Because of Her Love for Sake, the Otome Game Setting Was Broken and the Villainous Noblewoman Became the Noblewoman With Cheats 4.4

Because Of Her Love For Sake, The Otome Game Setting Was Broken And The Villainous Noblewoman Became The Noblewoman With Cheats

Chapter 9

46,996 Feb 08,21 Yunaka

Charlotte, who reincarnated as a villain girl in a maiden game, started to avoid the death flag. The goal is to spread the sake that I loved in this world! However, the juice and holy water that I made for trial were all nonstandard… A different world, alcohol  fantasy, opened by a cheat girl!
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Androids Have No Blood 4.6

Androids Have No Blood

Chapter 10

66,464 Feb 23,21 황동

High-tech android-ai, gets into the world of martial arts due to crash landing and dimensional shift. Although he can cook food for the hungry, he will not even eat a piece himself (he is a robot) He will help people in danger, but he will never kill them (adhering to the three principles of robots) He never sleeps and never gets tired, people take him for a great hero ... Let's look at the ad
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Wistoria's Wand and Sword 4.6

Wistoria's Wand And Sword

Chapter 1.2

66,160 Feb 17,21 Oomori Fujino

To fulfill his childhood promise, the boy aims at the top of the magical world with his sword in hand.  There is only one way for him, who has no magical power, to reach the supreme peak...
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I Don't Really Get It, but It Looks Like I Was Reincarnated in Another World 3.8

I Don't Really Get It, But It Looks Like I Was Reincarnated In Another World

Chapter 11.1: I Don't Really Get It, But I Think I'm Getting Excited

96,247 Feb 25,21 Ashi

I am cute, but I was a middle-aged researcher in my previous life?! Surviving in another world with magic and sciences!! The orphan Ren was riding the carriage after being sold, when she got involved into an accident, and got her previous life's memories back! "I was... a middle-aged man!" Indeed, she was a researcher in his thirties in he
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Hollow Souls 4.4

Hollow Souls

Vol.2 Chapter 12: The Chase

32,134 Feb 21,21 Mihai Melnic

It all started in Aeris, capital of Ameria, in the midst of the summer festival. During the festivity, people started unexpectedly attacking each other and a large scale massacre took place instead of dancing and merrymaking.     Under the strangest circumstances, Edward comes back to the living, just to find himself in a strange place inhabited by the Gray Guardians. W
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A Sword Master Childhood Friend Power Harassed Me Harshly, so I Broke off Our Relationship and Made a Fresh Start at the Frontier as a Magic Swordsman 4.6

A Sword Master Childhood Friend Power Harassed Me Harshly, So I Broke Off Our Relationship And Made A Fresh Start At The Frontier As A Magic Swordsman

Chapter 5

126,337 Feb 12,21 Shingyou Gaku

The power harassment from Alfine ー his girlfriend and childhood friend ー who is the same age, grew up with him, and became adventurers together, is painful. She is a peerless beauty, a person with the title "Sword Master" and called the "Flawless Sword Goddess," a capable woman with achievements recognized by the kingdom and rewarded with appointment as a knight and became a no
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Lozan 3.1


Chapter 12: Mission Accomplished?

19,985 Feb 15,21 Nathan M

Alexaro Taiy is an 18-year-old boy that wants to build his team to complete his missions and to become the most powerful soldier of his generation.
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An Active Hunter in Hokkaido Has Been Thrown into a Different World 4.7

An Active Hunter In Hokkaido Has Been Thrown Into A Different World

Chapter 2.2

425,165 Feb 06,21 Jupiter Studio,Kaltoma

In modern Hokkaido a brown bear has appeared near an elementary school, so a member of the local hunters' association is dispatched to exterminate it. However he gets killed by the bear and wakes up in a fantasy world, armed with only the Remington M870 shotgun he had when he died.
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Chū Boss-san Level 99, Saikyou no Buka-tachi to Tomo ni Nishuume Totsunyuu! 4.6

Chū Boss-San Level 99, Saikyou No Buka-Tachi To Tomo Ni Nishuume Totsunyuu!

Chapter 10

176,473 Feb 06,21 Sorase Haruyuki,Sawatari Kazami

Nalgore has been appointed as a mid-level boss by the Demon King and has arrived at the remote dungeon, "The Cave of Shijima". The workplace conditions in this dungeon are poor, and the employees (monsters) are completely unmotivated--? An exhilarating rebuild fantasy about a middle manager and his subordinates that starts from the worst possible p
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Jingai Hime Sama, Hajimemashita - Free Life Fantasy Online 4.6

Jingai Hime Sama, Hajimemashita - Free Life Fantasy Online

Chapter 2.2: My Home Is Catacomb 2

276,796 Feb 06,21 Warita Koma,Nenohi Akisuzu,Sonohara Ao

Free Life Fantasy Online… a.k.a. FLFO. Tsukishiro Kotone receives this game as gift from her little sister and starts playing. The character’s race she has selected was… one of “Inhuman” races for enthusiasts. A race said to be bad even among Inhuman races that are known to be difficult – a Zombie.
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JK Musou - Owaru Sekai no Sukuikata 4.6

Jk Musou - Owaru Sekai No Sukuikata

Chapter 8: Part-8 Jk, Uses Mp For The First Time

71,687 Feb 27,21 Tsuda Yuuya,Ishikawa Kanoto

Creatures that were supposed to exist only in fiction were running rampant throughout the world, drawing civilization close to its demise. That day, I, the protagonist, noticed that there was a special skill dwelling within me. Leveling up the more she fights and gaining new skills as well as the ability to harness magic in turn, a high school girl who was once a shut-in
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Your ancestor is online 4.4

