Real Man 4.7

Real Man

Chapter 3

9,209 Dec 01,20 도가도

The world’s only one best CEO, Han Yoo Hyun. He leaves everything behind and relives his life!
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The Boys of Summer 3.6

The Boys Of Summer

Chapter 2

1,333 Nov 24,20 박하

33 years have passed since the world filled with zombies. However, a boy named Lee Ji-seung, whose blood can heal zombies, appears. For this, he is worshiped as a guardian angel to his people. Ji Seung, who admires the Zero era (when there were no zombies), is strangely attracted when he is near a man who has just been awakened from his dream and who goes by the name of Jeon Ho-gyeong.
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Virtual Reality Action RPG 4.6

Virtual Reality Action Rpg

Chapter 4

18,725 Nov 26,20 dho080

In the near future, two years since the launch of the Virtual Reality RPG, Mob Saga Online. Even in the game, ‘Jerry’ an outsider is surrounded by danger.
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It Starts with a kingpin account 4.4

It Starts With A Kingpin Account

Chapter 9

91,949 Dec 04,20 Renshan Animation

The sudden crisis brought the earth directly into the OL era, and all mankind was reduced to the palm of unknown forces. Everyone became a first-class trumpet. In the cruel era of the weak and the strong, the high school student Ye Hao could only rise to three. Level, when he was about to die, accidentally opened the king’s account upgrade system, can Ye Hao become the strongest king?
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God Eater 2 4.6

God Eater 2

Chapter 6: Doll Rescue

3,788 Nov 19,20 Katagiri Ikumi

Three years after the event in God Eater Burst, a new fatal pandemic called the Black Plague caused by red rain has struck the Far East area. Members of Special Forces Blood, an affiliate of Fenrir who reside in a mobile base, are sent to assist.
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Mercenary Enrollment 4.9

Mercenary Enrollment

Chapter 9

159,102 Nov 30,20 YC

Yu Ijin was the sole survivor of a plane crash when he was little. After becoming a mercenary to survive for 10 years, he returns to his family in his hometown.
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I Must Be A Good Man 3.5

I Must Be A Good Man

Chapter 7

4,808 Nov 13,20 魔小利

I, Luo Li, the nickname, mad dog, raised 20 or 30 people under my hand, and live by collecting usury, and occasionally go to those noble schools to bully those wealthy children to collect protection fees. In this county seat Here, it can be considered a small celebrity. Who saw me and didn’t call me Gou Ge? As a result, one night… was entangled by a strange loli, and was told that if
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Unparalleled Path ~ Reincarnated as the AI for a Space Battleship ~ 4.5

Unparalleled Path ~ Reincarnated As The Ai For A Space Battleship ~

Chapter 2: Reminiscence Course

13,971 Nov 07,20 Matsuya Daisuki,Ishiguchi Juu

After regaining consciousness, your average high-schooler Asagaya Shin has become an AI for a space battleship. As if that wasn’t enough, the ship has been surrounded by enemies, and he himself has a damaged engine, putting him in a dire situation. The warship commander had already died in combat, and taking the place of the temporary commander is a young girl of t
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Post-apocalyptic Dispatch Company 4.5

Post-Apocalyptic Dispatch Company

Chapter 2

6,469 Nov 23,20 德猫Richard

A failed entrepreneurship! A ten million debt! A betrayal! A girlfriend that ran away! He even landed in a pile of trash/rubbish/garbage when he tried to jump off a building! The unlucky Cao Xiaomeng woke up to find himself surrounded by zombies everywhere! The system activates upon the moment of death! become a post-apocalyptic entrepreneur! The post-apocalyptic dispatch company that hires cute z
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Lifeafter 4.6


Chapter 6

44,087 Nov 14,20 Brownie

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Cigar Holic 3.4

Cigar Holic

Chapter 3: Warning Message

7,633 Oct 28,20 Keiyuu

The manga tells the strange tale of cigarettes in robotic human female form who expel tobacco from their kisses, much like regular cigarettes would. The male main character, who has never kissed anyone before, slowly adjusts his life around his new cigarette girl and newfound "addiction".
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Denjin N 4.6

Denjin N

Chapter 7

19,835 Nov 27,20 Kuraishi Yuu,Inabe Kazu,Kuu Tanaka

Tadahiro Nasu is a downtrodden convenience store worker with nothing to live for but watching VR performances of Misaki Kanzaki, an idol who was once his classmate. Unable to take his oppressive life any longer, he electrocutes himself, only to find that his body has become pure electricity. With his newfound power to manipulate electrical objects, he'll do anything to support Misaki, whether
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Ihou no Oswald 4.1

