Maboroshi Panty 2.5

Maboroshi Panty

Chapter 6: The Introduction Of Ugly Jack

10,954 Feb 03,21 Nagai Go,Koenji Hiroshi

A dormitory climbing school that consists of junior high and high schools in the mountains of N prefecture. There was another No. 1 in this school with the No. 1 advancement rate from the University of Tokyo. That is the highest crime rate in the school. Kotobuki, who is in charge of the school police, starts a detective activity in the name of Maboroshi Panty to help her father.
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Gahi-chan! 4.6


Chapter 4

235,743 Feb 06,21 ちろたた/tirotata

A youkai disguised in human skin?! (Description found on a magazine page. Will be updated later.)
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Hira yakunin yatte 1500-nen, maou no chikara de daijin ni sa re chaimashita 4.7

Hira Yakunin Yatte 1500-Nen, Maou No Chikara De Daijin Ni Sa Re Chaimashita

Chapter 3: My Parents Are Coming To Visit

38,710 Jan 04,21 Morita Kisetsu,Murakami Meishi

Before Azusa met with the noble Beelzebub, how did this plain Zebub who lived  inconspicuously becomes the agriculture minister? Were you able to manage the Demon country ? Spin off from Slime Taoshite 300-nen, Shiranai Uchi ni Level MAX ni Nattemashita
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My stepsister who says Go die go die to me every day, tries to hypnotize me to fall for her while I was sleeping...! 4.6

My Stepsister Who Says Go Die Go Die To Me Every Day, Tries To Hypnotize Me To Fall For Her While I Was Sleeping...!

Chapter 5: Bloodshed And Hypnosis

456,148 Feb 24,21 Tanaka Doriru,ran9u

"Oh, you'll love me! And kiss me.." My step-sister who is the same age as me treats me like garbage. This beauty, admired by everyone around her, shows her true ugly nature only in front of me. But upon learning that she loves me so much that she'd even use hypnosis to make me fall for her, what exactly am I supposed to do!? Shizuku asks for one embarrassing demand a
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Kiruru Kill Me 4.7

Kiruru Kill Me

Chapter 9: The Escaping Man

267,158 Feb 19,21 Kano Yasuhiro

is coming to collect on it is Kiruru Akaumi. But the one who commissioned this hit... was Aoi himself! He fell head over heels in love with Kiruru from the moment he saw her and, in order to spend more time with her to deepen their relationship, he himself commissioned the Kiruru company to kill him.
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Marie-sama wo Wakarasetai! 4.7

Marie-Sama Wo Wakarasetai!

Chapter 8: I Want To Teach Her A Lesson In Home Made Chocolate

89,751 Feb 10,21 Nyoro Porata

Sorbet, a butler, gets annoyed whenever Marie, a 13 year old baroness, calls him a loser. Since she's a young lady it's time for the butler to correct her behavior. The loser butler wants to teach the cheeky young lady a lesson in this romance comedy!
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Shinobi Kill 4.6

Shinobi Kill

Chapter 6: Festival

292,960 Feb 23,21 Nishio Youichi

Chigachi Fuuta an ordinary high school student who really admires ninjas is gifted with an extraordinary legacy, namely the soul of Hattori Hanzo, a legendary ninja. But because of that legacy, Chigachi Fuuta is targeted by various shinobi and ninja who still survive in the modern era. Can Chigachi Fuuta overcome these obstacles?
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I Don't Know if It's LOVE or MAGIC! 4.4

I Don't Know If It's Love Or Magic!

Chapter 11: First Kiss!?

762,967 Mar 03,21 Attsun

Miyamae Kaito can't use magic at all! At this rate, his promise with his childhood friend of becoming great magic-wielders together will be ruined... When he was about to give up on his dream, Kaito suddenly feels magic power.  However, that was magic that makes people who meet his eyes fall in love with him, a "charming magic"! Being popular is fine and all, but is this kind of
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Yumemi ga oka Wonderland 4.7

Yumemi Ga Oka Wonderland

Chapter 2: Debt Repaying Tanya-San

27,280 Jan 01,21 Masuda Eiji

One day, a UFO suddenly crashes in the middle of an ordinary city, making the world change in unexpected ways. Suddenly, all sorts of wishes come true and everything seems possible… The series follows the stories of the people affected by these changes. From Masuda Eiji, the author and artist of Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa and Shuukan Shounen Hachi Published
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Makai Kaeri no Rettou Nouryokusha 4.7

Makai Kaeri No Rettou Nouryokusha

Chapter 3

555,201 Jan 19,21 Yasuyuki Torikai,Tasuro

Doumori Hiroto is a mysterious boy from a lineage of ancient spiritualist who have been guarding the pathway to the underworld for a thousand years. But he was born with a defect caused by bloodline of magicians mixed into his ancestry. He possessed both spirit and magic power instead of either, yet he was able to use neither. For
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Shokubutsu Mahou Chito de Nonbiri Ryoshu Seikatsu Hajimemasu Zense no Chishiki o Kushi Shite Nogyo Shitara, Gyakuten Jinsei Hajimatta Kudan 4.8

