Ijime-kko ni Fukushuu! 4.4

Ijime-Kko Ni Fukushuu!

Chapter 1

2,009 Jan 24,21 Konno Eri

Because of his gloomy appearance Shinoyama Mei is treated as a loser by his classmates. In order to take revenge on the head of the bullies, Enoda, he asks his occult-loving sister to make a poison(?). However, the poison turns out to be a love potion instead!!
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1.5 Meters From Love 3.9

1.5 Meters From Love

Vol.1 Chapter 0

2,007 Jan 24,21 MN

“What are your thoughts on wearing a mask nowadays?” A romance is blooming between a suave salaryman and a kind-hearted punk (who happens to be the cutest convenience store clerk he’s ever seen)... but it’s hard to fall in love in the middle of a pandemic!
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Listen Attentively 4.3

Listen Attentively

Chapter 7: Are You Still Willing To Stay?

39,526 Jan 24,21 Qing Shu

Born into a musical family, Gu Si was known as a genius, but was never recognized by his father because of the lack of emotion in his music. In order to overcome this shortcoming, Gu Si began to study the music of Charles, a musician known for his emotions. Who would have thought that halfway through the book, he would wake up 200 years ago and find himself in front of a paralyzed man with rusty p
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Ooparts Sex 4.8

Ooparts Sex

Chapter 28

170,451 Jan 24,21 AOI Levin

It has always been a one-sided love for Kima. Kima had slept with many guys since high school. However, Furudate was the only student he'd ever loved. Neither has he done it with Furudate before, nor confessed his love to him. One day his mother's lover, Ishiki, appeared before Kima... and so, this unbelievable yet physically and mentally heartbroken love story is presented!
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Love, Which Makes Us One 4.2

Love, Which Makes Us One

Chapter 70: Become King

2,440,108 Jan 23,21 Zhiyin man ke,Hungry Studios Production,Taipa

The overbearing president who is the black wolf king invaded my house, tries to eat me day and night, and he also said want to marry me?! The world of beast is too hard to understand! If I really can’t oppose of it, I can also secretly enjoy it right?
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Fu Fu Qing Cheng 4.3

Fu Fu Qing Cheng

Chapter 54: Under The Table

734,278 Jan 23,21 有狐文化

A pure yin descendant destined to be a ghost bride is actually a man! Repeated warnings not to escape a marriage predestined by fate and a Lord demanding for love! One desperately wants to run away, one ghost desperately wants to pursue his wife. Waiting for the fate of loving and killing each other in the previous life to finally be revealed. Can the emotions of the two be restored as before?
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Holding Room 4.1

Holding Room

Chapter 6

32,087 Jan 22,21 Mocho

Han Jae-hwa is a writer who is attracts attention due to his delicate looks and excellent writings. After a few days of being stalked, he decides to hire a bodyguard, Seong Tae-kyung. As the stalking continue to escalate, Tae-kyung proposes an idea...! ------------------------------------------------- Han Jae-hwa est un écrivain qui attire l'attention grâ
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Love Nest 2nd 3.9

Love Nest 2Nd

Chapter 12

20,051 Jan 22,21 Minaduki Yuu

After finally moving in together, Hoizumi and Asahi start their lives together. But is their life really set? Or will they have obstacles in their way? Stick with these two love birds as they figure out the best way to be with one another for the rest of their lives.
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Sit, Wait, Kiss Me 4.2

Sit, Wait, Kiss Me

Chapter 20

655,458 Jan 21,21 Goto

What would you do if the dog you picked up transforms into a human that wants to do "stuff" with you? Ma Sung Jun does part-time job at animal adoption cafe. One day, after finishing his shift and going home, he finds a lost dog of mysterious species. In usual cases, he likes cats more than dogs, but for some reason he takes the dog home. He calls the dog Tani and leaves his
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Kimi no Nioi 4.8

Kimi No Nioi

Chapter 2

47,868 Jan 20,21 Hiwo Sagano

A reunion after 7 years. And I’m still the same just like those times… I’m still in love with Hijiri… Ito, a hairdresser, decided to rent a share-house in Tokyo. As he moved in, he noticed a sweet, nostalgic scent. There, at the same day, another person came to move in on the same house. It was Takehisa Hijiri, his close friend that he fell in love with!
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Amanojaku ni Koishite! 4

Amanojaku Ni Koishite!

