Yuri Mekuru Hibi 4.5

Yuri Mekuru Hibi

Chapter 19

225,673 Jun 21,16 Umitsuki Reona

A chance meeting blossomed to love between two girls. But it’s quite a peculiar couple: Sayuri is ordinary in every way, while her love interest, Yoriko, is a refined lady who seems to be completely lacking in common sense. Graceful attraction between two very different personalities, a sweet and slightly dazzling love story.
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Wanko Number One 4.6

Wanko Number One


262,032 Jan 20,16 Tamakoshi Hiroyuki

Just after being dumped by his girlfriend for being wishy-washy, our hero meets a high-school girl... with dog ears? Is she a dog? A human? She's wide open, rather naive, and with her around, it's just one crazy day after another. Romantic comedy author Hiroyuki Tamakoshi, author of "Boys Be", brings us the unlikely love story of a hopeless office worker and the extraordinarily beautiful girl
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Bakeneko OL Tamami-san - Omoi Tsuzukete Nanadaime 4.2

Bakeneko Ol Tamami-San - Omoi Tsuzukete Nanadaime

Vol.1 Chapter 14 : That's Not How It Was, Nyaa... [End]

99,747 Jan 20,16 Sasaki Takashi

Tamami-san is a bakeneko, an immortal cat-human, seeking revenge on all the descendants, to the seventh generation, of the man who scarred her for life. But to hunt down those descendants, she needs money. For money, she needs a job. Days in the office, nights out hunting. No wonder she can't stay awake!
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Takidani Koukou Manga Club 4.8

Takidani Koukou Manga Club

Ch.2 : Viewing The Sky From The Bottom Of The Well

53,893 Jan 20,16 Maybe

Masaki Masamichi has his heart set on joining the legendary manga club of Takidani High School. After all of his effort to get into Takidani High School and prepare for his club entrance, he finds out that a horrible change has happened to the club of which he dreamed. How will he cope with the disappointment of learning that his long-awaited club life consists of drawing ero-manga? [tethysdust]
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Daga ga Tame ni Hagane wa Naru 5

Daga Ga Tame Ni Hagane Wa Naru

Chapter 6 : Epilogue [End]

65,151 Jan 20,16 Amano Taka

A gullible girl, a troubled adult, and the God that watches over them... The heartwarming chronicle of growth between the three of them as their daily lives entwine. The young adopted Mi-Chan, confused by a town she is not used to, encounters the adult blacksmith craftsman, Ken, and the smithy’s God, Kitsune. This encounter will help her heart grow. Though, this growth will also become the flam
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Toriko no Onnanoko (15 Sai) 4.3

Toriko No Onnanoko (15 Sai)


98,476 Jan 20,16 Nakajima Chizuna

A girl named Iwase Maho moves in with a family friend to make the commute to her high school easier, but something is off about her...
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Elegy for the Errors of Cooking 5

Elegy For The Errors Of Cooking

Ch.1 : Oneshot

35,500 Jan 20,16 Fujisawa Tohru

Hikaru Onuki is a 22 year old girl whose hobby is to cook homemade cuisine in order to find a boyfriend. But for some reason, no matter how hard she tries, she is unable to find one.
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Naa-tan to Goshujin-tama 4.5

Naa-Tan To Goshujin-Tama

Ch.1 : Oneshot

76,782 Jan 20,16 Mori Taishi

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Nekomichi 5


Chapter 13 : 13-17 + Extra (End)

104,116 Jan 20,16 Iwaoka Hisae

A collection of sweet, realistic tales about the everyday lives of various cats and the people who come to associate them.
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Studio Salty 4.6

Studio Salty


168,090 Jan 20,16 Omyo

View the delightful everyday life of a sitcom consisting of NEET, college applicants, couch potatoes, and a Korean who acts like a foreigner.
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Shin Angyo Onshi 4.7

Shin Angyo Onshi

Vol.7 Chapter 82

671,974 Jan 20,16 Youn In-wan

From etc: Based on historical setting of Korea during the Josun Age. Long ago, in Jushin, secret royal inspectors named "Angyo Onshi" wandered the country and restored the order. But now that Jushin is destroyed, only one is still wandering...
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Filament 5


Vol.1 Chapter 11 [V3] [End] : Mushishi

117,652 Jan 02,18 Urushibara Yuki

Includes: She Got Off the Bus at the Peninsula: Mitsuko Kunizaki has inherited a small grocery store from her grandmother. Being a single mother to a little boy, she intends to close it down and move on with life. However, in the solitary store that sits next to the last bus stop at the tip of a peninsula lie some long-buried memories that slowly reemerge as Mitsuko arrives at what used to be he
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The Super Delicious Restaurant Kirishima 4.8

