Drop-Dead Beauty 4.5

Drop-Dead Beauty

Chapter 84

83,845 Dec 02,20 Damaizhongjin

Drop-dead BeautyAs a strong lady, how will she change the miserable destinies of her family and herself?Combining rebirth, time travel, revenge and martial arts, this is a unique comic.The daughter of the celestial emperor died distressingly, when she woke up again, she was reborn to be an abandoned girl who could be bullied by everyone, her father was poisoned, her brother lost his eyes after bei
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I Decided to Be a Mute So That I Can Escape My Engagement!! 4.7

I Decided To Be A Mute So That I Can Escape My Engagement!!

Chapter 1.4

21,556 Nov 29,20 Soy,Yuki Amino

Altina who's fond of books starts pretending to be a mute in order to escape the imposed image of her as a "perfect lady" role that's set-up by her older brother and older sisters.   However, that being said, that pretend act will soon be discovered by no other than the head librarian, sir Shijar himself?!
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Kono Kyoushi, Zettai Wazato 4.7

Kono Kyoushi, Zettai Wazato

Chapter 4

7,804 Dec 02,20 YUZU Mirai

The beautiful Mio Saeki seems like a quiet young lady but when she's in the Japanese prep room she acts like an old man, eating squid sticks and talking about horse-racing. Only her teacher Shirokawa knows her true nature and despite his slightly sadistic teasing, they get along so well that she finds herself falling for him.
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Cinderella Closet 4.2

Cinderella Closet

Chapter 2: Stage 2

1,358 Nov 29,20 Yanai Wakana

From KCG Scans: This is the story of Haruka, a girl who left the countryside to start her college life at Tokyo. She's secretly in love with her co-worker, Kurotaki, but she doesn't have enough confidence in herself to confess her feelings to him. That's until she meets Hikaru, a fashionist girl that's willing to help her. However, Hikaru's not what she seems to be
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Just for a Meowment 4.7

Just For A Meowment

Chapter 7

13,807 Nov 28,20 Kkanaria

Orphaned at birth and bullied at work, Myohee has been through countless trials in life. But when she gets scammed by her only friend and ends up bankrupt, Myohee feels as though she’ll never find the silver lining to her cloud. She decides to end her own life by jumping from a building, but mid-air, the grim reaper halts her descent, saying her time isn’t up yet. She’s ordered t
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My Roommate is a Cat 4.7

My Roommate Is A Cat

Chapter 32

12,569 Nov 30,20 Minatsuki tsunami / Futatsuya asu

Subaru Mikazuki is a writer who lost both parents in an accident. He rarely goes outside and finds interacting with people an annoyance because they intrude on his imagination. However, his encounter with a stray cat gives him inspiration for a new novel. As Subaru and Haru grow closer, Subaru slowly finds his world expanding, as Haru helps him remember what having a family is like. Source o
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The Night When the Crow Caws 4.8

The Night When The Crow Caws

Chapter 11

32,576 Dec 02,20 Jihye woo / Aquavit

As the hottest actor in the action genre, the handsome and talented Woogang is always being chased by the women around him. But when a mysterious agent on a secret mission breaks into his home, he’s the one who falls in love at first sight. Sadly, he has no clue who the beautiful stranger is… until she shows up at his workplace as Detective Park Taeyi to investigate a bomb threat. It
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It's Been 10 Years Since You Asked to Break Off Our Engagement, If You Insist That Much, Let's Break it Off! 4.8

It's Been 10 Years Since You Asked To Break Off Our Engagement, If You Insist That Much, Let's Break It Off!

Chapter 2

20,625 Nov 19,20 Yoshimura

Diana Bailey, the daughter of a duke, has been told to have her engagement broken countless times since she was young. Each time, Diana would answer to Prince Robert's demands and refine her skills, but one day, he said that being with another woman makes him feel "relaxed and calm"...?! A work published in "Though I May Be a Villainess, I'll Show
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A Bittersweet Couple 4.6

A Bittersweet Couple

Chapter 5

23,940 Dec 01,20 Flavie / Jang green

A man who had been hard at work throughout his school days, appeared after 10 years and proposed to Soo-bin, who was busy refusing many blind dates, with difficult conditions to refuse. A sweet and bitter couple / A Sweet and Bitter Love A Sweet and Bloody Couple Sweet and Bloody Couple 달콤살벌한 부부
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Kiss made, Ato 1-byou. 4.7

Kiss Made, Ato 1-Byou.

Chapter 51

68,386 Nov 12,20 Sui souda

He said he’d stop one second before we kiss… So why are we really kissing right now!? My first kiss is on stage performing a play……! We’ve been friends since we were kids, and Izuru’s always bossing me around. I have to write the script for our school festival play, which is a relief because at least I can steer clear of Izuru, who’s playing the leading
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Sei-chan, Your Love Is Too Much! 4.7

Sei-Chan, Your Love Is Too Much!

