Delicious Scandal 4.6

Delicious Scandal

Chapter 9

32,288 Sep 23,20 Lim Solee

Kim Ro Sa has long dreamed of being a singer and finally her dream came true. However, her career did not go as smoothly as expected. Until one day, she met Chef Ian, who turned out to be a judge of the survival cooking event she had attended.
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Shen Yi Di Nu 4.7

Shen Yi Di Nu

Chapter 328.5

23,629,848 Sep 23,20 Ping Ping Jun,Yang Shi Liu

Passing to another world at the sound of duang, divine doctor in both Chinese and western medicine Feng YuHeng became the abused first wife's daughter of Da Shun Dynasty at the fraction of a minute. Wanting to kill me, one scalpel will cause you hemiplegia? Fighting with me? Carrying the pharmacy, holding fame and profit, even the Emperor worms his way into being friends with me! But what is the c
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Contract Concubine 4.7

Contract Concubine

Chapter 56

2,002,727 Sep 23,20 Rejong,Red Witch,Babgukk (Rice Stew)

One day, Yesuh, a famous assassin, receives a strange request from a suspicious man. She's never received such a ridiculous request before, but after hearing how much the odd man was willing to pay, she decides to bite the bullet and take on the request. However, upon starting the mission, Yesuh is shocked to find out that her suspicious employer is actually--?!
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The Villainess Want to Marry a Commoner 4.9

The Villainess Want To Marry A Commoner

Chapter 12

1,356,077 Sep 23,20 Anzutei Riko

Love Interests? More like NOT interested! Gimme that cute commoner NPC! After reincarnating, I found myself as the Villainess in an Otome game I often played in my past life, the world of “Love☆Magical”?! Although I reincarnated as the Villainess Isabella…having memories of my past life, if I let the scenario play out as it did in the game, I’d be going
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Descent Of A Goddess 3.6

Descent Of A Goddess

Chapter 113

1,882,585 Sep 23,20 Yaongyi

A high school girl who rises to pretty girl fame in her school after she masters the art of make-up via Youtube.
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The Justice of Villainous Woman 4.7

The Justice Of Villainous Woman

Chapter 106

7,474,844 Sep 23,20 Sola

The day I lost my boyfriend to my best friend, I fell into the Han River by mistake. And when I woke up, I became a famous duke's daughter named Chartiana Altizer Cailon - who's known as the villain!? "I've already chosen my empress, and you're just pawn." "I will be the empress of the Empire." My fate was also determined the momen
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It’s not easy to bully my mother 4.5

It’S Not Easy To Bully My Mother

Chapter 16

45,812 Sep 23,20 Updating

It’s not easy to bully my motherWhen I wake up, I like to be a mother, earn money to raise a baby and find a father. I’m not afraid that the scumbag is the Sea King, I am afraid that Baoma is a gangster! Dad, can you sing little star? will not? Eunuch, next one. It’s not easy to bully my mother is manhua from please read only our website and support for us! thank you
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Uncle Cool 4.8

Uncle Cool

Chapter 66

2,735,823 Sep 23,20 Homer

A dramatic, hilarious and timid girl caught the eye of a grim looking man. She keeps her cool despite being frightened. On the other hand, this man actually has a completely different side of him! Let's witness as this hilarious love story unfolds between two distinctly different characters.
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The Villainess Wants to Marry a Commoner!! 4.9

The Villainess Wants To Marry A Commoner!!

Vol.3 Chapter 12

776,486 Sep 23,20 Anzutei Riko

Love Interests? More like NOT interested! Gimme that cute commoner NPC! After reincarnating, I found myself as the Villainess in an Otome game I often played in my past life, the world of “Love☆Magical”?! Although I reincarnated as the Villainess Isabella…having memories of my past life, if I let the scenario play out as it did in the game, I’d be
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Yue Chen Yin 4.9

Yue Chen Yin

Chapter 2: It's Difficult To Disobey The Emperor's Command

73,620 Sep 23,20 Fei Qing,Yan Xue Fan Tuan

She is the reincarnation of the Sea Dragon’s daughter, born with extraordinary wisdom and talent. Yet because she was born in troubled times, suffered tragedy and became an orphan. After ten years of grinding, she finally cultivated an exceptional set of martial arts. With XiaoHun sword in hand, she begins a journey to seek revenge, even disguising as a man to enter court. At first, revenge
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Kareshi no Koto ga Suki Sugite Kyou mo Zenryoku de Ikiru!!! 4.8

Kareshi No Koto Ga Suki Sugite Kyou Mo Zenryoku De Ikiru!!!