The Super Delicious Restaurant Kirishima

Ch.100 : Bitter Udon

63,223 Jan 20,16 Seo Kouji

Oneshot for Young Magazine the 3rd.
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Namida no Tantanmen 4.8

Namida No Tantanmen


34,843 Jan 20,16 Takahashi Tsutomu

A jaded young woman finds solace at a Chinese restaurant.
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Scarlet Order - Dance in the Vampire Bund 2 4.7

Scarlet Order - Dance In The Vampire Bund 2

Vol.4 Ch.17 : Scarlet Order

335,338 Jan 20,16 Tamaki Nozomu

Adapted from Seven Seas' summary: Seven years have passed since Mina Țepeș' triumphant return to the Bund. The year is now 2020; integration of vampires into human society has greatly progressed, the threat from the three clans has been eliminated, her rule over vampiric society appears absolute, and the Bund has became an integral part of the world economy. Now Tokyo is hosting the Summer O
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Watashi to Ren'ai Shiyo! 5

Watashi To Ren'ai Shiyo!

Ch.0 : Oneshot

33,837 Jan 20,16 Koro

A freeter happily moves into a cheap single-person apartment, only to discover that there is a girl already living there - who proposes to him on the spot?!
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Re:Marina 4.5



1,036,798 Jan 20,16 Harada Shigemitsu

Rinosuke's useless and vagrant father is now dead. Now, at the age of 16, he is completely alone and will have to quit school to make ends meet. On the night his father dies, a naked woman with large breasts falls from the sky and lands on top of him. She introduces herself as Sakamoto Marina, the future wife of the future Rinosuke. She states that she used a time machine to come back to the past,
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The Voynich Hotel 4.7

The Voynich Hotel

Vol.2 Ch.68.1 : Omake

1,026,044 Jan 20,16 Douman Seiman

A young man comes to live on a small island in the south seas, and resides in a hotel that is far from ordinary – which matches the guests and staff…
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Tsumi to Batsu - A Falsified Romance 4.3

Tsumi To Batsu - A Falsified Romance

Vol.9 Ch.93

734,729 Jan 20,16 Ochiai Naoyuki

Miroku Tachi was a promising student until he dropped out of college. Now, after months spent as a NEET, he has hatched a plan to help his sister, himself, and the whole world... by murdering someone. Based on Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, but in a modern-day Japanese setting.
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Kanpeki na Kanojo 4.1

Kanpeki Na Kanojo

Vol.6 Chapter 36 V2 : [End]

359,828 Dec 28,17 Akizuki Wataru

Suwa is perfect. She has perfect grades, perfect looks and is the idol of everyone at her school. However this "perfection" has created an odd distance between her and her fellow classmates. That is except for Takeda, the boy who sits in front of her in class. It seems Takeda is the only person that is able to speak to Suwa normally and much to her chagrin he is starting to think she is not all th
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Scary Manju of the Dead 5

Scary Manju Of The Dead

Ch.1 : Oneshot

37,345 Jan 20,16 Douman Seiman

A strange night in Edo unfolds...
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Gyakuten Saiban 4.9

Gyakuten Saiban

Vol.1 Chapter 6 : Turnabout Crossover

85,266 Jan 20,16 Kuroda Kenji

Manga based on the hit videogame series by Capcom. Volume 1: Chapter 1 - Turnabout in the Wind: In a semi-ambiguous timeline, Phoenix has to defend his friend Larry once again in a murder trial. Chapter 2 - Turnabout Gallows (part 1) Phoenix is invited to the home of a rich computer company president, and asked to defend the man in court, accused of killing his employee. Chapter 3 - Turnabout Gall
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Stretch 5


Vol.3 Chapter Extra

359,261 Apr 17,16 Higashiyama Shou

Komatsu Keiko and Saeki Ran are roommates. The kouhai, Ran, is studying to become a doctor and introduces Keiko to stretching. This is their everyday life and how they implement stretching within their lives.
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Hen 3.3


Vol.8 Chapter 94: The Realization Of A Great Ambition

901,868 Feb 04,19 Oku Hiroya

Chizuru Yoshida is not your typical high schooler and she's all too aware of it! She has a talent with getting what she wants from her male lovers and often comes across as cold and manipulative... In truth, despite her experiences with guys, she has never been in love. That's until the fateful arrival of newly-trasferred student, Azumi Yamada, at her school. It was love at first sight for Chiz
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