The Galaxy Next Door 4.8

The Galaxy Next Door

Chapter 2: A Fever And A Handshake

3,798 Nov 29,20 Amagakure Gido

After the death of his father, Kuga Ichirou, a shoujo mangaka fresh out of high school, has to take care of his two little siblings, Machi and Fumio, all by himself. Struggling to meet a deadline after his previous assistants get their manga debuts, he hires a new assistant through his editor. However, his life takes an unexpected turn after this new assistant is revealed to be a beautiful and mys
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Usotsuki Android 4.9

Usotsuki Android

Chapter 4: Getting To School In One Leap

3,568 Nov 29,20 Ato Rie

In order to get the attention of a boy who really likes robots, a girl lies about being an "android"...?!
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Sesame Salt and Pudding 4.8

Sesame Salt And Pudding

Chapter 7

22,408 Dec 02,20 Suzuki Yufuko

Haruhi, a 22-year-old machine operator, woke up one day to find that she drunkenly married an older man the night before. They make a deal and end up living together!
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I'm the Best Strategy for the Strongest Bastards 4.5

I'm The Best Strategy For The Strongest Bastards

Chapter 2

4,429 Nov 29,20 Nachisuke Kawakami

Chiaki is an artificial girl manufactured in a laboratory. When she is taken out of the laboratory by Yoshiaki, who loves fighting, drinking and money, she decides to make Yoshiaki fall in love with her. Will she be able to get the attention of Yoshiaki, who doesn't see her as a love interest at all--?
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Isn’t the Contrast Cute? 4.8

Isn’T The Contrast Cute?

Chapter 1

563 Nov 26,20 知音动漫

It’s all about contrast here! The most handsome boy at school, who seems cold and arrogant, is actually afraid of talking to girls! The gentle and talented top student is really the cold-blooded prince of a gang! The carefree and unkept girl, is, in fact, a young lady from a billionaire family! The sharp and sexy senior is a girl who can’t resist cute things! Their so-called ‘sup
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Just for a Meowment 4.7

Just For A Meowment

Chapter 7

13,807 Nov 28,20 Kkanaria

Orphaned at birth and bullied at work, Myohee has been through countless trials in life. But when she gets scammed by her only friend and ends up bankrupt, Myohee feels as though she’ll never find the silver lining to her cloud. She decides to end her own life by jumping from a building, but mid-air, the grim reaper halts her descent, saying her time isn’t up yet. She’s ordered t
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Neko no Kohana 4.8

Neko No Kohana

Chapter 4: Minus Cat

2,511 Nov 23,20 Fujisawa Kamiya

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My Roommate is a Cat 4.7

My Roommate Is A Cat

Chapter 32

12,569 Nov 30,20 Minatsuki tsunami / Futatsuya asu

Subaru Mikazuki is a writer who lost both parents in an accident. He rarely goes outside and finds interacting with people an annoyance because they intrude on his imagination. However, his encounter with a stray cat gives him inspiration for a new novel. As Subaru and Haru grow closer, Subaru slowly finds his world expanding, as Haru helps him remember what having a family is like. Source o
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Otowa’s After School Secrets 4.2

Otowa’S After School Secrets

Chapter 20

13,536 Nov 19,20 Uru natsumi

High school freshman Ayane has a big secret: she’s terrified of cute boys! Sneaking by them in the hall or stuttering through conversations, she can barely make eye contact with a member of the opposite sex without passing out. And that’s exactly why Otowa, the hottest boy in school, is interested in her. If only Ayane knew, he’s hiding an even bigger secret…
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A Rare Marriage: How to Grill Our Love 4.8

A Rare Marriage: How To Grill Our Love

Chapter 2: First Breakfast Together

5,352 Nov 16,20 Shiori Hanatsuka

When 30-year-old Kenta meets stoic graphic designer Chihiro, he sears her cool exterior with his passion for barbecue! Now, after a flash of a courtship, they're newlyweds! Though their jobs keep them apart, they still have weekends together to grill, and fine meat isn't the only thing heating up in this sizzling relationship!
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Tapris Sugar Step 4.8

Tapris Sugar Step

Chapter 3: What Is Causing The Heat?