Shokubutsu Mahou Chito De Nonbiri Ryoshu Seikatsu Hajimemasu Zense No Chishiki O Kushi Shite Nogyo Shitara, Gyakuten Jinsei Hajimatta Kudan

Chapter 4

366,179 Jan 29,21 Iwasaki Takashi,Ryoto Kae,Sanneko

Exploring undeveloped unexplored regions from scratch! Creating and building a city with plant magic! The boy Elt, who reincarnated as an aristocrat, was branded as incompetent and was thrown out as a manager of a remote area with zero territories. However, his "plant magic" was the best all-purpose magic for territorial development! As
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Harakiri Gomen 4.8

Harakiri Gomen

Chapter 4: Bushido [End]

9,141 Dec 26,20 Fusai Naba

The "unique historical" manga Harakiri Gomen centers on a samurai with blue eyes who comes from the West and who exemplifies the creed of bushido.
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Nishikida Keibu wa Dorobou ga Osuki 4.7

Nishikida Keibu Wa Dorobou Ga Osuki

Chapter 3

7,792 Jan 17,21 Mayuko Kanba

A wholesome heist- "love comedy" starring a gentleman thief and a police inspector!
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Dungeon Sherpa: Meikyuu Michisaki Annainin 4.8

Dungeon Sherpa: Meikyuu Michisaki Annainin

Chapter 2

89,872 Dec 18,20 Kamo Sei,Tosaka Akira

Dungeon Sherpa, a general term for those who make a living by carrying the baggage of adventurers while leading the way for them in their search through labyrinths. Rou is a young but skilled sherpa whose activities are based in Tairos labyrinth. Though Rou lost his father half a year ago and works to support his younger sister who he lives with, he is forcibly dragged into helping the hero who ma
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Ikemen ni Tensei Shita kedo Cheat wa Dekimasen Shita 4.8

Ikemen Ni Tensei Shita Kedo Cheat Wa Dekimasen Shita

Chapter 3.1: An Ideal Servant

357,688 Feb 28,21 Mikan Jelly,Shimoda Masaya

After Koganei was rejected by a girl he had confessed to, he angrily ran off and was hit by a car. When he woke up, he found that he was reincarnated in another world as Theodore Goldberg, the eldest son of a marquis. And of course, as Koganei is no stranger to isekai series, he knows that he will have some sort of cheat skill to become overpowered and live a slow life.
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Desert 9 4.7

Desert 9

Chapter 6: You Fool

57,955 Jan 26,21 Deguchi Kei

Hyudra, living water that attacks moving humans. A thousand years ago, a large war had ravaged the land and turned most of the world into desert, driving humans to hunt Hyudra for water. In total, there exist eight deserts. The story focuses on Mao as he heads to the phantom ninth desert to find his father.
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Such a Cute Spy 4.5

Such A Cute Spy

Chapter 40: Such A Cute Spy [End]

709,670 Dec 19,20 Lee Hyun-min,Ganghyeon Yeo,Life of Ruin,여강현

North Korean spy Anna Rhee must seducethe South Korean math genius Donggu Park and return with him to North Korea!  
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Governess Nazuna-san 4.5

Governess Nazuna-San

Chapter 3: Cooking War

29,469 Dec 18,20 Heriyama

The Koyomi Family once ruled the underside of Japan. Now in ruins, the young heir Kashitarou Koyomi remains, all by his lonesome self. Starting up in solitude and having to live with the anger and grudges of others, a self proclaimed caretaker and tutor appears, introducing herself as "Nazuna." It is here, she proclaims, "I will raise you to be a great man of evil!"
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Ore wa Subete wo “Parry” Suru 4.8

Ore Wa Subete Wo “Parry” Suru

Chapter 3

244,332 Dec 15,20 Nabeshiki,KRSG

This is the tale of a man who had mastered how to “parry.” “I have no talent at all…” At the age of 12, a young boy named Noru had decided to train himself in the mountains after being rejected by the capital’s official training centers for being “talentless.” He believed that, with enough hard w
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Misanthrope na Kanojo 4.6

Misanthrope Na Kanojo

Chapter 3: Reunion With Friends

58,784 Jan 27,21 Rinno Miki

Hanami Matsudai is awkward when it comes to love and she doesn't know the proper distance for human relationships. You might as well call her a misanthrope. Her peaceful life is disturbed when she meets the unpredictable Ran Ojiya who just won't leave her alone! The slapstick love comedy of an aloof and love-hating loner girl and a love-crazed handsome stalker be
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Kakukazoku 4.1


Chapter 8

66,767 Mar 06,21 Katou Takahiro

An estranged family is falling apart when a meteor shower grants the son his wish- let our family grow together again...quite literally-
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Deadpool: Samurai 4.9

Deadpool: Samurai

Chapter 7

261,481 Feb 27,21 Sanshirou Kasama,Hikaru Uesugi

Deadpool makes his explosive debut into Weekly Shounen JUMP!
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Worn and Torn Newbie 4.8

Worn And Torn Newbie

Chapter 33

2,359,886 Mar 05,21 REDICE studio,레고밟았어,보늬

15 years remain till termination of service. The ending is known only to me. 'I am a veteran'.
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