Karera o Meguru Subete 4.6

Karera O Meguru Subete

Vol.1 Chapter 1: All About Their Story

18,297 Feb 15,20 Sato Akihito

Fujiwara, a high school student with an excessive predisposition to misfortune, lives at a seaside town with his alcoholic father. One morning, after suffering from his father's mayhem, he fell into the sea. Fujiwara was saved by the refreshing college student, Oono. Fujiwara falls in love at first sight with the kind and handsome Oono. After that encounter, Fujiwara's world bec
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Suki Nante Iwantoite 4.2

Suki Nante Iwantoite

Vol.1 Chapter 4.5: Extra

239,663 Feb 15,20 Tsuba Daeki

Minato, who got heartbroken by a straight guy. Itsuki, worn out from being forced by his wife to divorce. And an unusual encounter between the two. A clumsy but sincere salaryman x a passive-romantic bartender.
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Yoru to Asa no Uta Ec 4.5

Yoru To Asa No Uta Ec

Vol.1 Chapter 6: End

120,731 Feb 15,20 Harada

Asaichi can't play any instruments and his voice is average. Plus he's only in a band for the girls and the sex. Also, he's homophobic. For some reason, the new bassist is infatuated with him despite the treatment Asaichi gives him.
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Geboku-sama no Iu Toori 4.5

Geboku-Sama No Iu Toori

Vol.1 Chapter 3

299,858 Feb 15,20 Ochi

''A perverted, masochistic(?) slave x a bluffing vampire'' ''Even thought you dislike having sex with me, you're feeling so good that you can't help it... You're so cute...'' Isn't... he totally an S?! In a period when humans and vampires coexist, being sucked by smart and beautiful vampires means having special status. Shion, who is wear
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Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai 4.8

Saezuru Tori Wa Habatakanai

Chapter 39

2,712,766 Feb 13,20 Yoneda Kou

Yakuza Yashiro, who only ever loved Kageyama, meets a new bodyguard, Doumeki Chikara. Unfortunately, the latter is impotent. The masochistic, lewd and beautiful yakuza Yashiro and his silent, clumsy, impotent subordinate, Doumeki. This is the story of a man who has never known happiness and of a man who is reborn by getting to know him.
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At the end of the world, I still want to be with you 4.3

At The End Of The World, I Still Want To Be With You

Vol.1 Chapter 1: Day 1

57,829 Feb 13,20 Gene

“Even if the world ended and you were the only woman left, I’d rather date this waiter!” Just as Nuowan said these words, the apocalypse hit!? When he wakes up, there’s a male waiter by his side… Senyu. And although Senyu’s survival skills are invaluable, he keeps kissing Nuowan out of nowhere! Is he a post-apocalyptic hero, or a kissing demon? Can the pa
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Not a Sugar Daddy 4

Not A Sugar Daddy

Chapter 28

771,655 Feb 11,20 Pyapya

Jungwoo gets misunderstood because he looks older than his age despite being 20 years old while Youngmin looks like a highschooler despite being a university student. A love story with plenty of troubles between two complete opposites!
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Keep Holding On 4.5

Keep Holding On

Chapter 6

255,156 Feb 11,20 Kom

8 years of unrequited love where you have absolute control over my poor heart... Just who do you think you are?!
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No Love Zone 4.5

No Love Zone

Chapter 7

288,025 Feb 11,20 Dambi

Lee Eun-gyeom is your typical office worker. A newbie at his workplace, he's friendly and sociable. However, when it comes to love and relationships, he has the most rotten luck. Enter Han Jihyuk, the handsome team manager who's totally Eun-gyeom's type! But wait a second... Is this demon of a manager out to get him? His arrival is about to send Eun-gyeom through a roller
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Ookami wa Hana no Kaori 4.7

Ookami Wa Hana No Kaori

Chapter 5.5

320,704 Feb 11,20 Riyuma Kana

A long time ago, a wolf and a white doe fell in love and mated with each other. A white-haired child who inherits this blood is known as a "white hart" and is duty-bound to become the mate of the royal family. Ilwes, a soldier who protects the capital, rescues a golden-eyed white hart that was confined in a village. He names the white hart, who is thin and incapable of talki
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Finally Living Together with my Anti-Fan 4.4

Finally Living Together With My Anti-Fan

Chapter 56

2,279,072 Feb 10,20 Hua Xiang Gong Zuo Shi

Popular idol Juna is forced to leave the group due to a homosexual scandal. Half a year later, he enters campus as "Han JunRan", a university student. However, by a twist of fate, his roommate turns out to be his number one anti-fan!? Living together with his anti-fan will turn out to be a complicated experience...
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Houtou Musuko to Koi no Ana 4.6

