DD Fist of the North Star 3

Dd Fist Of The North Star

9,751 Feb 19,21 Kajio

"In the year 199X... The world was NOT engulfed by the flames of nuclear war!" Bat is your ordinary college student, working several part-time jobs to get by. But all that changes once his friend, Lin, brings in a man named Kenshiro to work at his convenience store. Bat quickly grows to hate Kenshiro - but unfortunately for him, that's jus
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Wa no Kage 4.4

Wa No Kage

Vol.3 Chapter 19: Meeting

114,879 Mar 13,21 Nakagawa Kaiji

Set in a world that has a ring encircling the planet, there is a nation that follow the tradition of chasing the shadow cast by this ring. They go as far as the ends of both northern and southern edges of the continents to accomplish their 'shadow chasing'. For what reason? Who knows. What is known about this nation is that they have been able to preserve their small nation in so small par
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Rendezvous 4.6


Chapter 21

635,764 Mar 02,21 Hun

When I wake up, everything is a mess. War? Extraterrestrial invasion? Whatever it is, I just need to take personal revenge.
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Ranger Reject 4.9

Ranger Reject

Chapter 10: The Power Of One's Feelings

246,333 Apr 15,21 Haruba Negi

Thirteen years ago, suddenly the Villainous Army of evil appeared in their gigantic floating castle 10000 meters in the sky to invade Earth! The villainous army have reviving capabilities that make them immortal, making them a serious threat to humanity. To protect us against these invaders, the Divine Dragon Rangers, the Dragon Keepers, wield their miraculous powers and their weapons, Divine Tool
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The Legend of New World’s Boss 4.7

The Legend Of New World’S Boss

Chapter 0

21,160 Feb 09,21 Gangster Studio

A few hundred years in the future, the world below 3000 meters is in a disastrous situation, shrouded in toxic black fog! The Baita City on the mountain is the last city of mankind! The young Mu Cheng and his sister depended on each other to survive. But Mu Cheng unexpectedly awakened his abilities, and from then on, he had to live in fear… But one day, Mu Cheng was captured by a mysterious
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Cheating Men Must Die: The Evil Consort is Busy 4.5

Cheating Men Must Die: The Evil Consort Is Busy

Chapter 7

147,851 Apr 11,21 Shidai man wang

<Cheating Men Must Die> Side Story. Su Lüxia receives a mission, smuggling into a small world to abuse scum. Her targets: the bastard Emperor and three evil consorts. However, she encounters agent Jiang Mo of the ‘Male Readers Group’. In order to finish the mission given by the male readers system, Jiang Mo arrives in the small world to drive out agent Su Lüxia of the female read
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I’m The Only One With Genius DNA 4.7

I’M The Only One With Genius Dna

Chapter 44

2,763,690 Mar 27,21 Updating

A status window appeared in front of Ryu Young-jun, a researcher at a pharmaceutical company. Rosalin’s status window, an artificial cell that knows everything about biology.
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The Sword Of Dawn 4.6

The Sword Of Dawn

Chapter 14: Vanish

489,382 Mar 18,21 远瞳、浅海&,月鹿文化

Gawain crossed, but something went wrong when he crossed. After floating in the sky over an alien continent for hundreds of thousands of years, he felt that he might need a body to be a complete traverser, but he did not expect that he would need to carry this body after he succeeded. Climbing out of the coffin, and facing two frightened Zeng Zeng Zeng Zeng… great-granddaughters.
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Jingai Hime Sama, Hajimemashita - Free Life Fantasy Online 4.7

Jingai Hime Sama, Hajimemashita - Free Life Fantasy Online

Chapter 2.2: My Home Is Catacomb 2

699,906 Feb 06,21 Warita Koma,Nenohi Akisuzu,Sonohara Ao

Free Life Fantasy Online… a.k.a. FLFO. Tsukishiro Kotone receives this game as gift from her little sister and starts playing. The character’s race she has selected was… one of “Inhuman” races for enthusiasts. A race said to be bad even among Inhuman races that are known to be difficult – a Zombie.
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Black Scavenger 4.4

Black Scavenger

Chapter 1

23,671 Feb 03,21 晒不干的鱼

The seeds born of twisted desire take root deep in the heart, feeding on emotions and expanding non-stop. When all of life is sucked away, the seed receives the key to the world and the black monster is born quietly. They are called “evils”. In order to liberate the souls bound by “evils”, a group of resolutely determined people, with the strength of the will from the world
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Binbou Reijou no Kanchigai Seijo Den 4.5

Binbou Reijou No Kanchigai Seijo Den

Chapter 3

218,601 Mar 10,21 Manji MAJI

Even though she is a baron, she is an adventurer!? Then she died in the dungeon! When I woke up, a new life was waiting for me! Is she a saint, or a misunderstanding-⁉ Sophia's splendid (?) Saint Adventure Tan, which can't be beaten later, has finally begun!
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Nice to Meet You 4.5