Chapter 2

5,280 Sep 23,20 Merori,Fukasawa Neji

I love my boyfriend so much I'll tell the entire nation. I will love him as long as I live. Boasting? No, just fangirling. An enjoyable love comedy about the boyfriend-otaku who becomes crazy for her cool boyfriend as she showers him with love! An autobiography, pulled from the tweets of a popular twitter user (Merori) that have also been co
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Isekai de Shippai Shinai 100 no Houhou 4.5

Isekai De Shippai Shinai 100 No Houhou

Chapter 9

533,114 Sep 23,20 Akino Kisara,Chigusa Aokura

To Chie Souma, a female college student, every day feels depressing when she has no luck with job hunting. She’d much rather end up in an alternate universe, just like in her beloved tripping into another world novels...... Just as she was dreaming of escaping this reality, one day she actually trips into another world! It might be too dangerous in a female body to survive in this world. Chi
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Pharaoh's First Favorite Queen 3.1

Pharaoh's First Favorite Queen

Chapter 43

269,235 Sep 23,20 Xian yu wenhua

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Dazzling Prince! 4.8

Dazzling Prince!

Chapter 7

768,004 Sep 23,20 Tohko Yamaha,Rihito Mitsuki,Iyutani

The young lady Lina originally comes from the wealthy count Randall’s family line. However, because of the bad weather that resulted in bad crops and because of her good-natured father, the family ended up being severely swindled. She quickly fell and became a poverty-stricken young lady. But then one day Lina is forced to participate in the evening party to decide the fiancée of the third p
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Ebony 4.8


Chapter 47

3,075,973 Sep 23,20 REDICE studio,Jaiya,Naida

“Be quiet. Shut up and live like the dead”. Ebony Vonieck is a convicted felon for the murder of her fiance and father. While waiting for her execution in prison, she is suddenly released from her hell when she is informed that the Archduke of Schneider Castle is waiting for her. Expecting her life to become a living hell, what awaits her instead is a household of warm emp
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Latent Blue 4.4

Latent Blue

Chapter 28

478,321 Sep 23,20 ceci

In this remote seaside town, different people meet with their own confusions and misgivings. In the face of the deep blue sea, everyone can find their own answers. The Deep Blue journey of scuba diving and ordinary youth begins!
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Love Is Full of Thorns 4.2

Love Is Full Of Thorns

Chapter 30

59,248 Sep 23,20 Zhang yue keji

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A Girl Like A Pilgrim 4.3

A Girl Like A Pilgrim

Vol.2 Chapter 13: Like Dessert, There Is Always Room For More Jealousy

244,971 Sep 23,20 Shiori Nishio

Aiko moved to Tokyo out of an adoration for Shinonome Shion, a mangaka whose work touched her so greatly that she reveres them like a god. What she doesn't know is that Mao, her lonely, gloomy next-door neighbor, is actually Shinonome-sensei herself. Their complicated relationship grows deeper as Mao tries to keep her identity a secret while struggling with the pedestal that Aiko has unknowing
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Tsuki no Oki ni Mesu mama 4.8

Tsuki No Oki Ni Mesu Mama

Vol.3 Chapter 22

437,839 Sep 22,20 Kiuchi Ramune

In middle school, Ayumu kept getting teased and pranked by Runa, even though he's a year below her. Now that she's in her second year of high school, she's ready to be the experienced senpai for the incoming freshman Runa.
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Emp's Contracted Ex 3.2

Emp's Contracted Ex

Chapter 59

155,902 Sep 22,20 FanCiYuan

Her fiancé died on the wedding day. The person of interest was someone called “night.” To discover the truth, she signed away her freedom to her ex, who promised to pull strings for her. However, things were way more complicated than she thought…MangaToon got authorization from Fanciyuan to publish this manga, the content is the author’s own point of view, and does not rep
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Shitsuji-tachi no Chinmoku (SAKURADA Hina) 4.6

Shitsuji-Tachi No Chinmoku (Sakurada Hina)

Vol.6 Chapter 21

893,014 Sep 22,20 Sakurada Hina

From Chibi Manga: A noble's daughter, Kyouka, picked up a man long time ago. The man is beautiful, but he is unkempt. He has somehow become her butler, but he must not commit this crime towards 'his lady'
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What should I do if I am tempted? 3.1

What Should I Do If I Am Tempted?

Chapter 105

520,239 Sep 22,20 Dajiaochong

A memory-lost girl works in a coffee shop with all other mysterious young men to help people realize their wishes.
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Aishitagari no Maison 4.6

Aishitagari No Maison

Chapter 1

627 Sep 22,20 Satonaka Mika

A Girl enters a dormitory founded by a researcher where you receive 100 million yen by forming a couple with someone in a year.
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Vampire Chef 4.4

Vampire Chef

Chapter 48

531,395 Sep 22,20 Kim Star,Seohyun

A sweet romance between a tired office woman and a dangerous vampire chef who works hard to try and drink her delicious blood. "I want to taste you again." In Itaewon, there is a very popular unnamed restaurant assumed to have a taste that no human can make. Hong Ki Joon, the owner and chef, is not really a human! He is a half-vampire born from a hu
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