The Grand Legend Ramayana 5

The Grand Legend Ramayana

Ch.0 : Preview

41,157 Jan 20,16 Is Yuniarto

A Fantasy Fiction comic that inspired by a tale of Rama and Laksmana...
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Memory [Locked] 5

Memory [Locked]

Vol.1 Ch.2 V2 : Key #2 (English)

42,012 Jan 20,16 Zero

This world is full of weird things. Each of them is a knot. And I am the one who will untie all of them, until I found the "key"- the key can save me from this world.Note: Read left to right
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Bloody Rose 5

Bloody Rose

Vol.1 Chapter 4 : End Of Misery

50,510 Jan 20,16 Seldi Behari,Sedilian Begaj

What would be your first thought if someone killed your parents? Certainly REVENGE... That being the case for Yoshi, who is a thief that wanders from place to place searching to find his parent's murderer, that were killed in a bloody attack his village was under years ago. His only companions.. His instinct, his memories and a rose which was given by his father shortly before he died. Follo
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Teikoku Kyoudai 4.8

Teikoku Kyoudai

Vol.4 Ch.13

176,272 Jan 20,16 Kaji Eiri

A story of two half brothers, Robert and Emile met each other just three years ago when they both started working for the emperor. Robert was promoted to captain of the Royal Guard at the young age of 17, while his younger brother Emile remains a Royal Guard and lady killer of the court. Though Emile is the younger brother, he feels a need to protect Robert. So when Robert is targeted at a parade,
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Ransetsuki 5


Vol.4 Ch.25

167,923 Jan 20,16 Katayama Shuu

Sakumiya Minagi and his adopted older brother Amou live in a family which protects the katana's, "Kiriyasha" and "Hagasumi". Kiriyasha has been known to be attracted to blood and the only thing that can stop it is the sword "Hagasumi". After the death of Minagi's father, strange people start to appear around Minagi, some attacking him and others protecting him. Soon after, his brother Amou breaks
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Tribal 12 5

Tribal 12

Vol.2 Ch.7 : The Master

76,296 Jan 20,16 Osada Yu-ko

The world changed because one girl lost the one dearest to her. The grief-stricken girl kept searching for a way to bring him back to her, eventually became a scientist, creating a substance that looked to have promising results. That substance was ‘Metaphysic particles’ which could transform mankind’s wildest dreams into reality, wondrous particles that could smash the divide between the spiri
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Houkai Seiki Joxer 5

Houkai Seiki Joxer

Chapter 32

194,923 Jan 20,16 Sera Works

From Mangabox: Jou, a young man, and Ren, a hunter, are traveling through the sea of sand known as the Dry Aqua. The world has changed for good ever since the "Great Collapse." Humanity has built a new civilization using magic tools known as Maki. Maki, the miraculous tools in which living magical power is sealed! At the bequest of powerful Maki users, their destiny itself can be changed. An
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Ixion Saga ED 4.8

Ixion Saga Ed

Vol.1 Chapter 1 : Genuine Loyalty

46,035 Jan 20,16 Futaba Hazuki

Ixion Saga ED follows the same story as the corresponding anime Ixion Saga DT. However, Ixion Saga ED is told from the point of view of Erecpyle Dukakis and his men. It gives you insight into Incognito's crazy antics behind the scenes and sheds a new light on the story that takes place in the world of Ixion Saga DT.
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Traces of the Past 5

Traces Of The Past

Vol.1 Ch.4 V2 : Ashtar City

70,261 Jan 20,16 John Ferrer

A strange artifact found inside a silver mine in Central America, annihilates an entire region. The two scientists who stumble into it, are unaware of what could it be or it's potential. In an age where technology seems to have stalled, an anonymous company only known as "Hiraima" releases brilliant futuristic gadgets for free use along with their development plans, without claiming any rights.
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Karasu 5


Chapter 1

39,554 Jan 20,16 Machida Kazuya

During the fourth year of the Keiou Era (1868), the Sendai Domain tries to gather men to fight against the loyalist army, allowing even peasants to join their ranks. Amidst the unrest, orphaned brothers Taichi and Souji are reduced to begging and unwilling to die on the streets, Taichi suggests joining the Samurai. While reluctant, Souji follows his older brother but their uneducated ignorance
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Love Sync Dream 5

Love Sync Dream

Vol.2 Ch.part 7

74,597 Jan 20,16 Jean-david Morvan

A gothic loli girl from Shibuya and an otaku from Iraq both become unlikely friends in this adventure based on the novel Alice in Wonderland.
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Takeru - Opera Susanoh Sword of the Devil 4.4

