Hetakuso Love Step 4.3

Hetakuso Love Step

0 Feb 27,21 Yoriko

Spring: the second year of university. A time when a student should be able to enjoy their freedom and youth. Even though Kotarou has no friends and no girlfriend, he enjoys his calm life. However, because his beautiful childhood friend Miyako was being pursued by the university playboy Yoshino Aoi, Kotarou was forced to pretend to be her boyfriend. Kotarou thought that he was a
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Amayakasanaide Fuku Shachou ~Danna-sama wa SSR~ 4.7

Amayakasanaide Fuku Shachou ~Danna-Sama Wa Ssr~

Chapter 1.1

2,002 Feb 27,21 Nakatsuki Kana

Maki is obsessed with her gacha otome games with no other interests in life. That's just fine with her company's vice president Sakurai, and suddenly Maki found herself living with him with a marriage contract while trying to keep it all a secret at work. Now real-life secret love will melt her heart!
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Sanzennenme no Kamitaiou 3.6

Sanzennenme No Kamitaiou

Chapter 5: Shrine

4,011 Feb 27,21 KATOU Fumitaka

3000 year old god decides she wants to quit being a god so she becomes a high school girl. Alternative Raw
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Ikemen ni Tensei Shita kedo Cheat wa Dekimasen Deshita 4.5

Ikemen Ni Tensei Shita Kedo Cheat Wa Dekimasen Deshita

Chapter 2.2

58,144 Feb 26,21 Mikan Jelly

After Koganei was rejected by a girl he had confessed to, he angrily ran off and was hit by a car. When he woke up, he found that he was reincarnated in another world as Theodore Goldberg, the eldest son of a marquis. And of course, as Koganei is no stranger to isekai series, he knows that he will have some sort of cheat skill to become overpowered and live a slow life. A
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Couple of Mirrors 4

Couple Of Mirrors

Chapter 0.1: Teaser - Retired Assassin X Gentlewoman Author

2,007 Feb 26,21 Zhao Na, Li Zongchen

In the Republic of China, famous Shanghainese author Xu Youyi has everything anyone could want-- until the day an anonymous letter arrives, revealing the truth behind her perfect life. Betrayed by both her best friend and her husband, she meets Yan Wei, the outwardly cold but inwardly warm owner of a photography studio. They click instantly, both independent yet in harmony with one another. Growin
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WiraDelima 4.6


Chapter 2: Smile

0 Feb 26,21 Qoni

A story about Wira, a boy ABSOLUTELY in love with Delima, his upperclassman. But Delima is insecure about her petite figure. How far is Wira willing to go to keep seeing Delima's smile?
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A Story About a Yakuza and a Detective With a Stern Face 4.9

A Story About A Yakuza And A Detective With A Stern Face

Chapter 8: The Tale Of Anto-Kun

86,181 Feb 26,21 Seiju Natsumegu

The love story between a yakuza and a detective who both can't be honest with their feelings.
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Black-backed albatross 4.1

Black-Backed Albatross

Chapter 3

2,006 Feb 27,21 Yaua

Jiang Shishi, a zombie who lives quietly in the human world, was forced to live with the strange examiner, Christine, a beautiful vampire girl in the cold year, and Shishi discovered that she still had a human cub, Lori. This what a strange family.
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Revenge Is Ours 4.8

Revenge Is Ours

Chapter 15

10,022 Feb 25,21 Gomok,Nam yuhyeon

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Great Comeback of the Deserted Princess 4

Great Comeback Of The Deserted Princess

Chapter 18

30,084 Feb 26,21 Updating

Great Comeback of the Deserted Princess The legend says that Gu Qingcheng was once the wife of Prince Yongjun, but was divorced by her husband. Her whole family was beheaded, and she herself nearly became food in the belly of the beast in the colosseum. She was once the most beautiful woman in the Great Xia Empire, now she's taken away by Prince Sheng. After a year, she's ready to make her c
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Is Everyday Life Possible? 4.6

Is Everyday Life Possible?

Chapter 2

2,007 Feb 27,21 독점 시녹,정경윤

Yoo-il Hotel's representative director is Lee Hojin. He not only possesses an outstanding appearance and background, but he is also competent, modest, and well-mannered! The natural enemy of such a man is Lee Youngjun, his cousin. In order to screw over the devious last boss who takes everything away from him, even the attention and spotlight meant for others, Hojin is trying to obtain an art piec
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Military Phoenix 4.7

Military Phoenix

Chapter 0

2,008 Feb 25,21 有鹿文化

As a military commander, I crossed over to the Sky Spirit Continent due to an accident. After opening my eyes, I encountered an inexplicable assassination. To that, I just wanted to say, “You messed with the wrong person!” I signed the system on the front foot, awakened the top spiritual power on the back foot, carrying a bazooka to do in the real culprit, stirring him up! The only thing that hurt
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Beastmaster of the Ages 3.3

