Don't rest in peace 4.4

Don't Rest In Peace

Chapter 1: Liar

4,007 Mar 05,21 Matsuo Aki

After being confessed to by her close friend Ono, Shinohara runs way in embarrassment. Ono is then killed in an accident that same evening without getting a reply. Drown in grief and regret,  Shinohara wishes to see Ono again in front of his grave, and the newly dead Ono rises up in answer.
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Hey! Be More Confident 3.7

Hey! Be More Confident

Chapter 0: Promo

0 Mar 05,21 羊咕咕

Gu Ge just returned home to meet the girl that's always on his mind, Bai Yu, who's unable to recognize him due to her suffering from face recognition loss. After a few days of getting along, Gu Ge found that she is no longer as cheerful and lively as before. Why did she lose her light, and what has she experienced over the years? The girl who suffers from prosopagnosia and the boy who sets his min
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Unrequited Love 3.7

Unrequited Love


12,025 Mar 05,21 Nekotarou

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Bijutsubu Girl 4.3

Bijutsubu Girl

Chapter 51: An Art Club Girl Who Has Gal Games On The Brain

14,048 Mar 05,21 Koikawa Hayato

Middle school life isn't all fun and games for an art club girl either! From club activities to studying, games to manga, hobbies, BL, and “mufufu” fantasies...or! “Uchida” is a member of the “art club.” She's got a lot of strange obsessions and she's not great at dealing with people. A short candid manga about the ups and downs of school life with the classmates sur
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Natsu Koi 4.5

Natsu Koi

Chapter : Oneshot

0 Mar 05,21 Shino Hirofumi

Yuri hime oneshot
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4P short stories 4.1

4P Short Stories

Chapter 1: You Scribble Everywhere

2,004 Mar 05,21 Ironon

A series of 10 short stories by Ironon, author of Ichizu de Bitch na Kouhai. t/n: I request that you please don't change the tags
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Noraneko to Ookami 4.5

Noraneko To Ookami

Chapter 1

4,009 Mar 05,21 Miyuki Mitsubachi

Mishina Tamaki is an orphan girl who left her village to study in the city. On a hot afternoon, while she was looking for a place to stay, she fainted. Upon waking up, she realized she was picked up by a playful rock musician. The story of their cohabitation that could (probably) turn into love, starts!
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The Twins' Circumstances 4.3

The Twins' Circumstances

Chapter 1

2,010 Mar 05,21 Miyuki Mitsubachi

Mishina Tamaki is an orphan girl who left her village to study in the city. On a hot afternoon, while she was looking for a place to stay, she fainted. Upon waking up, she realized she was picked up by a playful rock musician. The story of their cohabitation that could (probably) turn into love, starts!
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Young Lady, I'm a Yankee Butler 4.9

Young Lady, I'm A Yankee Butler

Chapter 1

8,021 Mar 05,21 NIIYA Rin

Due to the great popularity of the one-shot, handsome butlers are newly added and serialized! Shuji Karasuma spends his days in quarrel. At first sight, I fell in love with the owner of a masculine butler cafe when I was forcibly treated for my injury ! Although she is a yankee, her clumsy work is very popular with yo
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I'm my Household Girlfriend 2.6

I'm My Household Girlfriend

Chapter 1: I've Turn Into A Girl?

2,003 Mar 05,21 Hyuuga Natsu,Kurata Minoji

In the imperial court, a young woman is put into servitude, Maomao. The tale is just beginning for the woman doctor/pharmacist from the red-light district, as rumors circulate about the emperor's children's lives being short-lived. Her curious nature and thirst for knowledge pushes her to action. To satisfy her curiosity, this young doctor/pharmacist will investigate the origin! What is shifting i
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Blend-S 3.4


0 Mar 05,21 Nakayama Miyuki

English Maika Sakuranomiya is, by nature, a person with bad luck and always gets into trouble, but knows Dino, who manages a cafe. However, it is not just any cafe, and the waitresses have to act according to their "attributes." Portuguese / Português Sakuranomiya Maika é, por natureza, uma pessoa que tem má sorte e que sempre entra em problemas, mas um dia, ela acaba conh
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Heat the Pig Liver 4.7

Heat The Pig Liver

Chapter 1

2,007 Mar 05,21 Minami,Sakai Takuma

An unappealing otaku awakens in the body of a pig after he passes out while eating raw pig liver. Pig finds himself in the company of Jess, an innocent girl who can read people's minds, and she accepts him despite his boorish thoughts... although she does plan to eat him. When Jess is in danger of succumbing to a dark destiny, can Pig save her using only his quick wits, wisdom, and refined sense o
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Ochite, Oborete 3.7

