Aniki ga Koi wo Hirotte Kimashita 4.4

Aniki Ga Koi Wo Hirotte Kimashita

Chapter 3

99,621 Jun 08,20 Hirama Mitsunaga

Even though Makoto is only a middle school student, he’s the one taking care of his airheaded older brother. One day, Makoto arrives home from school to find that his older brother has picked up a suspicious man from the garbage dump and what’s even worst, it seems his brother has fallen in love at first sight with this garbage dump stranger!
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Uragirareta S Rank Boukensha no Ore wa, Aisuru Dorei no Kanojora to Tomoni Dorei dake no Harem Guild o Tsukuru 4.5

Uragirareta S Rank Boukensha No Ore Wa, Aisuru Dorei No Kanojora To Tomoni Dorei Dake No Harem Guild O Tsukuru

Chapter 16: Groping Canopies

3,512,814 Mar 06,21 Hiiragi Saki,Kawada Akio

Egil, an S-rank adventurer who has lived hateful of "slave", falls in love with one slave at a slave auction he was forced to bring. She was Eleanor, the former third princess of the Kingdom of Cornelia. Eleanor, a slave to Egil, begs Egil to "kill my childhood friend who sold me to a slave trader"! !! Keep an eye on the estrus slaves if t
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Kurenai Kitsune no Hatsukoi Zoushi 4.5

Kurenai Kitsune No Hatsukoi Zoushi

Chapter 3

57,553 May 26,20 Toritani Shizu,Hitsuji Sakura

Chiaki inherited the house of his late great uncle, who was a shaman and starts living there. When he finds a mysterious ring and puts it on, he accidentally summons a beautiful demon fox.
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Brutal: Satsujin Kansatsukan no Kokuhaku 4.9

Brutal: Satsujin Kansatsukan No Kokuhaku

Chapter 8: Episode 8

395,154 Oct 13,20 Koga Kei,Izawa Ryo

The manga centers on homicide detective Hiroki Dan, the son of a former police superintendent general, and who seems to be on the fast track to career success. He maintains a hidden identity as a serial killer responsible for more than a hundred murders of people he deems beyond the reach of the law.
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GTO 4.9


Vol.25 Chapter 200.1: We Really Ate It!!

807,741 May 19,20 Fujisawa Tohru

Meet Eikichi Onizuka, a 22-year-old ex-biker. He's crude, foul-mouthed, and has a split-second temper. His unlikely goal: to be the Greatest High School Teacher in the World! Of course, the only reason he wants to be a teacher is so he can try to score with the hot students... Before he can become a full instructor, he's got to work as a student teacher to earn his credentials. Onizu
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Jinki: Extend 4.1

Jinki: Extend

Chapter 4: True Opponent

132,712 Dec 18,20 Tsunashima Shirou

In 1988 an enigmatic explosion which has happened in Venezuela caused some mysterious case called "Lost Life Phenomenon". Indiscriminate murder, mass destruction, vanishing of an entire city... Some who got involved in the case say they saw a giant... Fast forward to 1991 in Japan. This is a story about girls who end up piloting gigantic humanoid weapons called "JINKI" fighting
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Dragon Ball - Full Color Edition 4.5

Dragon Ball - Full Color Edition

Vol.17 Chapter 206: Gohan And Piccolo

1,102,193 Mar 16,21 Toriyama Akira

Digital colored version of Akira Toriyama's original best selling manga
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Schäferhund 3.4


Vol.3 Chapter 20

175,844 Aug 04,20 Hoshi Takashi,Makoto Katayama

This is the fictional story of an all-female German tank squad, which was "lost in the darkness of history," called Schaferhund. They're fierce fighters who don't fear death, and who think of themselves as expendable. They are typically up against the resistance, who will even use children to murder German soldiers. One day, they get a new commander, a young man who values the hu
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Until I Become Me (Pre-serialization) 3.3

Until I Become Me (Pre-Serialization)

Chapter 1

65,266 May 02,20 Hatsuki Satou

A boy who used to be abusive to girls wakes up one day as one. “I'll go back being a boy soon,” he thought, however that was not the case. Follow Akira as he grows and learns little by little to accept the puzzling changing in her surroundings and her heart.
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Realms Of Death 3.6

Realms Of Death

Chapter 7

386,300 May 26,20 Dou zhi wenhua

“Extreme wastelands, monsters raging everywhere, the wicked are dominating this land.” Only the strong can survive on this wasteland. In order to find the most important relatives in his life, the mysterious youngster has decided to embark on this endless journey.”
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The Azure Soul Caster 4.4

The Azure Soul Caster

Chapter 2

156,652 Apr 17,20 Tapas inc

The Four Deities – Qing Long, Zhu Que, Bai Hu, and Xuan Wu – were once the guardians of the world. One day, they were all corrupted by an unknown power, altering their minds and making them begin to destroy the world they had sworn to protect. The sole descendant of Qing Long, named Luo Zi, has decided to search for the source of this unknown power to undo its corruption and restore th
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Return Survival 4.8