Beastmaster Of The Ages

Chapter 1

2,008 Feb 25,21 风青阳

Even in his dreams, Li Tianming can't stop himself from laughing! Why? Because his family pets are all the Primordial Chaos Beasts of myth! That teeny weeny little chick over there is actually the eternal Infernal Phoenix that eats suns! His black cat is the Genesis Chaos Thunderfiend that refines worlds with its lightning. The cockroach, well, it's the Myriad Worlds Deathless Beast that possesses
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Look a Picture 4.6

Look A Picture

Chapter 1

1,551 Feb 25,21 효정

Jisoo, who dreamed of becoming a fairy tale illustrator since she was young, dropped out to achieve her dream and went to her grandmother's house, where she meets Dowon. Dowon, who was worried about not having a dream, is interested in Jisoo who is trying hard to achieve her dream. “The farther you try to catch, the farther away you feel. When will the day you reach your dream come?”
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The Pampered Regent of the Richest Woman 4.8

The Pampered Regent Of The Richest Woman

Chapter 5

4,006 Feb 27,21 温流素言,主笔

Great Yan's richest woman, Wen Jiu, struggled throughout her entire life to become wealthy. However, she was deceived by a scumbag, which caused her to lose both her life and wealth. When she woke up, she has become 15 years old again. Opening her eyes, she sees an old enemy on top of a sedan coming for marriage in place of his fifth brother! Knowing that the handsome man in front of her will one
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The Killer Lives Next Door 4.6

The Killer Lives Next Door

Chapter 1

3,887 Feb 24,21 김성희 / Kim Seonghee

A killer who can completely conceal all traces of his existence has been hired to deal with the target while keeping a low profile. However, the place where the killer infiltrated was an apartment in Korea that was has poor soundproofing level. Everyone can hear everything that is happening in the apartment. It is in this place that the killer is to monitor the target until given further instructi
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Waka-chan is pushy again 4.6

Waka-Chan Is Pushy Again

Chapter 1.1

10,030 Feb 24,21 島村 (shimamura)

One Friday… Tomoya, a first-year college student who is determined to get a girlfriend, becomes friends with a beautiful, soothing girl, Sakuraba Waka, but is unable to find the courage to take the first step. Then one day, Tomoya witnesses another side of Waka…?
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Oh My Boy! 4.3

Oh My Boy!

Chapter 2

4,015 Feb 27,21 Kanipa

Just because of his short stature and his sweet and adorable looks, Arya has only ever received rejections from his crush, Saras. Tired of getting his heart broken, he decides to move on by changing his appearance and becoming the ideal Saras likes as revenge. Unfortunately for him, it seems the universe plans to test him for a while longer.
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The queen of flowers 4.3

The Queen Of Flowers

Chapter 1

6,017 Feb 24,21 Lee ji hwan,Seo yoon young

Kim Sohye's life changed after being chosen as the empress. Unfortunately, Shoye's life after marriage is not exactly happy. The king who previously had a concubine doesn't love her and always insulted her. The concubine turned out to have evil intentions to the king. But, slowly but surely the king begins to feel the empress's sincere heart. The feeling of their love began to grow like a flower i
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The Secret of the Friendly Duke 4.8

The Secret Of The Friendly Duke

Chapter 1

16,052 Feb 24,21 Sojyu

“Help me, Zion!” Noelle Miceria is the bastard daughter of a noble family and suffers abuse by everyone in the house. One day, Noelle overhears her father's terrible plan. That night she asked the help of her friend Zion who came to visit the family. When she came to my senses, the people who bullied her had been killed. The culprit was Zion, turns out that he knew how to wield magic. “What do you
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Wu Ni Shan He 4.4

Wu Ni Shan He

Chapter 1

3,876 Feb 23,21 Shengling gongzuo shi

In order to investigate the secrets of the family and inherit the traditional martial arts, the young master of Macao's casinos, a famous “dandy”, resolutely set foot in Huadu. Of course, it's mainly for his young and beautiful junior sister next door, as well as Yu Jie, young woman, police flower. Tai Chi is in his hand, the secret method is invincible. Embracing left and right, drunk into the fl
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Adopted boys 4.9

Adopted Boys

Chapter 4

9,098 Feb 23,21 Si Ra Bin

Yeo Ju, planned to confess to her childhood friend through a novel and even signed with a publishing company. Yeo Ju then is bound by money when she tries to leave the publishing company. Cooky Scans is working on this^^
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Almost Friends 4.5

Almost Friends

Chapter 2

10,028 Feb 24,21 黄二爷

One is a rabbit girl with a congenital defect, and the other is a fox girl that's super popular but has a lonely heart. Despite their differences, they are each other's precious ‘The Other Me in This World'. When they meet, a story of mutual healing and mutual growth begins…
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Fake Slackers 4

Fake Slackers

Chapter 2

3,951 Feb 25,21 Mu Gua Huang,木瓜黄

After classes were divided, not only were the two infamously and widely known “problem youths” placed into the same class, they became deskmates. They were obviously exam prodigies but they pretended to be slackers, their entire beings immersed in this skit. They had to compete for last place during exams; playing games every day on the surface but studying seriously behind others' backs. Come and
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