Kuuden no Himegimi 4.4

Kuuden No Himegimi

Vol.2 Chapter 16: Track 16 - Sliding Gear

157,589 Jul 28,20 Toume Kei

The continuation of Kuuden Noise no Himegimi. Hosaka Mao's never stood out. Her father's a washed-up rock-and-roller. Her hair reminds people of Pippi Longstocking. She's nowhere near the in-crowd. The arrival of long-haired beauty Hasekura Yokiko changes everything... --- ["Kuuden Noise no Himegimi" was originally s
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Daybreak: The Crossdressing Female Magician and the Golden Knight 4.8

Daybreak: The Crossdressing Female Magician And The Golden Knight

Chapter 3

250,995 Jul 27,20 Momoka Inujima,Akeno Tawa,Suzunosuke

“Do you wanna make a bet?” Halka, a female magician pretending to be a man, saved a knight who was dying on the battlefield. When Halka, who had chipped away at her own life to use healing magic, awoke, the beautiful knight whom she saved said, “I want you to accept this as proof of winning our bet,” and forced her to enter a master-servant contract with him……
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Life is Full of Good-byes 5

Life Is Full Of Good-Byes

Chapter 7: Life Of A Flower [End]

8,692 Jul 27,20 Uchida Minoru

Short stories all centering around farewells in life. Story 1, "Sister's Departure" A boy has mixed feelings about his older sister moving out to live with her recently wed husband in Tokyo. Story 2, "Pareidolia at Dawn" Hakushio is a succubus who resides in a forest. Hakushio is perplexed by Niwa, who has no heart and wants to know what love is. Story 3, "Spring, a St
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Choukadou Girls 4.7

Choukadou Girls

Chapter 5

107,425 Jul 26,20 Oyster

A moving girl figure are back. A love comedy of the everyday feeling that a super-movable girl wraps around a nerdy boy, Haruto!!
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Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou 4.9

Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou

Vol.6 Chapter 43.5: Bd Bonus Chapter

1,009,095 Jul 25,20 Tsukumizu

The everyday life of two girls in a post-apocalyptic world.
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Hayashitate Matsuri♪ 4.4

Hayashitate Matsuri♪

Chapter 8

75,735 Jul 24,20 Donten Kosaka

Sakura Sanami, a newbie from the newspaper club, was deeply moved when she listened to a musical performance during an interview with Ryukoku Iwao. And in order to really be able to get that excitement she felt across to everyone she decided to...start playing it herself? A 4-koma slice-of-life manga about traditional Japanese festival bands and the music they play.
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I Had That Same Dream Again 4.9

I Had That Same Dream Again

Vol.3 Chapter 12: My Happiness

266,172 Jul 24,20 Kirihara Idumi, Sumino Yoru

The story centers on grade schooler Nanoka Koyanagi, who meets a short-tailed cat and three different women as she is out taking a walk. The first woman is Minami, a high schooler whom Nanoka sees has many wounds on her wrist. The second woman is another high schooler, constantly called a "whore" by her classmates. The third woman is an old lady, trying to live out her twilight years
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Noumin Kanren no Skill bakka Agetetara Naze ka Tsuyoku Natta 4.6

Noumin Kanren No Skill Bakka Agetetara Naze Ka Tsuyoku Natta

Chapter 19

6,035,671 Jul 24,20 Shobonnu, Sogawa, Aki Taruto

To live from bottom-class to top-class farmer, our protagonist Aru Wayn levelled up his agricultural skills, and sometimes his other skills leveled up as well by helping out his friends. One day, when his last skill level hit MAX, his life changes. "I want to live as a normal farmer!!"
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The Hard 4.4

The Hard

Chapter 13: 51

137,672 Jul 24,20 Saruwatari Tetsuya

M60-toting Kenji Hado, known as "the Hard", pays his divorce bills by working in the US as a bounty hunter. Masseria, a ruthless and ambitious mafia boss, targets his family - starting with the Hard's father-in-law, a Don in the NY mafia. Hard's aim, while poor when sober, becomes extremely accurate when drunk! The short story N.Y. Dust, in volume 12 of Riki-Oh, was the prototype for The Hard. An
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2001 Nights 4.9

2001 Nights

Vol.3 Chapter 19: Children Of The Earth

111,465 Jul 23,20 Hoshino Yukinobu

A collection of short stories that look to mankind's exploration of space, and examine the possibilities that we could face when we decide to take those first fateful steps into the unknown.
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Grancrest Senki 4.6

Grancrest Senki

Chapter 48

3,122,501 Jul 21,20 Mizuno Ryou, Miyuu, Yotsuba Makoto

On a continent ruled by chaos, the Lords have the power of a holy seal that can calm the chaos and protect the people. However, before anyone realizes it, the rulers cast aside their creed of purifying the chaos, and instead start to fight each other for each others' holy seals to gain dominion over one another. Shiruka, an isolated mage who scorns the Lords for abandoning their creed, and a w
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Hakaima Sadamitsu 4.2

Hakaima Sadamitsu

Vol.4 Chapter 19: Corne

218,104 Jul 21,20 AKAHIRA Masahiko

Tsubaki Sadamitsu is a young punk and Leader of the Corpse Gang who, after a chance encounter with an alien robot, is forced to take up the task of capturing rukeitai (intergalactic criminals). His job is made harder with the appearance of the Vulture, a last ditch effort to keep the rukeitai under control.
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Moonlight Sculptor 4-koma 3.5

Moonlight Sculptor 4-Koma

Chapter 160: His Job?