Return Survival

Chapter 36

2,615,891 Feb 24,21 Yeonwoosol, 연우솔

Did the world return to six months ago? This is a chance? Or repetition of despair? A catastrophe, a zombie virus that hit the Earth. Three years to survive a devastating and desperate life through dozens of death crises on a ruined planet. Eventually, I couldn’t stand it anymore, and I was hit by a zombie horde and ended up. And … when I opened my eyes again … I was back in th
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Fairy’s Armament 4.5

Fairy’S Armament

Chapter 25

374,389 Jul 07,20 重庆心梦境

Du Ming, a cowardly high school student, gets involved in a super power fight by accident. When the girl with super powers moves in with him, his life goes through a series of crises and misfortunes. What Du Ming gonna do with all this pressure and crisis??
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Only I Shall Be Immortal 4.5

Only I Shall Be Immortal

Chapter 4

734,798 May 25,20 Tang Jia San Shao

In the Heavens or on Earth, only I shall be immortal! In the vast Divine Lands, at the western border, upon the recommendation of his best friend, he began walking on a path he had never thought possible. The Cloudlink Sect, as the ‘Final Path’ of the 7 main sects of the Divine Lands, on their sacred disciple acceptance ceremony that happens once every 5 years, took in a single 5th gen
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Hero And Demon Lord's Soul Passage (Extasis) 4

Hero And Demon Lord's Soul Passage (Extasis)

Chapter 6: The Difference Between A Hero And Demon Lord

345,810 Mar 11,21 GEN

A blessed Hero. A vicious Demon Lord. A common objective. An epic battle between good and evil whose outcome will shape the new era the world will enter has reached its endgame... However, things aren't what they appear to be and plans take an unexpected bend.
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Koi Lemon 4.4

Koi Lemon

Chapter 11

495,910 Dec 19,20 Azuma Tesshin

Description from Triple Seven Scans. Since his childhood Tamaki has had a medical condition; he gets the hives every time he has skin contact with a girl. One day his sister sends him a life-sized doll so he can use it to masturbate, to his surprise it's alive...and it looks exactly like his favorite eroge heroine, Lemon-chan!
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Immortal Devil Emperor 4.4

Immortal Devil Emperor

Chapter 7

219,812 Mar 20,20

Li Yu Lan sold his body to a devil in order to save his sister. But due to his weak body, the devil decided to help him strengthen his body before getting taking his body.
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Remake Toko 3.5

Remake Toko

Chapter 4: Love And Pain (End)

645,832 Jul 06,20 Gyan Dobunezumi

An urban legendary girl, Toko, appears in the mirror or on the smartphone of desperate people and transforms their appearance fulfilling their desires but what is the price to pay for this 'favor'?
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Dragon vessel 4.5

Dragon Vessel

Chapter 49

1,684,583 Apr 18,21 Zen sword (original) + multiplayer lattice

According to the original book of the same name of Zen Sword, in the Kowloon continent, the warrior is respected, and “blood” determines the achievement of life, and the strongest is the dragon blood! Jiang Ting was bullied by his family for his low blood grade. The help he got from his ancestors, with this opportunity, worked hard to train the blood, promote martial arts, and vowed to
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Ranker’s Return 4.8

Ranker’S Return

Chapter 24

8,020,564 Feb 06,21 Yeong biram

The early days of the virtual reality game, Arena. Meleegod was the strongest ranked player! He deleted his character and suddenly left. In order to restore his bankrupt family, he returned to Arena! “Do you want to create a character?”
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Eternal Emperor 4.7

Eternal Emperor

Chapter 19: Who Is Going Too Far?

1,422,674 Jan 16,21 岛上Project

Adapted from the first god mystic best-selling masterpiece “Eternal God of Heaven”. As the first God of War in the heavens, he was betrayed by his beloved one because of his great achievements, he died during the wedding night. One hundred years after that, he was reborn on Nie Tiansheng’s body! Break the sky, go against the heavens, step over all realms! In this life, I want to
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Ominous Liar 4.7

Ominous Liar

Chapter 54

1,420,296 May 17,20 Xian man wen hua

Was that a giant face that floated past the window in the back of the class? How does some self absorbed guy always get a perfect score on the exams? In this world people wield items called ‘Bai Wu’ and they all have powers! Danger is around every corner, as enemies shrouded by shadows, lay in waiting! For the sake of survival we fight!
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Itai no wa Iya nanode Bougyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu Comic Anthology 4.5

Itai No Wa Iya Nanode Bougyo-Ryoku Ni Kyokufuri Shitai To Omoimasu Comic Anthology

Vol.1 Chapter 8: Bofuri In 4Koma By Sawano Akira

780,202 Feb 04,20 Yuumikan, Nanaji Yuuki, Moriwaki Kamin, Eranto, Nakane Nata, Sakurai Makoto, Azuma Kohji, Tanukichi, Sawano Akira

Comic Anthology
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Rouge Anthology 4

Rouge Anthology

Chapter 11: Ogawa-San And I

254,131 Feb 15,20 Takemiya Jin,Kanarashi Works,Ajiichi,Kitao Taki,Canno,Akitsu Nayuko,Tokuwotsumu,Yamamotomamo

An anthology of stories between women.Serie included many short stories: - Many chapters haven't been scanlated yet.
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