Nice To Meet You

Chapter 40

537,389 Apr 05,21 Kkori,So one

Same place, different time – A time slip romance. Salam Kenal / 처음 뵙겠습니다
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Metropolis Species 3.4

Metropolis Species

Chapter 2: Crafty Daytime Work

202,575 Feb 07,21 Chocolate

Young office worker Qiu Su was unfortunately involved with a battle between ability users within the office. Following a constant emergence of ability users, a bigger storm is brewing over the entire city...
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Human Use 3.9

Human Use

Chapter 2

57,636 Mar 03,21 Beijing Night Harbor Culture

In the near future, human science and technology will stagnate, accompanied by the decline of the global economy and civilization. The use of technology by mankind, the redemption method that was once highly anticipated, and the only way to realize human evolution using potential, has now become a costly criminal tool. The 18-year-old Shen Daiyu is the earliest experimental sample to
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Starting From Zero in Doomsday 4

Starting From Zero In Doomsday

Chapter 28

1,006,649 Mar 02,21 博易动漫

When the doomsday arrives, and the world gets dragged into chaos, zombies and monsters start appearing. The Earth gets turned into a game, humans become the lowest in the food pyramid, the prey for all superior beings. After struggling in the doomsday for three years, Kong Zhe returned back to the day doomsday arrived. He discovers that he has his memories of the past, but as time passes by he rea
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Giant Ojou-sama 3.8

Giant Ojou-Sama

Chapter 3

69,273 Feb 21,21 NikukaiQ

I can't believe my ojou-sama is so huge! Fujido Oriko is the buxom young head of the Fujido Zaibatsu, a group that has a monopoly on Japan's vending machine industry. And serving at her side is her personal butler, the eccentric Dr. Sebastion. When a monster suddenly attacks the city, Dr. Sebastion slips his ojou-sama an experimental energy drink his team in R&
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Future break point 4.3

Future Break Point

Chapter 1

19,676 Jan 30,21 布布星球

during the last war , mo feng decide to suicide and die along with the enemies! but he woke up 8 years go , time travelled, he now have the initiative to find out method to win the enemy, can he change the human’s life? will they find the method?
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Elf Droid 4.7

Elf Droid

Chapter 10: Elven Siege

218,232 Feb 14,21 Katou Takuji

A boy, who longed for the legends of Elves, will finally have his dream realised.
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Oz 3.8


Chapter 18

27,428 Mar 15,21 ITSUKI Natsumi

On the 15th of October 1990, World War III breaks out. It only lasts for 40 minutes, but industrial establishments were nearly wiped out by the 1000 megatons of nuclear weapons used in the war. The Earth was then cloaked by in a nuclear winter which lasted for 6 months, and all the grain plants died. Each government fell into anarchy and transport and communication networks could not be restored e
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Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - Shizoku Kaigi-hen 4.6

Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei - Shizoku Kaigi-Hen

Vol.1 Chapter 5: Determination

130,833 Mar 06,21 Satou Tsutomu,Takeda Hazumi

At the Yotsuba New Year's gathering, Miyuki was names as the successor whilst Tatsuya was named her fiancé. Tatsuya and Miyuki's non-sibling relationship and engagement are now public knowledge. Among the shocked students the most shocked are those that knew the siblings. Meanwhile, the Ten Master Clans selection meeting, followed by magicians all over the world, is due to tak
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The Chronicle of Seven Cities 4.5

The Chronicle Of Seven Cities

Chapter 3: Arctic Front, Part ③

18,238 Mar 01,21 Tanaka Yoshiki,Fukuda Ikumi

The story is set in a near-future Earth, in the aftermath of a major disaster that shifts the planet's polar axis 90 degrees, situating the poles along the equatorial line and killing everyone on Earth. A moon-based colony avoids the disaster, and begins recolonizing the depopulated Earth by establishing seven cities in strategic locations. However, to ensure the loyalty of the Earth colony, t
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Kimi Shi ni Tamafu Koto Nakare 4.2

Kimi Shi Ni Tamafu Koto Nakare

Vol.8 Chapter 46

172,882 Jan 20,21 Yoko Taro

In the future, supernatural powers not only exist but have become science fact. The “Special Abilities Private High School” is established in order to utilize students’ powers for the military. Students are roped onto the battlefield without knowing the meaning of the fight, whether it will save their lives…or spell their demise.
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Jungle Juice 4.8

Jungle Juice

Chapter 13

1,084,981 Feb 24,21 형은

The mysterious bug medicine ‘Jungle juice’ made him an insect human. Jang Su-chan, a college student who used to hide his teeth, one day he looked like that. You’ll be seen by everyone, and you’ll be in the insect world. You fight against the weak-kneed logic…
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