Chapter 5

92,157 Jan 20,21 Aion Kiu

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Uchi ni Oideyo 3.8

Uchi Ni Oideyo

Chapter 6 [End]

78,960 Jan 20,21 Ebihara Yuri

1) Why Don't You Make a Dream Come True With me ? (Uchi ni Oideyo) (2 chapters) : Takao is a talent scout who just met a beautiful guy he wants to turn into a model. However the guy isn't really interested. How far will Takao go to make his dream happen? 2)Love Agreement- Continuation of 1. 3) Replica Love 4) The Guy Made Indulgent - Amai (Koitsu ni Amai ku Dekite Iru)- Nakajima is always
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Love in the Underworld 4.2

Love In The Underworld

Chapter 35

503,782 Jan 19,21 Yang Eunji

The prince of hell and the son of Hades, Ha Ji-wook (Haderius) appears in front Song Si-hoo, a student from the music department and names him as his bride. A reckless love story of the prince of hell that fell in love with a mortal!
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Not a Sugar Daddy 3.7

Not A Sugar Daddy

Chapter 71

2,320,340 Jan 19,21 Pyapya

Jungwoo gets misunderstood because he looks older than his age despite being 20 years old while Youngmin looks like a highschooler despite being a university student. A love story with plenty of troubles between two complete opposites!
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The Imperial Master Above 4.4

The Imperial Master Above

Chapter 10

293,492 Jan 17,21 Nan Fan,Jing Jing,Zi Xi

Wu Xunmei and Xuan Jihua were the leaders of two enemy clans. They were brought together by fate and became lovers. However, they were both bound by the hatred of their clans and Wu Xunmei was forced to kill Xuan Jihua. Unexpectedly, Xuan Jihua was reborn. In this lifetime, can the two’s love bloom?
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AoAo Waiting to Be Eaten (Caught!!) Incorrigible 4.5

Aoao Waiting To Be Eaten (Caught!!) Incorrigible

Chapter 94

1,645,061 Jan 17,21 Si Wang Wenhua,Yao Yao

This is the story of an eastern blue dragon and a western black dragon playing together.
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Keep Holding On 4.5

Keep Holding On

Chapter 8

346,577 Jan 16,21 Kom

8 years of unrequited love where you have absolute control over my poor heart... Just who do you think you are?!
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Fatal Oxygen 4.5

Fatal Oxygen

Chapter 73

456,334 Jan 15,21 Cheese Cat,Tiao Geng (spoon),Xia Shao Ying

Will you become my Alpha?<br>Become the oxygen I rely on to survive…<br>I don’t care if you’re fatal…<br>I will still be perfectly happy to rely on you.<br>Xia Shao Ying’s newest work “Fatal Oxygen”.<br>Stay tuned!
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Sutenaide My Hero 4.4

Sutenaide My Hero

Vol.2 Chapter 9

400,768 Jan 15,21 Himoda Q

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Somewhere In Time 4.5

Somewhere In Time

Chapter 47

463,099 Jan 15,21 Longkun, FreshCG

I met him in the lows of my life. His bravery and confidence saved me. Now I have been his neighbor for one and a half years without even a hello, let alone confession to him. Relation between he and I seemed to change the day when a cat god fulfilled my wish in his way He became a cat and I could touch him a little closer...
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You Own My All 4.5

You Own My All

Chapter 13

86,274 Jan 15,21 绿野千鹅

“Warning: Yaoi content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older.” Third Prince Jing Shao was victorious in war and always surrounded by countless beauties. However, he was wrongly framed and lost everything. Yet the only person who followed him was the unfavoured male concubine that
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Wonderful Days? 4.6

Wonderful Days?

Vol.2 Chapter 16.5: Extra

148,176 Jan 14,21 Tenzen Momoko

Ray is smart and dazzling. A guy that is just like a king. Shingo fell in love with Ray and came out of the closet because of him. He dare not confess to Ray. And being roommates makes it even worse for Shingo. Will Shingo take a step forward?
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