Shinyuu Ouji to Koshiginchaku 4

Shinyuu Ouji To Koshiginchaku

Chapter 1: You're The Only One

669 Dec 05,20 Ryuusei Honey,Magome Yori

I was cursed to become a woman in place of the prince, and then he proposed to me?! My best friend from childhood, the high-spec Prince Vincent, and me, his follower Renoa. Though I've always been a loyal yes-man… Even if you're taking responsibility for me, I can't accept that proposal! The infatuating love story between a troublesome prince and his scapegoat attendant!
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Lady to Queen 4.7

Lady To Queen

Chapter 50 - Are You Avoiding Me?

1,855,294 Dec 05,20 Kim so Hyun

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My 1/4 Boyfriends 3

My 1/4 Boyfriends

Chapter 115: No One Can Harm You

936,207 Dec 05,20 Two Cats (两只猫)

What would the experience of being simultaneously chased by 4 god-like men with weird personalities be like? An ordinary high-school girl, Mo Li, is confessed to by 4 unfamiliar men. When she finally pulls herself together, she finds that these 4 'unfamiliar' men have unexpectedly integrated themselves into her life somehow. So then how will she make her dec
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Secret Love 4.7

Secret Love

Chapter 37

4,041,610 Dec 05,20 吉川流

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Mob Old Man Has Become The Heroine Of The Otome Game 2.9

Mob Old Man Has Become The Heroine Of The Otome Game

Chapter 1

670 Dec 05,20 Momichika

This is a story about a mob ojisan who, one day, suddenly becomes the heroine of an otome game. TL/N: Mob in this case means NPC instead of gangster
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Sekai de Ichiban Itaranu Koi 4.8

Sekai De Ichiban Itaranu Koi

Chapter 1

435 Dec 05,20 Kitagawa Yuka

Despite being very pretty, 15-year-old Mirai-chan doesn't have any friends due to her pessimistic personality. Tooru-kun is very handsome, elegant, and bright but he doesn't even have a friend, but is it because of his social status? They both want friendship but since it is the first time for them, will it be the beginning of the most immature love in the world?
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The Justice of Villainous Woman 4.7

The Justice Of Villainous Woman

Chapter 125

9,317,408 Dec 05,20 Sola

The day I lost my boyfriend to my best friend, I fell into the Han River by mistake. And when I woke up, I became a famous duke's daughter named Chartiana Altizer Cailon - who's known as the villain!? "I've already chosen my empress, and you're just pawn." "I will be the empress of the Empire." My fate was also determined the momen
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Crimson Karma 4.8

Crimson Karma

Chapter 67

3,869,709 Dec 05,20 Lemonfrog, emongeguri

Kasiya Del Roman is a soldier crafted to become an assassin. She lost her human emotions long ago and lived her life as a simple tool, just to be thrown away in her final moments. She couldn’t even die a proper death as she opened her eyes to a battlefield of a different world. Will she live the same life she did in her original world
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The Goddess of Healing 4.7

The Goddess Of Healing

Chapter 67: Evening Out

1,759,887 Dec 05,20 Hu Qi

The daughter-in-law of the Guanjia family, after getting accused of something she never did by her step-sister she is executed. After her death, she is reincarnated to Fanghua's year. Follow the path of MC's re-life!!
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Hayaku Shitai Futari 4.8

Hayaku Shitai Futari

Chapter 7

54,072 Dec 05,20 Kusaka Aki

Yuuri and Keiichirou fell in love as they shared the same route to neighboring high schools every day. But it turns out Keiichirou comes from a prestigious family where his father and grandfather were both prime ministers. The family rules strictly forbids him from having any inappropriate relations with a woman until he turns 18. Can he resist Yuuri's flirting?
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Miniamaru Kareshi 4.5

Miniamaru Kareshi

Vol.3 Chapter 16

736,101 Dec 05,20 Mizuki Hoshino

Iroha Aoyagi is a normal 16 year old girl, except, she's never fallen in love. She suspects there might be something wrong with her; until she meets her classmate Kusakabe-kun who seems well-versed and cynical about matters of love. Will Iroha be able to handle someone like Kusakabe-kun?
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Valentine Kiss 4.7