Your Ancestor Is Online

Chapter 26

218,663 Feb 25,21 You ou qi gongchang

When Zhang Tianling a typical Chinese Otaku plays a game late at night like any usual Otaku with a hikikomori tendency does, he accidentally migrated to a different world and became the founder of the sect in the game he played with all the max stats and skills. Everything seems perfect, right? OP character and skills? what could go wrong? but what he didn’t expect… this sect is now p
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Four Knights of the Apocalypse 4.9

Four Knights Of The Apocalypse

Chapter 5: Four Knights Of The Apocalypse

108,304 Feb 24,21 Suzuki Nakaba

Percival, a kind boy, lives with his grandfather in a remote place called "God's Finger". However, the world will not allow him to live in peace. An encounter with a mysterious knight changes their fate, and a shocking secret is revealed. The boy sets out on an endless journey. Whether you know "The Seven Deadly Sins" or not, you can still enjoy it! The world's most awa
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The Overachiever’s Black Tech System 4.2

The Overachiever’S Black Tech System

Chapter 61

4,430,254 Feb 26,21 Pikapi

Using the Black Technology System, the protagonist enters a world of knowledge, where he improves his learning efficiency by a factor of one billion! He becomes the smartest human in existence, gets rich using his super brain… and experiences the loneliness of being a leader.
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Black Scavenger 4.4

Black Scavenger

Chapter 1

11,535 Feb 03,21 晒不干的鱼

The seeds born of twisted desire take root deep in the heart, feeding on emotions and expanding non-stop. When all of life is sucked away, the seed receives the key to the world and the black monster is born quietly. They are called “evils”. In order to liberate the souls bound by “evils”, a group of resolutely determined people, with the strength of the will from the world
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Gokufuri Kyohi Shite Tesaguri Start! Tokka Shinai Healer, Nakama to Wakarete Tabi ni Deru 4.5

Gokufuri Kyohi Shite Tesaguri Start! Tokka Shinai Healer, Nakama To Wakarete Tabi Ni Deru

Chapter 14

150,421 Feb 24,21 Kokuichi

Many people suddenly find themselves in a white, empty space, where a God-like figure tells them that they are to be reincarnated and sent to an isekai known as Tesla. They are given a limited number of points to spend in various attributes, such as their race and abilities, which will determine their reincarnation into Tesla. The story follows a young boy sent there along with his clanmates from
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It Starts With A Mountain 4.7

It Starts With A Mountain

Chapter 4

58,587 Feb 22,21 VV

It starts with a mountain. A strategic leader gets isekai-ed into a war dynasty. He only has a group of members who were planning to ditch him. Facing this war era, he thinks of stealing food and girls to live a king’s life. He is hot-blooded, picks fights with war heroes. How will he bring chaos to the war? Will he be able to rise up high?
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Binbou Reijou no Kanchigai Seijo Den 4.5

Binbou Reijou No Kanchigai Seijo Den

Chapter 2

72,194 Feb 09,21 Manji MAJI

Even though she is a baron, she is an adventurer!? Then she died in the dungeon! When I woke up, a new life was waiting for me! Is she a saint, or a misunderstanding-⁉ Sophia's splendid (?) Saint Adventure Tan, which can't be beaten later, has finally begun!
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Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01 ~A New Courage~ 5

Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01 ~A New Courage~

Chapter : Oneshot

12,323 Feb 03,21 IZAWA Hiroshi

Special Oneshot between Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01 and Digimon Adventure (2020)
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Ge's Spirit Weapon 4.4

Ge's Spirit Weapon

Chapter 14: Bow Before Profits

41,300 Feb 25,21 Chang Pan Yongzhe

Based on the novel of the same name (Completed at 167 chapters) by Shui Qian Cheng (水千丞), and from the team that brought you "The King's Avatar", comes a fantastical adventure story about the twelve ancient sacred beasts. Why is it that others get to enjoy all the glory, wealth and love when they travel to another world, while he's wanted as a criminal throughout the
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Fire Dragon King 4.5

Fire Dragon King

Chapter 10: Fire Dragon King

254,749 Feb 25,21 Lee Dae-Sung (이대성)

Seo Moon Moo-hui, who had no choice but to look at the world with a different eye from her childhood, unfolds a new world from the tip of his brush, who unexpectedly went out to Kang-ho!
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Abyss Calling 4.4

Abyss Calling

Chapter 4

148,402 Feb 08,21 Ren Sakuragi,Nomura Age

When I noticed it, I was transferred to the fucking social game "Abyss Calling", which is said to be the worst collection system. Stand up as a summoner in a new world to accomplish what you left behind when you were a player!
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Sword, Tiara and High Heels 4.9

Sword, Tiara And High Heels

Chapter 3

22,210 Feb 20,21 笔锋王座原创漫画社

A big fire caused Chen Feng to become blind . While in his despair, he received eyes that have a strange appraisal function, allowing him to identify and appraise treasures, antiques and anything valuable, enabling him to appreciate the Heavens and Earth and also see through everything with his divine eyes.
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Heirs of Cultivation in The City 4.3

Heirs Of Cultivation In The City

Chapter 18

433,188 Feb 16,21

Heavenly Dao collapsed, and the era of the end of the law came. The cultivator Chen Qiuran inadvertently bound the severely damaged Heavenly Dao system and also signed a contract to repair the Heavenly Dao spiritual energy. This is a story in which an unemployed social animal becomes a villain demon under the temptation of the eight insurances and three golds, and invades (crosses out) the w
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