Chapter 20

408,213 Feb 23,21 砂上雪

This is a story between a businesswoman and an apprentice worker. She is a businesswomen. She is realistic and knows what is best for herself. She is an apprentice. She is optimistic and initiative. While at the same time (second pair )... She is a secretary who does not know where her life leads. Under life's pressure, she met her colleague who could not care le
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Kimi to Tsuzuru Utakata 4.7

Kimi To Tsuzuru Utakata

Chapter 8: Opening The Seal

62,722 Feb 23,21 Yuama

Shizuku Hoshikawa, a high school girl who lives avoiding contact with people, writes a novel which is accidentally read by her classmate Kaori Asaka. However, when she reads the novel, she ends up saying: "Let's have a love relationship, for the next job…"
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Shokei Shoujo no Ikirumichi 3.7

Shokei Shoujo No Ikirumichi

Vol.2 Chapter 10: Taking The First Step

106,504 Feb 22,21 Mato Satou,Ryo Mitsuya

In this world, there are Strays - people who arrived from another world's Japan. These Strays were responsible for a great disaster in the past so upon being spotted, they are meant to be killed by Executioners. Menou, an Executioner, meets a Stray named Akari, who she kills without hesitation. Yet, Akari comes back to life. Searching for a way to kill her, this journey of
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The Wolf in Love and Mille-Feuille 4.5

The Wolf In Love And Mille-Feuille

Chapter 5.5: Märchen 5.5: Gap

103,852 Feb 22,21 Ugatsu Matsuki

The Wolf falls in love. A dark fairy tale action starts.
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Words & Kisses 4

Words & Kisses

Chapter 2

9,375 Feb 22,21 Sehee Kim

I wasn't interested in dating... until I met her. Just as I was about to get into another ambiguous, half-hearted relationship, I met her. Hyunjin Go, I couldn't take my eyes off her. I had been treading a dull path, and she knocked me right off. Then I felt it- a little piece of my heart, breaking off and slipping away. "She's so pretty..."
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Hana to Hina wa Houkago 4.7

Hana To Hina Wa Houkago

Vol.3 Chapter 19

262,609 Feb 22,21 Morinaga Miruku

The "after school love comedy" story follows Hana, a small, quiet girl who attends a discipline training all-girls school because she was attracted to the cute uniform. She secretly works at a fancy shop as a part-timer, and one day Hina, the school's super-slender beauty, joins as a new employee. (Source: ANN)
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Big Girl and Small Girl 4

Big Girl And Small Girl

Chapter 12: Big Girl, Small Onee-San, And Tricks

37,623 Feb 21,21 Sasuke

She got rescued from drowning by a stunning young lady, only to find that her savior's younger than her... by a LOT.
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Snake woman and Offering-chan 4.7

Snake Woman And Offering-Chan

Chapter 9

369,264 Feb 21,21 Yu Nagori

A voluptuous, arrogant older woman and a docile girl.
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Ienai Himitsu No Aishikata 4.5

Ienai Himitsu No Aishikata

Chapter 6: Teacher And Student... It's Not Like I Yearn For That Feeling...

95,008 Feb 21,21 Ukaniuka,卯蟹うか,Ukaniuka (卯蟹うか),Urabika,Urabika (卯蟹うか)

Highschool teacher Saeki Nao is secretly a hardcore otaku who loves yuri manga. One day, at a doujinshi convention they participate in, Nao is eager to convey her feelings to "Nyapoleon", an artist she worships. However, it turned out to be a girl from her school, Kurumizawa Haruka, and moreover, she had to help her. After the event, they decided to
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Warikitta Kankei Desukara. 4.4

Warikitta Kankei Desukara.