Valentine Kiss

Chapter 49

877,716 Dec 04,20 Lee Yousu,Kim Hyesung

God's disciple, Valentine, meddled with the human world out of sympathy. Angered, God punished Valentine to experience nine miserable human lives. Finally, reaching the ninth life, Valentine will soon find out that this ninth life will be just as hard. However, throughout this harsh destiny, the romance between them continues to blossom.
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Love Is Full of Thorns 4.3

Love Is Full Of Thorns

Chapter 64

163,899 Dec 04,20 Zhang yue keji

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Pharaoh's First Favorite Queen 3.3

Pharaoh's First Favorite Queen

Chapter 62

427,032 Dec 04,20 Xian yu wenhua

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Why Are You Doing This, Duke? 4.5

Why Are You Doing This, Duke?

Chapter 87

7,963,127 Dec 04,20 Eddy, Half-moon Ring

“My sweet songbird– my eternal love– Don’t make such a sad face. When my little songbird gets sad, it feels like my entire world is raining.” The Duke, known to many as the grim reaper, “Rowan Peruka”. He, the very person who was about to chop off my head last month, managed to become my husband?! He took me in not as a
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Lost Princess 4.1

Lost Princess

Chapter 51

391,860 Dec 04,20 Katino

For as long as Olga can remember, she’s dreamed of setting sail and chasing down the hidden treasure that her father always told her about. But after her father and older brother go missing at sea, that dream seems like it too will be lost forever. That is, until pirates charge into her quiet English village, turning everything upside down! Now with a rag-tag team of sailors, can Olga fin
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I’m the Male Lead’s Girl Friend 4.7

I’M The Male Lead’S Girl Friend

Chapter 11

251,588 Dec 04,20 류희온

I’m the Male Lead’s “Girl” FriendI was poor and with no one looking out for me, so I was struggling financially. Because of this, I had trouble adjusting to school as well.My only hobby was reading a fantasy web novel <The Fake Lovers of the Academy> and imagining that I could become the main character of it. One day, after falling asleep and imagining this as usual&h
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Tensei-saki de Suterareta Node, Mofumofu-tachi to Oryouri Shimasu 4.7

Tensei-Saki De Suterareta Node, Mofumofu-Tachi To Oryouri Shimasu

Chapter 5

93,969 Dec 04,20 Sakurai Yuu,Monitsunanoni

At the very moment the Prince cancels their engagement, the Duke's daughter, Letícia Gramwell, recalls her former life as a culinary lover. Much as she hates being run out of her own country, the abandoned Crown Princess resolves to go to the kingdom next door, spending her days in the royal palace with the king, surrounded by fluffiness!  But one day, after meeting and feeding a beautifu
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The Tyrant's First Love 4.7

The Tyrant's First Love

Chapter 43

3,068,769 Dec 04,20 Kim Su-oh

‘Tia’ is a woman who has lost her memory. While tirelessly toiling away as a maid at Baron Noll’s manor, Tia is suddenly kidnapped by Emperor ‘Kaizer’ “Do you know who you are?” was the question this peculiar man asked her soon as they met. ‘Kaizer&rsquo
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Ugly Woman’s Harem Code 4.1

Ugly Woman’S Harem Code

Chapter 143.5

6,044,143 Dec 04,20 丑女的后宫法则, Zhiyin manke

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Miao Shou Xian Dan 4.4

Miao Shou Xian Dan

Chapter 112

10,871,987 Dec 04,20 Yu Qi Lin

e path to becoming an immortal (cultivation) of a unparalleled girl with strange powers...... Although it's a shoujo manhua, there is no lack of fighting elements. With myself liking shounen manhua content, neither romance nor adventure is neglected. A round of applause please for the handsome guys and beautiful girls that are about to appear! Source:
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Anadorenai Ne Kitami-kun 4.6

Anadorenai Ne Kitami-Kun

Vol.1 Chapter 3

70,823 Dec 04,20 Chika Sanada

Kitami Suguru is a delinquent glasses boy at KY, who gets himself involved with a fight and ends up getting saved by Tamaki Kanae, and she ends up following him. And she notices that he's actually a handsome guy when he doesn't wear glasses!!? Besides that, Kitami will slowly repay her and do whatever she says! Kanae's motto to calmly spend her high school life is going into chaos
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