Ochite, Oborete

Vol.1 Chapter 1

0 Mar 05,21 Inari Yuuko

It's the start of their 2nd-year of high school. But having just caught the flu, Honatsu Tenma has missed the first two weeks—along with the new loner transfer student, Shun Tachibana. Upon meeting, he tells her, "the feeling of being in love is like falling". What's that supposed to mean?! Luckily her close childhood friend Touma Yamaji, is there to keep her steady. Or is he? A story about friend
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The Lady's Spaceship 3.5

The Lady's Spaceship

Chapter 1

2,006 Mar 05,21 Yungyung,Romio Tango

The first lieutenant of the Space Alliance Defence Force, Suna Kim, travels dimensionally to a fantasy world called Rofan! An extreme survival story plays out after she dies and reincarnates as the daughter of Duke Langtry, who was cursed and killed. The frugal lady travels in search of her spaceship, which crash landed in the unfamiliar and barren fantasy world. A lively and brutal romance in cou
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My Wife Is Actually the Empress? 4.7

My Wife Is Actually The Empress?

Chapter 1

8,017 Mar 05,21 老狗,刺猬猫阅读,新热血

With my wife's breathtaking beauty, not even the newly enthroned empress can match her! With my wife's marvelous culinary skills, not even the empress's royal chefs can match her! My wife loves me and cares about me very very much, and I wouldn't trade her for even the empress! Wait, what? My wife is the empress?! My Wife Is Actually The Emperor
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What It Means to be You? 4.6

What It Means To Be You?

Chapter 1

12,037 Mar 05,21 Lee Bora

In exchange for clearing off the royal family's huge debt, Princess Violet was sent to marry Winter, the duke's illegitimate son. “I've never seen such a wonderful man before in my life.” Although Violet fell in love with her husband at first sight, their arranged marriage was destined to fail from the beginning. “If it were easy, I wouldn't have come here. Just this once together…..”
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Alexis Teikoku Kouryuuki 4

Alexis Teikoku Kouryuuki

Vol.1 Chapter 1: The Great Prologue 1

6,018 Mar 04,21 Awamura Akamitsu, Sato Isamu

The brave tale of the peerless Great Emperor Leonard the First was evaluated as a universal truth. However, in his younger days, before he managed to unify the continent, he was a boorish and clumsy young man, he got his homeland taken away from him and was branded with the infamous name of “Nosferatu”. This is the story of a great counterattack, a great revolt. Leonard vowed to
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Small 4.7


Vol.1 Chapter 1

0 Mar 04,21 을승

"Why do I keep crossing paths with you...? ♡" Everyone experiences those feelings at least once. Sometimes it feels like you're getting smaller in front of someone you like. The problem is, I'm actually getting smaller!
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Hajirau Kimi ga Mitainda 4.2

Hajirau Kimi Ga Mitainda

Chapter 4: Production Planning

180,472 Mar 05,21 Umagome Rakure

Akito Shirasawa, a high school boy whose father is a film director, sees something in the library preparation room. It was the "masturbation scene" of his classmate, Natsuho Honjo. Akito is puzzled, but ends up filming it with his smartphone. Natsuho notices Akito, and in the men's restroom, makes a "proposal" to Akito! Exposed high school girl and movie boy. The "exposed love" of twisted adolesce
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Love & Hate

Vol.1 Chapter 1

10,031 Mar 02,21 Takagi Ryou

Ichigo was once a popular detective that used his good looks as a weapon. However, now that he's completely worn out, he is in needy circumstances... A man named Kuki Otohide then requests his services. Ichigo is enthusiastic about the reward, since it's been a while for him. Unfortunately, he fails, after all, his client had to help him out. However, there was something Kuki wanted to check with
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Megane, Tokidoki, Yankee-kun 4.8

Megane, Tokidoki, Yankee-Kun

Chapter 2

20,049 Mar 02,21 Naruki

After being in a high school full of Yankees, and being humiliated by them all the time. Momose decides to change her appearance when entering high school, even though she is still clumsy, she struggles to fit in. All she wants is to get away from the bad guys and it seems like he finally found a club to belong to but, the only other member of this club, is not really what he seems. S
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Sagikekkon Renaichuu 4.4

Sagikekkon Renaichuu

Chapter 1

16,042 Mar 02,21 Aizen Mana

Batoto Scans : “You're so wet even though it's morning. If you don't wake up, I'll attack you ok?” “Oh no!” Komaki and Tasuku are newlyweds spending their time being lovey-dovey. Whether it's day or night, they can't help but want each other. But there's a secret Tasuku can't tell Komaki. He used to be a
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