Huadaoshi 4.4


Chapter 27

160,742 Mar 02,21 Jinwen Jing

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Fate/Mahjong Night - Seihai Sensou 5

Fate/mahjong Night - Seihai Sensou

Chapter 10: Turn 10

79,483 Mar 02,21 Type-moon

Original 4-koma updated daily at
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Chitra 4.8


Chapter 94

6,656,170 Mar 02,21 Leppe

I spent years preparing for the civil service exam. But I can’t believe I died so unfairly…! Is that so? I was reborn as a beautiful countess. I even got the ability to play games from the God of Beauty. ‘Drawing..?’ Yes, I have the ability to draw for characters. I have become the apostle of the God of Beauty and ben
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King of Apocalypse 3.7

King Of Apocalypse

Chapter 249

27,075,905 Mar 01,21 ENG

Qin Yu was killed a few hundred years into the future during the apocalypse due to a misjudgment. He then traveled back in time before the apocalypse kick off, relying on his battle hardened apocalypse experience and techniques, Qin Yu rapidly developed into a formidable opponent, passing through hurdles, saving the world all while protecting his beloved sister.
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Moshi Fanren 4.7

Moshi Fanren

Chapter 322

70,803,399 Mar 01,21 Amazing Works

Zuo Tianchen is the last living human in a mutated zombie-infested city. Just when he was sure he’d died, he finds his soul returned to just before that ill-fated day ten years ago. He swears he’ll protect the people important to him this time round and reunite with his past lover. Watch his struggles to survive equipped with his memory of the next ten years!
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Oversimplified SCP 4.6

Oversimplified Scp

Chapter 156: Scp-001

11,849,317 Mar 01,21 SCP Foundation Writers, 松(A・TYPEcorp.)

The SCP Foundation is a fictional organization documented by the web-based collaborative fiction project of the same name. In universe, the SCP Foundation is responsible for locating and containing individuals, entities, locations, and objects that violate natural law (referred to as SCPs). This manga summarizes the reports of the SCPs currently under the Foundation.
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Dungeon Meshi 4.8

Dungeon Meshi

Chapter 71.1: Daydream Hour 4

7,356,631 Mar 01,21 Kui Ryouko

After getting his sister devoured by a dragon and losing all their supplies in a failed dungeon raid, Lyos and his party are determined to save his sister before she gets digested. Completely broke and having to resort to eating monsters as food, they meet a dwarf who will introduce them to the world of dungeon meshi - Delicious cuisines made from ingredients such as the flesh of giant bats, walki
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Crimson Grimoire 4.4

Crimson Grimoire

Chapter 12.2: In The Flesh?

398,705 Mar 01,21 A-10

Oomugi Wakaba inherits a mansion from her late great-grandmother, an expert pen artist. Within a hidden room, she meets the mysterious blue-eyed girl wrapped in crimson chains, Red Riding Hood. Together with the strongest beast, she comes to learn about the world of magic, witches and grimoires.
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Zerozaki Kishishiki no Ningen Knock 4.4

Zerozaki Kishishiki No Ningen Knock

Chapter 8: Sparrow's Fetched Bamboo Mountain - Eighth Ball

27,760 Mar 01,21 Nisioisin,Chomoran

Third in the ranking of the "Assassin Name" families of the underground assassin community, the "Zerozaki Ichizoku" is infamous for their indomitable family unity. Each of its members exhibit combat prowess when it comes to saving one of their kin. Zerozaki Kishishiki is one member of the Zerozaki family, and he utilizes a bat covered in nails to brutally murder his targets. He
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Peerless Refiner 4.5

Peerless Refiner

Chapter 109

708,451 Mar 01,21 Ye Bei

She is the strongest cultivator, and she crosses through into another world. On one hand, there’s a family who bullies and mistreats her. On the other, there’s her fiancee who insults and wants to… abuse her? Heh! If you go against me, you will die. But if you obey me, you will prosper! It’s just that… this beautiful royal
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Koko kara wa Otona no Jikan desu. 4.8

Koko Kara Wa Otona No Jikan Desu.

Chapter 8

262,743 Mar 01,21 Tsukino Omame

Mikan Sasaki is an OL who can see spirits. She has a secret crush on her boss Akutsu, who seems to be haunted by evil spirits. On her birthday, Sasaki felt lonely and got drunk by herself in the park. Akutsu happened to pass by and rescued her by bringing her to his home. They shared a bed and Sasaki could dispel the evil spirits so Akutsu was able to sleep restfully for once. So Sasaki will repay
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Douluo Dalu 3: The Legend of the Dragon King 4.8

Douluo Dalu 3: The Legend Of The Dragon King

Chapter 141.1: (Chapter 141+142)

15,398,735 Mar 01,21 Tang Jia San Shao

Following the advancement of spirit technology, the humans of Douluo Continent conquered the ocean and discovered two new continents. After being hunted by spirit masters excessively, the spirit beasts are nearly extinct. After countless years of lying dormant, the King of the Spirit Beasts has awakened in the Great Star Dou Forest. It will lead its remaining clansmen in taking vengeance against h
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Pupillary Master 4.7