Takeru - Opera Susanoh Sword Of The Devil

Vol.2 Ch.9 : Fragile Hope

81,086 Jan 20,16 Nakashima Kazuki

From Snow Kiss Scanlations: Once there was a legend of a sword. It is said that the sword of a rune god was sealed up in "Jagara-Mogara". When the spirits of Light, Water, and Earth come together, the seal will break, then the sword will be immortalised. That is the sword of Susanoh. Izumo, Kumaso, and Oguna, upon pursuing the sword of Susanoh, came to the nation of Jagara ruled by an Empress an
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Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut - Hakanakikoku no Rion 5

Tales Of Destiny: Director's Cut - Hakanakikoku No Rion


46,073 Jan 20,16 Bandai Namco Games,Kasukabe Akira

From Wings of an Angel: Focusing on the (most prominent) anti-hero of the original storyline, this manga is an incarnation of the recent game "Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut", which came with the ability to play as Leon Magnus. Now we will follow his story and find out what drove him to do what he did and the reason why. The story of love, pain and betrayal unravels and the wheel of destiny t
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Tales of Phantasia 5

Tales Of Phantasia

Vol.1 Ch.1 : Tales Of Phantasia Ch. 001: The Village Of Toltus

40,733 Jan 20,16

Once upon a time in a fantasy world plagued by war, a group of four brave souls challenge the source of all the evil. It seemed all was lost until one of the heroes defeated the enemy with a powerful spell. The four heroes were able to seal this great evil to be forgotten forever - or so they thought. The next scene in this story takes place years later with the children of those who sealed awa
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Tales of the Abyss: Senketsu no Asch 5

Tales Of The Abyss: Senketsu No Asch

Vol.1 Ch.1 : Tales Of The Abyss: Senketsu No Asch Ch. 001

42,289 Jan 20,16

A side story for Tales of the Abyss that focuses on the God-General, Asch the Bloody.
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Tales of Symphonia Comic Anthology 5

Tales Of Symphonia Comic Anthology

Vol.1 Ch.2 : Hide And Seek, By Shiroishi Kotoni

40,181 Jan 20,16

A Comic Anthology done by various mangaka based on the game, Tales of Symphonia.
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Tales of Vesperia - Flynn Seinaru Hakugin no Kishi 5

Tales Of Vesperia - Flynn Seinaru Hakugin No Kishi

Ch.2 : A Knight's Duty

44,191 Jan 20,16 Bandai Namco Games,Komakura Chiyori,[add]

A side story for Tales of Vesperia that focuses on a Knight of the Empire, Flynn Scifo.
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Tales of Vesperia - Furen Seinaru Hakugin no Kishi 5

Tales Of Vesperia - Furen Seinaru Hakugin No Kishi


41,121 Jan 20,16 Komakura Chiyori

A side story for Tales of Vesperia that focuses on a Knight of the Empire, Flynn Scifo.
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Tekken Chinmi Gaiden 5

Tekken Chinmi Gaiden

Vol.1 Ch.2 : Color Of Battle : The Meeting

63,019 Jan 20,16 Maekawa Takeshi

A story about a boy named Chinmi and his monkey friend Goku.Chinmi is a martial artist,who allways seems to get drunk from sake.
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Tenchisouzou 5


Vol.1 Ch.5 : The Willful Lion

40,370 Jan 20,16 Yasaka Mamiko

Manga based on the Tenchi Souzou (Terranigma) game published by Enix in 1995 for the Super Nintendo video game system. It portraits the story of Ark, a young golden haired boy, that lives in the secluded village of Crysta, in the Underworld. Ark is the local troublemaker and lives at the Elder's place. One day, while the Elder is out, some guys ask Ark to open a blue door, which had always rem
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Teiden Shoujo to Hanemushi no Orchestra 5

Teiden Shoujo To Hanemushi No Orchestra


114,076 Jan 20,16 Ninomiya Ai

The foolish living things, the humans, who carry darkness in their hearts lost the light from their eyes. Deep inside the darkness, they lose sight of the way. Crushed in their despair the humans, one day, meet the 'hotaru' which carries a faint, warm light. The hotaru provided the humans with the light, and started to live alongside them. But in this ugly and blood-stained world, the hotaru's
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Kill Wizard 5

Kill Wizard

Vol.1 Chapter 2

50,422 Jan 20,16 Mizunagi Ryuu

Once upon a time there was a Wizard...
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Tasogarebashi Ekimae Omokage Shokudou 5

Tasogarebashi Ekimae Omokage Shokudou


69,372 Jan 20,16 James Hotate

The story of a highschool girl who seems to get lost quite often, stumbles upon a train station that shouldn't exist, and a restaurant in front of it with very strange clientele. What will become of her after being forced to start working there?
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Treasure Hunter 5

Treasure Hunter


130,297 Jan 20,16 Hogyun

Kim Jinho and Heo Chundo are trying to find ways to spend their lazy summer days. Suddenly, two women appear before them with a job proposition for them. Details? None, except that they will be "treasure hunting." With nothing better to do--and no other choice available to them--they are forced to accept. And so begins their journey of exploration, adventure, gags, dungeons, magic items, and guard
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