shiyou. 3.8

Watashi O Kaeru Koi O Shiyou.

Chapter 1

10,674 Apr 11,21 Kaji

Where in the world did all of these shiny people even come from? It was then that the bewildered Aimi laid her eyes upon a lady in full bloom -- Yui. She was a member of the Ladies club. All of the most sparkling ladies around her were a part of the Ladies club. There was only one rule to become a member. "No boyfriends!" Having just been dumped by her boyfriend, Aimi decides to join. Unfort
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Kokokara wa Otona no Jikandesu. 4.6

Kokokara Wa Otona No Jikandesu.

Chapter 9

92,310 Apr 12,21 Tsukino Omame

[From Batoto Scans] Mikan Sasaki is an OL who can see spirits. She has a secret crush on her boss Akutsu, who seems to be haunted by evil spirits. On her birthday, Sasaki felt lonely and got drunk by herself in the park. Akutsu happened to pass by and rescued her by bringing her to his home. They shared a bed and Sasaki could dispel the evil spirits so Akutsu was able to sleep restfully for
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