Pupillary Master

Chapter 148.5

8,287,447 Mar 01,21 Mo yan, 陌烟

In the 24th century, the first person in the power world, Luo Qingtong, magically crossed to the real world of another world. Since then, she has opened the way to the revenge of the deposed woman in the lower country. Fighting the villains and slag
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Monkey Peak 4.6

Monkey Peak

Vol.6 Chapter 56: The House Of The Dead

1,443,163 Mar 01,21 Shinasaka Kouji

A group of employees from the Fujitani Pharmaceutical Company are on a hiking trip. After the company suffered a crisis, the CEO hopes to improve teamwork and morale among new and old employees with this trip. Not everyone is as excited as he is. Unfortunately for them, they soon find themselves having to deal with problems that they weren't prepared for. What's going to happe
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The Little Girl Raised by Death Hold the Sword of Death Tight 4.8

The Little Girl Raised By Death Hold The Sword Of Death Tight

Chapter 14: An Official Appointment.

2,595,360 Mar 01,21 Suiren Matsukaze,Ayamine Maito

Olivia is picked up by a death god, Z, deep in the forest as a child and trained by him in combat for reasons unknown. One day, Z disappears, leaving behind a letter instructing Olivia to head to the Kingdom along with a sword bearing the qualities of a death god's weapon. Thus, the girl lacking in common sense, knowledge, and normalcy sets off to join the army.
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Keizoku wa Maryoku Nari 4.7

Keizoku Wa Maryoku Nari

Chapter 12

2,711,281 Mar 01,21 Ricky

After diligently training his magic every day, one day Leons found out that his specialty magic, Creation Magic, is trash! However, with his unbelievable amount of mana and amazingly good luck, Leons is able to turn that useless magi into a very convenient magic to create various things, like a super masochist magic sword that can speak for example! Moreover, he also got closer to Princess Sheria
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Shi to Kanojo to Boku 4.4

Shi To Kanojo To Boku

Chapter 14.3

80,023 Mar 01,21 Kawaguchi Madoka

Yukari is a girl who can see the deceased. Yuusaku is a boy who can hear any phenomena that has a voice. Through their encounters with the inhuman, they learn fear, sadness, and compassion; and grow as humans.
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Trinity Seven: 7-Nin no Mahoutsukai 4.7

Trinity Seven: 7-Nin No Mahoutsukai

Vol.24 Chapter 114

6,607,469 Mar 01,21 Saitou Kenji, Nao Akinari

Everyday is a normal day in the small town where Kasuga Arata lives. However, everything changed on the day of the Black Sun, and following it, a magician appears before him. The Black Sun caused the Breakdown Phenomenon which destroyed the town where he lives. Because of this, his normal life was artificially reconstructed by a Grimoire that his childhood friend had left. Just what is the purpose
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Kami-Yome 4.8


Chapter 9: Bye Bye, God-Bride

24,997 Mar 01,21 Kagisora Tomiyaki

Suika is a cheerful 14-year-old who is growing a crush on her stoic but cute childhood friend, Yorozu. On the night where she has a literal brush with death, he rescues her and makes a very hasty proposal. Will she marry him!?
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Time Stop Brave 4.8

Time Stop Brave

Chapter 17: History And Stop

1,535,631 Mar 01,21 Mitsunaga Yasunori

KUZUNO Sekai was transported to a medieval fantasy game-like world (isekai). He was given a game controller with the ability to stop time and a 3 days countdown timer. Now he has to figure out the mechanics of this game world and clear it in time.
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Curse of Loulan: The Tyrant Bestows Favor on Me 4.5

Curse Of Loulan: The Tyrant Bestows Favor On Me

Chapter 103 - The End

510,672 Mar 01,21 KaiYuan Comic

As a scary tyrant that sucks people’s blood to live on, he has eyes only for her. In the palace, he lies on the bed, almost bare-chested, saying “Honey, I’m starving.” “Honey?” The girl frowns, murmuring to herself, “He doesn’t feel awkward at all to call me like that”. Lifting the skirt's hemline a little, bit and leaning towards his neck,
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Summer Sonata 4

Summer Sonata

Chapter 38

80,241 Mar 01,21 Hong tear im,Mr Blue

“I’d recognize him at a single glance, no matter what he looks like now.” Yeon-hwa, a senior in college, lives her life while holding onto Sunwoo, her first love, deep inside her heart. One day, she gets into a traffic accident, where she gets to meet Troy, vice president of the Hangun Corporation. From then on, Troy falls for Yeon-hwa. Troy’s reserved but passionate romant
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Release That Witch 4.8

Release That Witch

Chapter 239

53,106,302 Mar 01,21 Er Mu, Dr Woodman

A male engineer transmigrated into another world, and became a prince. This place strikingly resembles the Middle Ages of Europe, but at the same time, it seems kind of different? Witches truly exists, and they even possess magic powers! Magic powers are productive forces! Save the witches, liberate the productive forces! Open map, fight demons, break conspiracies, climb up the science and te
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Satanofani 4.2


Vol.11 Chapter 93: The Final Touches Of The Expermient

5,103,938 Mar 01,21 Yamada Yoshinobu

A mysterious syndrome turns schoolgirls into homicidal monsters behind numerous atrocities in Japan. However, nothing is what it seems and when Chika Amagi is arrested for the brutal murder of five people, which starts a journey into uncharted and troubled waters!
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