Chapter 5

26,768 Nov 28,20 Segawa Sasa

When my favorite childhood friend Sei-chan moved in with us, he started teasing me such as pushing me over, sneaking into my room, and taking other liberties! The daily flirting attack from the handsome Sei-chan is too overwhelming!
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Hayaku Shitai Futari 4.8

Hayaku Shitai Futari

Chapter 6

45,378 Nov 28,20 Kusaka Aki

Yuuri and Keiichirou fell in love as they shared the same route to neighboring high schools every day. But it turns out Keiichirou comes from a prestigious family where his father and grandfather were both prime ministers. The family rules strictly forbids him from having any inappropriate relations with a woman until he turns 18. Can he resist Yuuri's flirting?
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Fuhoni Desuga, Ryuukishidan ga Kahogo Desu 4.5

Fuhoni Desuga, Ryuukishidan Ga Kahogo Desu

Chapter 2

10,361 Nov 08,20 Con Kitora,Otsukawa Rei

The second princess of the Kingdom of Lybra, Leonora, decides to venture the perilous undertaking of infiltrating as "Nora" into the Dragon Knight Order of the neighboring kingdom, Wahnrein, to watch over the apple of her eyes, her little sister who was married off to the crown prince of Wahnrein! However, she soon gets into a tight spot as the the commander of the Dragon Knight Order, H
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The Small Village of the Young Lady Without Blessing 4.8

The Small Village Of The Young Lady Without Blessing

Chapter 3

13,894 Nov 07,20 Puni-chan,HINATA Mizuiro

I reincarnated as the villainess in a game world— I’m not afraid of banishment, I’ll manage my territory and live as I like! I reincarnated as Celistina, the villainess of an otome game. As the fiancée of the crown prince, in this world where everyone is gifted with blessings by the gods and spirits, I’m the “young lady wi
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After the Holy Sword Reincarnates Into a Human Being, It’s Troubled Because It Is Favored by the Hero 4.7

After The Holy Sword Reincarnates Into A Human Being, It’S Troubled Because It Is Favored By The Hero

Chapter 2

15,321 Nov 05,20 Togashi Seiya,Kaduki Wawano,Kasukabeakira

This love is too heavy!!! Lutia, the reincarnation of the Holy Sword Exceltier, was just a normal girl working for the guild. One day, the Holy Sword’s former owner and the hero, Ashard, walks into the guild! The Holy Sword Exceltier completed its role after the battle against the Demon Lord but it seems that Ashard loved the Holy Sword too much, even going as far
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I Don’t Care. Let Me Go Home! 4.8

I Don’T Care. Let Me Go Home!

Chapter 5

29,213 Nov 26,20 Haineko Hiro,Hiraku Naki

A count’s daughter who scored hopelessly on the school's exam, Rururia Talbot! I was talking to my best friend Sarah while eating my favorite tart, before I ran into a fight between the Crown Prince Christoph and Duke’s daughter, Irene. The fantasy rom-com  of a count's daughter who wants to return home  peacefully begins!
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Seijo no Hazu ga, Douyara Nottoraremashita 4.7

Seijo No Hazu Ga, Douyara Nottoraremashita

Chapter 4.2

90,091 Nov 30,20 Yoshitaka Hana,Jisama

Anise suddenly gets a message on her phone one day asking whether she'd be willing to lend her their aid. As if responding to her thoughts, it chooses for her and she finds herself suddenly summoned into the world of an otome game. While Hime is dumbfounded at her situation, Hime, the girl who is summoned with her declares, "I'm the saint!" As a result, Anise is treated as useles
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The “Giantess” Wants Love 4.2

The “Giantess” Wants Love

Chapter 50

60,478 Nov 05,20 KKWorld,Rainie

The “Giantess” Wants Love The self-abased girl turns into a domineering super model, this is a story about female transformation. Novel and funny characters, a super popular and romantic city light comedy.   As a lovely girl that is 1.8-meter-tall, Gao Ran falls for the icy president Zhang Yang whose height is 1.69 meters. Owing to self
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The Villainess Who Has Been Killed 108 Times 4.7

The Villainess Who Has Been Killed 108 Times

Chapter 1.4

30,525 Nov 15,20 Namakura,TORIU Chinori

I've never seen such a villainous lady! I won’t die in misery again! A unique comedic tragedy that will make you laugh and cry! Stabbed 7 times. Massacred 11 times. Beheaded 5 times. Hanged 3 times. Burnt to death 7 times. Drowned 8 times. Run over 3 times. Shot 12 times. Poisoned 6 times. Strangled 7 times, etcetera… Scarlett was a villainess whose life
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The Revenge of the Duke's Daughter Theresia 4.7

The Revenge Of The Duke's Daughter Theresia

Chapter 2.3

53,573 Nov 19,20 Shiraki Ichigo,Kanade Maine

Queen Kristina was framed by her half-sister and thereby executed at the tender age of 16. 16 years later, amidst the festivities in honour of the Queen’s birthday, a young girl is awash with nostalgia. Theresia, the daughter of a duke. Her butler whispers in her ear: "How long do you intend to have me protect you?" This y
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No Match for Aoi-kun 4.6

No Match For Aoi-Kun

Chapter 5

10,489 Oct 21,20 Oshikawa Ii

High school freshman, Aoi Rio, has a secret that can't be told to anyone. He actually watches "Magical Girls" anime! On his way back home after secretly buying anime merchandise as usual, he saves a girl named Sumire who fell from the sky. Sumire is disheartened because she believes her powers are not good enough. After Aoi encourages her by explaining the v
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The Noble Girl With a Crush on a Plain and Studious Guy Finds the Arrogant Prince to Be a Nuisance 4.8

The Noble Girl With A Crush On A Plain And Studious Guy Finds The Arrogant Prince To Be A Nuisance

Chapter 1.3

21,737 Nov 15,20 Tosaka Yuuma,Carpaccio Noyama

In a garden tucked away at the back of the magic academy, Sharina falls in love with the gloomy and morose young man, Riol. She resolves to pursue him wholeheartedly… but for some reason, she finds herself in a stalkeriffic situation where the kingdom’s first prince, Leonardo, just won’t leave her alone?! Nuh-uh, that overbearing attitude of his spells nothin
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