Hetakuso Love Step 4.3

Hetakuso Love Step

0 Feb 27,21 Yoriko

Spring: the second year of university. A time when a student should be able to enjoy their freedom and youth. Even though Kotarou has no friends and no girlfriend, he enjoys his calm life. However, because his beautiful childhood friend Miyako was being pursued by the university playboy Yoshino Aoi, Kotarou was forced to pretend to be her boyfriend. Kotarou thought that he was a
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Dear, My Lover 3

Dear, My Lover

Chapter 1

0 Feb 27,21 DOTGAVI

"If I can't have him, I wish nobody could. If only my sister could disappear...!" Felix, who fell in love with his sister's fiancé, Julian, knows she doesn't love him, but watching them from afar pains him. Felix, who wants to stay by Julian's side, gets a chance on the day of the wedding announcement.一 a possessive desire for Julian. Is it obsession? Or is it love?
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Perfect Body 3.1

Perfect Body

Vol.1 Chapter 1

10,033 Feb 26,21 Cho Sangduck

Coming Soon~
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Form of Sympathy 3.9

Form Of Sympathy

Chapter 32

92,219 Feb 22,21 Park Nodeok

Two unrequited loves ended because of a marriage. Kwon Yuri met Lee Sunwoo, his homeroom teacher, while he was still in high school at the wedding ceremony of his cousin - whom he's had a crush on for years. He found a little comfort in the fact that he was not the only one who was not happy about the wedding. Yuri thought Sunwoo's tears were for his cousin,
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Mukuchi na Omoi wa Koi to Naru 4.6

Mukuchi Na Omoi Wa Koi To Naru

Vol.1 Chapter 1

5,711 Feb 22,21 Edanaka

Yuki has avoided socializing due to trauma in junior high school. It was my classmate Kawai who talked brightly to Yuki. He is different and is the center of the class. Yuki is gradually attracted to Kawai's positive brightness, which he does not have. "If you know this feeling, you will not be able to be a friend." The feeling of having a lid overflows
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Hakujin to Kurobotan 3.8

Hakujin To Kurobotan

Vol.1 Chapter 1

4,283 Feb 22,21 Yukue Moegi

“Kuroi-kun, won't you go on a date with me?” The Wakagashira of the Kuroguro group, Kuroi Kengou, has a troublesome childhood friend. The lawyer, Shirakaba, has been with him since they were born. Whenever he has time, Shirakaba comes to flirt with Kuroi. To get Kuroi's attention, this courageous man even married a woman for a month. Shirakaba, who pushes forth his overflowing love, and Kuro
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The cat is nipping catnips 3.8

The Cat Is Nipping Catnips

Chapter 1

5,521 Feb 22,21 Ling Hui Hui X applepie X 黑卷

Pa Si happened to encounter Qing's pheromone, which smelled similar to a catnip. This encounter made Pa Si, a lover of catnip, greedy for Qing's pheromone. With his attention and attraction only focused on Qing, he tries to stimulate Qing's pheromones by making him angry. The road to mutual understanding is long and it would take the two of them a long time with inevitable mistakes. Pa Si only reg
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Secret Therapy 3.6

Secret Therapy

Vol.1 Chapter 2

14,030 Feb 22,21 Cheongdam

“Nice to meet you. I'm just a lowly junior to you, right?” Rich, handsome, and hardworking college student Yoon Jaesung was not fond of the way his senior Lee Hyun returned to school and suddenly took his spot as top student of their department. On top of that, their first impressions of each other were awful! Completely unlike Jaesung, Lee Hyun secretly transforms and lives as a
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Wootan to Fumi 3.8

Wootan To Fumi

Chapter 3

12,026 Feb 22,21 Saida Nika

Novelist Fumi loves his childhood friend, Woo-tan. Woo-tan curiously sprouts rabbit ears once every month, and during that time, goes to rest at Fumi's house. Woo-tan, who has been candid and cool ever since they were little, now has a juicy body. Fumi started writing novels to sublimate his desire for Woo-tan, but somehow, they started living together...!?
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Kekkon Zenya 2.9

Kekkon Zenya

Vol.1 Chapter 3: Sinful Wedding Part 2

9,281 Feb 22,21 Fujisaki Kou

In a twisted tale of taboo seduction, two brothers find that some bonds go deeper than blood. The night before Rikuto's wedding, his handsome, successful younger brother Takumi pays him a visit. What should have been a standard congrats quickly transforms into a night of sordid sex when Takumi ties Rikuto up and claims he'll stop at nothing to prevent the next day's nuptials! Will their union brin
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Amaeta Kemono no Shitsukekata 4

Amaeta Kemono No Shitsukekata

Vol.1 Chapter 1: Sweet Beast Boyfriend Part 1

2,413 Feb 22,21 Fujisaki Kou

Kazuki has been working as intern under an alias in his father's company. Though he's happily in love with Saijou Chiharu, he couldn't help feeling jealous when Chiharu became the center of attention in a mixer party. He then decided to withhold sex on Chiharu! How long will he last?!
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Karaa ni Kuchizuke 4.3