1,206,812 Jul 20,20 Kang Ryung,Lee Do-gyung,Nam Heesung

A comedic 4-panel manwha adaptation of the Moonlight Sculptor webtoon, which is based on the popular light novel by Nam Hee-sung.
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Watashitachi wa Koi wo Shiranai 4.8

Watashitachi Wa Koi Wo Shiranai

Chapter : Twitter Extra July 2020

3,224,569 Jul 20,20 Akiba Ruiki

It's the fall of the first year of high school. After changing seats, Yuki Amano and Hayato Kuga became seat partners. Kuga attempts to get the silent Amano to open up, but she does not even show a smile. Meanwhile, Amano also starts to show interest in the airhead Kuga. They've fallen in love, but they have yet to realize their feelings. The heart pounding love comedy begins!
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Dangerous Female Teacher 4.2

Dangerous Female Teacher

Chapter 6: Body Restriction

16,469 Jul 20,20 Paja

Shijou Yukari, a substitute chemistry teacher in the school. With her numerous inventions include pharmaceuticals, apparatus, etc. she satisfy many students' wish, however, when people abuse these inventions, things always end horribly...
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Mushikago no Cagaster 4.7

Mushikago No Cagaster

Vol.5 Chapter 16

954,722 Jul 19,20 HASHIMOTO Kachou

At the end of the twenty-first century, a rare disease named "Cagaster" began infecting the human race — transforming them into massive insects. Two-thirds of Earth's population had been devoured by these insects before humanity came to a decision: those that were infected must be exterminated. In the year 2125 — thirty years after the discovery of Cagaster — a young exterminator named Kidou fi
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Every Minute Ends 4.8

Every Minute Ends

Vol.0 Chapter 12: Chapter 8.1

325,095 Jul 18,20 Adrian Johnven E. Sonido, John Mark Arce

The world changed drastically, the peace that once was alive is now buried under the facade of death and silence. After the first surge, came the carnage and beings of unknown, a creature caused the destruction of mankind. From there comes the new era of catastrophe where death means grace, Living means suffering, dessert filled with water, grassland covered by rocks, mountain underneath the ocean
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Guilty Gear Xtra 4.9

Guilty Gear Xtra

Vol.1 Chapter 10: The Power That Chooses

124,017 Jul 18,20 Ishiwatari Daisuke, Kaihou Norimitsu, Sumii Akihito

A war between Humans and Magi-tech organic weapons Called "Gears." Features seven characters from the game series.
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Hawkwood 4.6


Vol.7 Chapter 42: A Battle Of Kings

1,358,721 Jul 15,20 Tommy Ohtsuka

The story takes place in the 14th century during the 100 years war between France and Great Britain.
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Kamen Rider Spirits 4.7

Kamen Rider Spirits

Vol.16 Chapter 96: Double-Headed Fang

758,277 Jul 15,20 Ishinomori Shotaro

A lonely and bleak-spirited police officer named Taki Kazuya works in America, though the fires that once drove him seem to have burnt out. A supernatural attack on children - his friends - revives the fire that once burned brightly within! Together with the help of Kamen Rider 1, Hongo Takeshi, he drives off the threat. However, he learns that there is a greater threat looming on the horizon and
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Dansei Kyoufushou datta Watashi ga AV Jouyu ni Naru made no Hanashi 4.4

Dansei Kyoufushou Datta Watashi Ga Av Jouyu Ni Naru Made No Hanashi

Chapter 7.5: Friend

181,538 Jul 15,20 NONOHARA Nazuna

Nazuna Nonohara, a porn actresses with androphobia. This manga revolves around Nazuna's past, and the tragedy that she experienced. The manga is based on the author's personal experiences.
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Kui Tan 4.4

Kui Tan

Chapter 17: Devour Nagasaki Cuisine!

130,733 Jul 15,20 Terasawa Daisuke

"Holmes Agency” is a private detective office known as the ";Big-Eating” Detective Office. Seiya Takano, who is known for have a huge appetite, gets assigned to this office as the new leader. Ryosuke Noda and Ryoko Izumi, both also having a big appetite work under Seiya. Murder, robbery, and kidnapping - many incidents occur around them. And the three solve each of the many cases in a most surpris
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Offal Island 4.1

Offal Island

Chapter 30: Epilogue

688,335 Jul 15,20 Masaya Hokazono

Up and coming mixed raced glamour model Alice accepts the job of a lifetime for a fashion shoot on an Island unlike any other. Along with her cohorts she must survive the freaks that terrorize them!
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The Blue Eye of Horus 4.6

The Blue Eye Of Horus

Chapter 16: The Song Of The Harvest

897,294 Jul 15,20 INUDOH Chie

This manga tells the story of Hatshepsut, a woman who reigned successfully over Egypt for many years. The story begins when she is a young woman, marrying her half-brother Thutmose II and thus ensuring his rise to Pharaoh. Hatshepsut is a woman with a strong will, who is not going to accept the restrictions others might try to place on her as a woman.
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