You don’t love me 3.8

You Don’T Love Me

Chapter 13.1 : For Fun

214,564 Apr 02,21 Pando

Min Ji Wook, a student trapped in poverty, manages to get accepted into Daehan High School which is the premier high school for children from rich and affluent families. His main goal? Escape poverty by graduating high school with the best rank and entering a top university.To achieve this, he decides to focus on his studies but its not an easy path when he meets: Joo Seung Eon, youngest son
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How Far Have You Gone? 4.5

How Far Have You Gone?

Chapter 102

213,282 Jan 12,18 BiBi

From Lezhin: Looks cute and sweet? Don't judge a book by its cover. Here's a story about the intricate, private details of a newlywed's sex life. Neither his first love, first kiss, nor first experience was with me, but he was my first everything. So how far have you gone?
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Life Completely Ruined 4.7

Life Completely Ruined

Chapter 31: You Are Loyal!

210,575 Apr 03,21 Park Tae Joon,Jun SunWook

21-year-old Jang AnCheol has been on fast-track to success when he is cursed by a classmate he had bullied 3 years ago in high school. Now placed in loser's body he had bullied 3 years ago, he is tasked with stopping 4 “Life Completely Ruined” incidents as well as rehabilitating his past self in order to undo the curse. How will he navigate his way through his past self and his cronies torments?
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Moonlight on the Lake 4.5

Moonlight On The Lake

Chapter 21

209,158 Jan 16,21 Hong Daeui

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Tomorrow (Llama) 4.5

Tomorrow (Llama)

Chapter 22

207,409 Nov 09,17 Llama

The story of grim reaper who prevents death Choi Jun Woong (27,M) has everything except job He get to work in the underworld business by accident He work as the contract worker for special team -- crisis management team and help people in crisis.
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This World is Money and Power 4.9

This World Is Money And Power

Chapter 7

203,787 Mar 27,19 Han Dong Woo

With the arrival of three chaebol members into general high schools, teachers and students will be transformed into " brain fighting " schools that seek power by surrendering to massive capital. Dan-geon, a genius, came to inherit the school rules.
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Kangtawoo 4.8


Vol.1 Chapter 7

180,540 Apr 09,20 Kyungil Yang, Hyungwook Shin

Hyeon Kang, a self-centered high school kid, has to bear the burdening fate of being the master of "KANGTAWOO", the only robot that can stand against "Spelta Empire", which seeks to conquer Earth. A giant robot action in Busan!
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My Partner Taste And Fetishes 4.1

My Partner Taste And Fetishes

Volume 1 Chapter 26

180,482 Apr 12,21 Deokhwa

Jooni, who lives a perfect life. He was full of confidence that he would take first place this semester as well, but it got taken over by the over motivated Cha Si Won. Even on the day of the farewell party, Jooni gets drunk and kisses Si Won. To cover the dark story, he takes a leave of absence and goes to the army. But after 2 years, Jooni and Si Won have returned to school together. They seem t
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Again (Kang Full) 3.7

Again (Kang Full)

Chapter 27

177,808 Sep 12,18 Kang Full

Four years after the incidents of Timing a new mystery arises that presents new dangers to those who are still left alive.
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This Can't Be Love 4.1

This Can't Be Love

Chapter 14: The Meeting

157,141 Jul 24,20 Singnanda

Do (beep) with me. Why would I, you lunatic! A story about the messy cohabitation of the Lord Devil, who has come to the human realm searching for a bride, and the male student who falls under his radar.
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A Girl In The Clouds 4.8

A Girl In The Clouds

Chapter 12 [End]

154,966 Sep 08,18 Jeong Gi-lim, Oh Eun-ji

Fairytale encounter the same village, sixteen boys and girls. One, such as one made of a piece of cloth quilt stitch, perfect love story, while not perfect.
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17 Years Old, That Summer Day's Miracle 5

17 Years Old, That Summer Day's Miracle

Chapter 27

149,246 Aug 27,19 Seok Woo

A main character who's lived for 17 years. The reflection in his gaze tells a special story of that summer day.
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Flowers Falling Together 4.8

Flowers Falling Together

Chapter 7

148,663 Nov 04,17 Queenoo

A young female student is willing to confess to the boy she likes, but only after CSAT is over!
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Family Size 5

Family Size

Chapter 17

148,534 Sep 10,18 Ji-eun Nam, Kim In-Ho

It's the daily life in a family...
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Better Girlfriend 2.8

Better Girlfriend

Chapter 10

145,931 Jun 19,18 Yuen-Ri

Theo has a wish, he wishes to be reborn. What if his wish came true, but he reborn as a very cute girl?
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The Lady's Spaceship 3.8

The Lady's Spaceship

Chapter 59

144,402 Mar 07,21 Yungyung,Romio Tango

The first lieutenant of the Space Alliance Defence Force, Suna Kim, travels dimensionally to a fantasy world called Rofan! An extreme survival story plays out after she dies and reincarnates as the daughter of Duke Langtry, who was cursed and killed. The frugal lady travels in search of her spaceship, which crash landed in the unfamiliar and barren fantasy world. A lively and brutal romance in cou
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How Much I Like You 4.9

How Much I Like You

Chapter 8

143,690 Jul 09,17 Eyzi

Infront of proud and proper Tom, Jaemin often ends up acting stupid. Sigh, when I look at you, why do I become so shy?! The fun of sneakily reading up on the sweet and affectionate couple that decided to lived together.
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An Ideal Relationship 3.9

An Ideal Relationship

Chapter 2

142,691 Jun 27,18 Ong Gaeng

Han Ho Jun decided to take a modelling career because he admired Li Tae In. Li Tae In... a skilled top model, and an unparalleled beauty, but was rumored to have a nasty personality. But then, Ho Jun accidentally met Ho Jun's eyes during a rehearsal and they kept running into each other after that. Were those meetings just some coincidences?
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Put a Smile On 3

Put A Smile On

Chapter 12

142,401 Apr 18,21 Kkokku

For Lee Kang, the captain of the swim team, life is a constant power struggle. And whether it's in sports, or in bed - he always wins. But when Junho from the baseball team accidentally witnesses him having sex with the TA, Kang finds his unyielding new opponent. Will Junho get destroyed just like the others, or will he remain standing with a defiant look in his eyes?
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The Baker on the First Floor 4.6

The Baker On The First Floor

Chapter 2 : Strawberry Sandwich

140,451 Jul 12,17 GyaGa

From Lezhin: Sun Hwa is a BL artist using his room as a secret base to draw his work. One day, he gets caught working on his comic by a handsome blond man. Later, he finds out that this man is the new baker on the first floor. But there's just more to this man than simply his looks.
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Suicide Prevention Committee 4.6

Suicide Prevention Committee

Chapter 9

138,232 Oct 17,18 S.p. potato

In order to die, four people who wish for death must learn to live together. Eat, watch TV, go to amusement parks, they must share their lives and record how they feel to win. Their prize? The Ultimate Death. Or so they think… A surreal series about confronting our pasts, fighting for the future and, by the end of it all, healing together.
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My Cute Gyaru Maid 4.9

My Cute Gyaru Maid

Chapter 1

135,842 Aug 05,20 Saisou

A story about hiring a maid who turned out to be a gyaru. Translated with the artist's blessing by Rotoscopic.: Also translated without the artist's blessing by Going Places. Links: Creator Pixiv: Creator Twitter:
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