Karaa Ni Kuchizuke

Vol.1 Chapter 1

10,030 Feb 21,21 OOY

Miki Kuroda, a college student, was forced to wear a collar in the past and has come to reject Doms due to his trauma. However, his body continues to seek for more, and he deals with the overflowing heat by reading erotic novels. One day, when working as a babysitter, Miki meets Moriya, a Dom. Despite being confused, he manages to finish his work, but happens to go into heat.  Moreove
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Kyouken Hachiko 4.3

Kyouken Hachiko

Vol.1 Chapter 1

5,578 Feb 21,21 Miki Laika

Hachiouji Jou, the mad dog, is making a name for himself in the delinquents circle for knocking out various strong delinquent leaders... And his next target, apparently, is Himemiya Seishirou, second year leader of Asanagi high school and a "cat lover"? But as soon as they meet, things take a different turn and an initial attraction leads to steamy sex and some apologies. So who is this Hachiouji
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Fill Me Up, Mr. Assistant! 3.6

Fill Me Up, Mr. Assistant!

Chapter 1

8,280 Feb 20,21 Yuno (유노)

During the day he’s a administrative university assistant but by night, Shin Dowoon works as a demon hunter. Before him appears the promiscuous incubus in the form of a human student named Lee Hayoon. Hayoon offers a contract in return for letting Dowoon capture him. But because of the devils tie up play, Dowoon has no sympathy. Will this rough play be enough to satisfy the demon
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Kohinata-san Chi no Chounan wa Fukigen 4.4

Kohinata-San Chi No Chounan Wa Fukigen

Chapter 4 [End]

18,063 Feb 20,21 Mio Junta

The handsome “mom”, Kano, joins the house of Kohinata: a family of six, all men. The oldest son, Kaname, could not accept Kano due to something that happened in the past. What will happen next?
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When I See That Face, I Can't Hold It Anymore 4.2

When I See That Face, I Can't Hold It Anymore

Chapter 4

38,107 Feb 20,21 Umako Hareya

Matsukawa has all the qualities that would make women fall head over heels at first sight. He’s good looking, has great style, is an excellent worker, treats people with kindness, and even has a great smile. It’s all thanks to his “secret” efforts to make himself look that good. However, he didn’t expect for his co-worker Yuuki, whom he hates, to approach him. A salar
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Thundercloud Rainstorm 3.8

Thundercloud Rainstorm

Chapter 3

13,096 Feb 24,21 Beloved/ Original: Caesim

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The Masquerade 4.2

The Masquerade

Vol.1 Chapter 1

28,071 Feb 19,21 Gwendolyn

Brought to you by: Happy Croissant Scans! 『Sometimes, your future gets decided by just one moment.』 The whole kingdom of Jesús fell into a state of shock after hearing the news of Queen Mary Trizia’s Suicide. While everyone praised Mary Trizia for being an excellent queen, whilst her older twin brother, Rafael Evans, was most suspicious of her death.
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Antinomie 1.8


Chapter 1

18,037 Feb 19,21 Hokousha-you Shingou

Boku no Hero Academia 【doujinshi】 Midoriya Izuku x Bakugo Katsuki
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Stockholm Syndrome 3.8

Stockholm Syndrome

Chapter 0

11,226 Feb 16,21 PACHE&,김빠

“I’m not done talking to you, Hyung.” What is this asshole jabbering about now? “I don't care how much money your family has -- to freakin’ look down on and treat a person like a beggar, how do you think that would make me feel?” Jeong-in was confused as to whether the person in front of him was the same Cho Seung-hyun he had known up till
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Solar Eclipse 4.4

Solar Eclipse

Chapter 6

20,529 Feb 16,21 Pil Hee

"You want me to pretend to be the prince's lover? This sounds like an easy payday!" Lai is a man who's known to solve any problem for cash in the underworld, and he has been  commissioned by Edwin, head of the noble Theodore family, for a secret mission. He needs Lai to stand in for his missing brother, Ellen; thankfully, the two are nearly identical. The aristocracy is rife
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Hinemosu no Tari Kimi to Boku 3.8

Hinemosu No Tari Kimi To Boku

Chapter 1

4,779 Feb 16,21 KINOSHITA Keiko

Naoyuki is a kindhearted person who likes to take care of others. Unfortunately, his hopeless romantic nature often ends in rejections, and his bad taste in men leads him to untrustworthy lovers with bad taste. Meanwhile, Naoyuki’s childhood friend and next door neighbor Yowu continues to harbor a one-sided crush for him, and watches sadly from the sidelines...  
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Eunsoo's Good Day 4.3

Eunsoo's Good Day

Chapter 1

14,784 Feb 13,21 고운

Midnight Mess Scan Summary: Mom suddenly wants to remarry, but the man she's dating… he has twin sons? Do the brothers know about my confused feelings when they tell me they like me? Since we’ll be a family soon, we should try to get along, but… This is way past being close. Don't you think we're being too open with each
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Keep Your Promise 4.2

Keep Your Promise

Chapter 2

12,707 Feb 21,21 시저

"Confess to me again in two years. I'll think about it then." Taehee confesses to Sowon on his graduation with overflowing spirit and instantly gets rejected. Sowon gives him a chance, and so Taehee ends up attending the same college as Sowon two years later. Taehee talks to him with a thrilled heart, but Sowon doesn't seem to remember him...
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