Houtou Musuko To Koi No Ana

Vol.1 Chapter 1

79,296 Feb 09,20 Kyuugou

Sousuke's lust for women is too much, so he's transferred to a high school in the country. While staying with his aunt, he encounters his first love, his cousin Minori-chan. However, it's his first time seeing them in 11 years, and come to find out, his beloved Minori-chan is a man...and a teacher at his school! His world comes crashing down, but just when he's about to give up, he
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Keeper of the Pearl 4.3

Keeper Of The Pearl

Chapter 10

489,041 Feb 08,20 DOROOK

This is the story of two lovers, Jae Moon and Ji Yeon, fated for each other as a dragon is to its pearl. Their love overcame the barrier of hierarchy, but the star-crossed lovers were torn apart when one of them was killed in a tragic incident. The reincarnated Jae Moon and Ji Yeon are reunited once again in the present time. With such a tragedy in their past lives, will the two be ab
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Marry You? Yes, I Will! 4.7

Marry You? Yes, I Will!

Chapter 3

108,783 Feb 08,20 Manta

“Do you want to easily make a huge amount of money in one go? Marry me.” Yuseong ended up marrying Jinhyuk when the bride didn’t show up on the day of Jinhyuk’s wedding. There was too much money involved for him to say no… But somehow, they’ll be living together and using only one bed now! What’s in store for Yuseong?
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Prime Minister in Disguise 4.6

Prime Minister In Disguise

Chapter 143

2,141,301 Feb 08,20 Mangongchang

A talented man entered the palace to win the favor of the emperor for his younger sister. How could he do that under the cover of a woman in the cruel and complex harem? And what story would he have with the Emperor and the Prime Minister? Not only does he have to fight for the position, but also fall in love for his sister. Will he achieve his goal? What will happen after the Emperor find ou
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Musebenake, Junjou 4.5

Musebenake, Junjou

Chapter 1

71,917 Feb 08,20 Matsumoto Yoh

Yuki has a secret he can't tell anyone... That he's actually a beast-person. Yuki has fallen in love with a regular customer, Godai, a man who hunts beasts for a living. If Godai finds out about his identity, their love and chances of being able to see each other will no longer be possible... Yet, Godai who gets chased out of his apartment ends up freeloading at Yuki's house...?! A man
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The Crown Prince 4.5

The Crown Prince

Chapter 57

363,368 Feb 07,20 Feng Nong,Huang Feng

Once revered as a prince, he is now reduced to such a predicament... The saying "The royal family, a family of cold-hearted killers" is like a quote from a nightmare, hanging over the palace chambers till now.
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Kanchigai, Tokidoki Koi 4.5

Kanchigai, Tokidoki Koi

Chapter 3

188,381 Feb 05,20 Jimi Fumikawa

Taira Naoshi always had a better than average sense of smell, so he could never handle crowded places. One day, while on a crowded train and nearly passed out due to his sensitive nose, a student from another school helps him. Now, to find his crush, he changes high schools.
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Badass 4.6


Chapter 5

362,861 Feb 05,20 Haji

Alphonse is a humanoid dragon who, after encountering trouble in his former position, has been transferred to the Special Prevention Office Against Vermin. On his first day, he not only gets lost and is late, but he also stumbles across a robbery. During the resulting chase, he gets some unusual help from his new partner, who is also his boss? A tale of inter-species partnership!
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Decision 4.6


Chapter 6

148,596 Feb 05,20 Lee-Oh

Jun was a 3rd generation chaebol who had everything and he was getting tired of the dullness of everyday life.  One day, he was drinking with his friends in a private bar room with some women they called over to accompany them,  but he  was in a dazed thinking what the difference was between death and his current life.  Until a waiter stepped into that room and made his heart,
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Hohoemi no Nichijou 4

Hohoemi No Nichijou

Vol.1 Chapter 6: The Ocean In The East + Extra

26,955 Feb 05,20 Naono Bohra

Collection of oneshots: 1. Hinata (In the Sun) A boy who's been scarred from abuse from his parents finds safety and love in the peaceful life of a retired photographer and his newborn. The sequel to this story is the fifth story of A Bird in a Dream. 2. Hohoemi no Nichijou (Everyday Smile) The cheerful smile of a fellow coworker brings out th
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Blood Link 4.6

Blood Link

Chapter 70

2,443,866 Feb 04,20 Brothers Without A Tomorrow

Hwa Gok is just a normal university student, until he sees a girl being attacked by the popular Lee Bin, and jumps in her defence. The only problem is that Lee Bin is more than meets the eye…
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The Reward Comes After The Discipline 4.4

The Reward Comes After The Discipline

Chapter 4

310,641 Feb 04,20 Niyama

The Godai family has always been in the money lending business, and Minoru is no exception to the rule. But what he didn't expect was that a trip to collect a man's unpaid debt would lead to him picking a lot more.<br>After 11 years of taking care of Fuutarou, Minoru finally notices that all his discipline has been in vain. Will Fuutarou ever get his reward?
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