Ihou No Oswald

Chapter 2: Pursuit Of Sleeping Beauty

4,167 Oct 25,20 OKAZAKI Satono

Year 198X, Puerto Rico. Mamiya Musashi, a boy who dreams of encountering intelligent extraterrestrial life, meets genius maverick Isaki Aira who he entreats to be hired as an assistant. From that encounter begins a story to surpass mankind's intelligence.
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My Own Alien

Chapter 4

787 Oct 23,20 lomcia

The Martian reconnaissance ship crashes on Earth. Anna finds the survivor – Martian Khanashayu
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Galaxy Customer Service Department 4.2

Galaxy Customer Service Department

Chapter 3

2,741 Nov 01,20 Updating

Shen Zhongyi, an ordinary high school student, accidentally discovered that the girl he liked was an alien and also a staff member of the Galaxy Customer Service Department. The department responds to various incidents caused by tourists (aliens living on the earth), and “solve” the problem with the people who now are involved (delete memories, tamper with memories, and even destroy th
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Automaton 4.6


Chapter 5: Thunder

7,314 Oct 21,20 Kurazono Norihiko

Technology leads to a continuous evolution of violence; this age of chaos gave birth to heroes. In a not-too-distant future Japan, Akira, a high school student, has an uncertain future and begins to give up on his dream of studying robotics in college. Meanwhile, Tom Rock, CEO of the global robotics company Rock, Inc., is trying to put into place plans he's had in preparati
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Konchuki 4.3


Chapter 2: Dear Mr. Penis

42,025 Oct 21,20 Murata Shinya,Zunta

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Hello, I Am a Witch, and My Crush Wants Me to Make a Love Potion! 4.7

Hello, I Am A Witch, And My Crush Wants Me To Make A Love Potion!

Chapter 3

20,380 Nov 14,20 Kamada,Eiko Mutsuhana

"I want you to make me a love potion." The “Witch of the Lake” had her heart broken when the object of her one-sided affection requested that she make him a love potion. If that’s the case, then I wish to spend more time with him, even if it’s just up until the preparations for the love potion are complete. That was what I h
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Kimi no Koto Tabeteii? 4.2

Kimi No Koto Tabeteii?

Chapter 3: Mogu Wants To Get Close

22,681 Nov 10,20 NOSHIME Nao

I eat the same things at the same time. Your protagonist Omi Sorasaki is a high school student who's a devotee to the ordinary. But one day, a mysterious and beautiful girl transfers over and says to him "I have something to say to you alone after school." But what happens after is only just the first wave of an assault on all that is ordinary!
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Super Cartesian Theater 4.2

Super Cartesian Theater

Chapter 5: Student Council President

7,722 Oct 31,20 Rikudou Koushi

Okushida Haruru finally gathers the courage to confess to her crush, Hakozaki-kun. But, the moment after, she blacks out. She wakes up in a pilot suit in a cockpit inside Hakozaki-kun's head. What will Haruru do now?
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Rockman Dr Wily's Revenge 3.7

Rockman Dr Wily's Revenge

Vol.1 Chapter 6: Go Beyond Your Power! Go Further!

2,196 Dec 01,20 Ikehara Shigeto

After taking down Dr. Wily's previous attempt at conquering the world, he's back to his old tricks and yet again, it's up to Rockman to foil his plans!
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Amateur E-girl Streaming a Space War 4.8

Amateur E-Girl Streaming A Space War

Chapter 2

2,664 Sep 26,20 Banai,Watanabe Kouzou

On a day just like any other, a giant spaceship suddenly appeared and invaded Earth, obliterating entire cities in the blink of an eye. In the midst of the attacks, Kanna Fujimiya, amateur content creator, rose to fame overnight with her video coverage of the invasion. With her newfound popularity and charms, Kanna continues to cover the war from the front lines, but...!? This
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Iseikai Tensei 4.8

Iseikai Tensei

Chapter 3: Where Memories Lies

33,361 Sep 28,20 Ooyama Sanpo

Noah, the last survivor from Earth, aims for a new universe on the spaceship that was handed down to him by his mother who was a scientist. What he arrives at is a planet where living things possess magic. When he is out doing field work, he meets a girl who proclaims herself as the demon lord's daughter. The cyborg youth will traverse a planet full of mysteries in this ise
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