2,905 Dec 02,20 Ukami,Bafako

A heartwarming everyday comedy about the trio of first-year students: Tapris, an earnest and pure angel who doesn't seem to be Gabriel's junior, Shinohara-san, a human who loves cute things, and Mei, a demon whose thinking is hard to understand. Whether it's the excitement of a first time experience, the excitement of a new friend, or playing with the Gabriel whom she look
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Me and the scumbag 3.9

Me And The Scumbag

Chapter 4

4,679 Nov 25,20 Lu Ming Dong Man

Bai Tong awoke from a car accident, and found that he was reborn as a 4 year old. In his previous life he was deceived by a scumbag, in this life he decides to stay away from scumbags! Only…who is this scumbag? Bai tong only has faint memories of his past life, and special pheromones. Can Bai Tong figure out the truth about his past life?
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Sorry but I'm not Yuri 4.5

Sorry But I'm Not Yuri

Chapter 3: Kanou Ruruka

12,027 Nov 15,20 Mochi Au Lait

In an attempt to win her homeroom teacher's heart, Itsumi Toudou purchashed a shady love potion, and tested it out on her stuck-up student committee president, Yomotsuka. Now, she has an uncharacteristically affectionate girl to deal with, and she's not even a lesbian! Right?
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My Black Haired Senpai Wants to Mess With Me But... 4.8

My Black Haired Senpai Wants To Mess With Me But...

Chapter 2

8,538 Nov 13,20 Amemikuro

Plan failed successfully
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Marong’s Macaron 4.6

Marong’S Macaron

Chapter 7

2,339 Nov 18,20 Haddon

The story of patissier Marong and demon muffins opening a cafe
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Fetters of Fate 3

Fetters Of Fate

Chapter 5

2,801 Nov 13,20 Updating

The bad boy who always took advantage of me is now my highschool teacher!! Is he my destiny? Why do I feel familiar with him?
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Sei-chan, Your Love Is Too Much! 4.7

Sei-Chan, Your Love Is Too Much!

Chapter 5

26,768 Nov 28,20 Segawa Sasa

When my favorite childhood friend Sei-chan moved in with us, he started teasing me such as pushing me over, sneaking into my room, and taking other liberties! The daily flirting attack from the handsome Sei-chan is too overwhelming!
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I Came to Another World as a Jack of All Trades and a Master of None to Journey While Relying on Quickness 4.6

I Came To Another World As A Jack Of All Trades And A Master Of None To Journey While Relying On Quickness

Chapter 6

152,663 Nov 27,20 Kochimo,Kamifuusen

Late at night in the middle of my part time job at a convenience store, I had an encounter with a robber and was mercilessly stabbed to death. As I was about to lose my consciousness, I thought about how much I wanted to do this and that when I heard a voice…… 『The wish to be summoned has been confirmed. Granting Unique Skill 《Jack of all Trade
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Sworn Enemy of Lover? 4.1

Sworn Enemy Of Lover?

Chapter 1

525 Nov 10,20 Mi fan

Lu Xi Li, with only 3 months to live due to cancer, unexpectedly meets with his first love in the hospital, Chen Jun Ge. He thought it was fate, but a second later discovers that he already has a boyfriend. 3 months after his sad death Lu Xi Li realizes that he is in the body of his first love’s boyfriend. At that moment he discovers that they are not a couple, in fact they are enemies&helli
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Chiaraijima Kanako wa naze ○○ suru no ka? 4.6

Chiaraijima Kanako Wa Naze ○○ Suru No Ka?

Chapter 8

54,571 Nov 27,20 Yurikawa

Tsuchiya Narumi, a boy who left his parents when he entered high school, decided to stay at the house of his distant relative's older sister, Kanako Chiaraijima. Kanako works hard as a successful career woman, but the face she shows at home seems to be a little different...?! I'm the only one who knows her true face? Beauty x Carelessnes
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A Little Socially Incompatible 4.6

A Little Socially Incompatible

Chapter 2

3,196 Nov 08,20 USHI Hashiru

Whether it's  "communication disorder" or "aspergers", it seems that Koinumaru can't look people in the eye, can't speak, seems extremely mean, has little self-esteem, and is not very good at her job. Kinoshita-kun is now living with her, but...? A variety of small-animal scare girl observation!
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Nankuru Nee-san 3.7

Nankuru Nee-San

Chapter 6: The Shinjimun Will Be Saved

18,706 Nov 12,20 Kumeta Kouji

Issa Kinishi, a young man who worries and concerns himself too much over many different things, and spends his life being harmless and inoffensive. One day he meets a beautiful, tanned enigmatic young woman. This young woman uses a smartphone with a cracked screen, goes into restaurants without caring about their online ratings, and makes curry without caring about the stains she gets
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Fuyu Fenriru no Itoshigo to Natta Watashi ga, Zetsubou kara Iyasareteiku Hanashi 4.8

Fuyu Fenriru No Itoshigo To Natta Watashi Ga, Zetsubou Kara Iyasareteiku Hanashi

Chapter 5

52,381 Nov 28,20 Shirokuma Shouta,Kurosugi Kuron

"When I got fired from my job, I went to a different world.." Fujioka Noel is a hard worker for a black company, but her efforts go unrewarded when she is handed a notice of dismissal one day. Frustrated and sinking into despair, she was suddenly transported to another world.. In front of the bewildered Noel appeared Fenrir, the large
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