Vol.4 Chapter 17

1,237,967 Feb 21,21 FLOWERCHILD

Kaburagi Aya, a highschool student who doesn't feel fit in with her highschool life, and Kurosaki Sei, a teacher who was oppressed by the trauma from the past, knowing each other by matching App. With ulterior motives from both side, the relationship between them has been distorted gradually...
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Angel x Demon 4.7

Angel X Demon

Chapter 11

474,953 Feb 21,21 Shimmer

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Tatoe Sekai ga Owattemo, Watashi wa Kanojo wo Erabanai 4

Tatoe Sekai Ga Owattemo, Watashi Wa Kanojo Wo Erabanai

Chapter 15

70,922 Feb 20,21 Fujisaki Roto

In a world coming to its end, who do you want to be loved by? As the end of the world ticks by, this is a story of two girl's trembling love, and their terrifying memories. (This is a comedy)
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Twin Yuri 4.5

Twin Yuri

Chapter 6

27,012 Feb 20,21 Hachiko

The pre-serialization version of Mutually Unrequited Twin Sisters, but with 100% less mutually unrequitedness.
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Banchou to Shatei 4.7

Banchou To Shatei


14,959 Feb 20,21 Junta

the baddest girl at school "the banchou" has a subordinate she's madly in love with, but she can't find out
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You Still Rely on MAGIC? 4

You Still Rely On Magic?

Chapter 2: Salt And Pepper

30,797 Feb 20,21 Shio Kocho

Comic-Walker Synopsis translated by DeepL: Two 14-year-old girls; Toko, an athletic girl, and Yui, a smart girl, are transported to a strange world where girls' sex toys have magical powers. This is a slightly naughty adventure story where they attack monster girls and collect them!
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Fusoroi no Renri 4.7

Fusoroi No Renri

Vol.3 Chapter 66

1,322,585 Feb 20,21 Mikanuji

Tanaka Iori is a worker for a company that sets unreasonable demands, on top of that she has a penchant for dating married men. What a recipe for disaster! One day she gets drunk with an acquaintance and wakes up the next morning by her side naked! What's Iori to do?
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Azur Lane 4-koma: Slow Ahead 4.5

Azur Lane 4-Koma: Slow Ahead

Chapter 65

1,233,774 Feb 19,21 Hori no Su

Azur Lane official 4-koma webcomic.
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Kimi ni Tsumugu Bouhaku 4.6

Kimi Ni Tsumugu Bouhaku

Chapter 8

77,872 Feb 19,21 Yasaka Shuu

Tachibana Haruka is a college second year. She gave up on her dream to live a new life. One day she meets Hayama Nao, a first year student trying to become an actor. Each feeling the opposite towards theater, with unspoken feelings and unasked questions hidden in their hearts, their mutual attraction begins.
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Ojou-sama wa Love Come no Shujinkou ni Naritai! 4.6

Ojou-Sama Wa Love Come No Shujinkou Ni Naritai!

Vol.2 Chapter 19

511,549 Feb 18,21 Sae Watari

Tsubaki Saionji is a second-year high school girl. Despite her grace and elegance, she hides an embarrassing secret - she absolutely loves mindless ecchi harem love comedies, and always wants to be in the protagonist’s shoes.
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Betsukiss 4.8


Chapter 9

213,576 Feb 18,21 Yurihara Aki

April is a vampire who is freeloading at Hikari's house. She needs food to sustain her body, and that is... Look forward to April's antics to get her way!
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I Kissed a Succubus 4.3

I Kissed A Succubus

Chapter 5: Hand To Hand Contact, What Does That Mean...?

58,054 Feb 17,21 Shiratama Moti

Serialized series based on the "A Succubus Yuri Story" doujins, featuring an alternate storyline.
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The Results of My Author/Classmate Discovering My Yuri Obsession 3.7

The Results Of My Author/classmate Discovering My Yuri Obsession

Chapter 23.4: Valentine's Day Twitter Poll

27,206 Feb 16,21 KoniroSango

What happens when a classmate finds out about another girl's secret yuri obsession/feelings? A yuri comedy ensues!
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