It's Not Like That 3.2

It's Not Like That

Chapter 25

82,055 May 07,21 Gangto / Lime

Under pressure from his parents, the popular BL writer applied to the liquor company "Beers." He didn't even have a speck, but he accidentally submitted an unreleased copy of his novel instead of a resume letter, which drew attention and made him pass the final exam! In particular, Baek Ho-ryeong, the president of the company, made a big mistake about the novel, and the illusion goes beyond
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Your Devotion Is My Salvation 3.6

Your Devotion Is My Salvation

Chapter 21 : Afterwords

80,216 Apr 14,21 Nam taeryeong

Police officer Reinholt who went to a 5-star hotel for a vacation wanted a one night stand at first sight with a man who introduced himself as “Milo”. In that passing moment when Reinholt thought of how he wanted to have a special relationship with him, he saw Milo with an unusual crowd… Is that guy part of the mafia…? Even when Reinholt teld himself in his mind that he shouldn , his heart w
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Bocchi-sensei! Teach me MangaDex! 3.9

Bocchi-Sensei! Teach Me Mangadex!

Chapter 13: Reporting A Comment, Enabling Two-Factor Authentication

78,872 Aug 23,19 Bocchi-sensei

Site help manga. To be expanded with additional guides. If you'd like the PSD files to translate to another language PM ixlone on site, @ixlone in comments, ping me on Discord, etc.
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December rain 2.4

December Rain

Chapter 3.1

76,137 Apr 29,21 Kimon

Fresh out of the army, Suchae decides to take some time off and travel around the country by himself. On the first day of his trip, he spots a guy who looks totally his type at a rundown bus terminal. The only problem is, it's the same guy who was jerking off in the bathroom 5 minutes ago. Despite the possibility of him being a creep, however, Suchae is drawn to the mysterious stranger. He finds e
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Tame That Bad Boy 2.6

Tame That Bad Boy

Chapter 11 : [ End ]

70,422 Apr 10,21 Team haejang

Se myeong is the brash young son of a mega corporate CEO. But the stubborn teaching assistant Yi Yeon refuses to break for him. Determined to win him over, Se myeong will spare no expense -whether it's wads of cash or a dose of crazy persistence! Is he just another guy that's fallen for Yi Yeon's pretty face?
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Willow 4.5


Vol.1 Chapter 1 : Part 1

67,287 Jun 08,17 Nick Reid

Willow is a young, blind girl, who is born with telekinetic and psychic powers. Her parents tell her to hide her abilities and never use them in an attempt to keep her from hurting herself, or others. But when her parents are killed by home invaders, while Willow and her sister hide, she vows to become stronger so she never feels helpless again. 8 years later, and Willow had made only a little pro
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Love Live! Sunshine!! Maru's 4-Koma 4.3

Love Live! Sunshine!! Maru's 4-Koma

Vol.2 Chapter 17: Mascot Campaign

65,262 May 24,20 Sakurako Ono

Originally serialized in Dengeki G's Magazine.
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Bound to Be Fools 3.4

Bound To Be Fools

Chapter 18 : Hotel Rooms

60,561 May 09,21 Gahyun

The stress of a demanding father almost drives the fun-loving Kangjin to take his life. But he is saved by Jungkwon, the class president who excels at everything despite coming from poverty. The boys become bound to one another and fall in love... until Kangjin witnesses Jungkwon's family caught in a shameful moment. The proud Jungkwon cuts ties with Kangjin, and their love unravels. Yet cou
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Desire Diary 4

Desire Diary

Chapter 23

58,098 May 14,21 Park Tae Joon

A new work by Park Tae-joon, who succeeded in <Lookism> <Life Completely Ruined> <How to Fight>! The desire that anyone would have, and would the end be happiness or destruction… Let's dive into the new world he draws.
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Fantasy Sketch 5

Fantasy Sketch

Chapter 005

57,103 Jan 02,18 Majin

An aspiring manwha author wannabe who was never really interested in girls finds a girl of his taste. However, the girl is taken. Even so, he still goes after the girl. Will he succeed?
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The Stunning Co-habitation with a Devil 4.6

The Stunning Co-Habitation With A Devil

Chapter 1.1 : 0

56,181 Jul 05,16 Barley Tea

One day, a devil comes for me? A stunning tale of co-habitation with a cute (or not?) devil
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Lunar Lover 3.8

Lunar Lover

Chapter 6

51,882 Jan 08,20 Towoo,Sangeun lee

About to die, a mysterious man grants Yunho immortality. Well, with a catch. During the night, he suffers no injury. During the day, his body burns alive. No, he’s not a vampire. At least that’s what Ui, his young, beautiful, new next-door neighbor wants to believe. Who is the man with the power to defy death? What is the significance of the hair ornament he’s chasing? And why ar
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Confusion Desire 4

Confusion Desire

Chapter 4

46,941 May 10,21 리팬

"Would you like to try it?“ Inhyuk, Suwon, and Yubin are living together after 10 years of friendship. Inhyuk witnesses Yubin trying to kiss Suwon while he is sleeping. In the process of trying to overcome this, Yubin, who wanted to sleep with Suwon, gets caught up in the scheme of three?
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Love percentage 3.2

Love Percentage

Chapter 3

43,913 Apr 05,21 Greengrape

Eunhoo disappeared like smoke after spending a night together. Taeyoon can't forget him, he was his first lover and his first love. But what is this? Eunhoo lives right next door. Yes! and also ... With a cute boy who looks like him! It's Eunhoo, whom he was looking for so much ... But does he already have a partner?
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Shuumatsu no Kohinata-san 4.8

Shuumatsu No Kohinata-San

Chapter 3: Home Cooking

40,744 Mar 08,21 Pochi.,Arita Imari,Poti

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Blooming Days 3.7

Blooming Days

Chapter 15

32,103 May 11,21 Siradasue

"Tulip" first love is "Chen" friend of her brother who are years older than her. When they meet again after she's all grown up and ready to love. Tulip realize that there are more problem to this than their age gap. Is that Chen is not the same man she thought he was anymore.
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Counter Offensive 3

Counter Offensive

Volume 1 Chapter 0

30,699 Apr 11,21 Original author: rando / Namtaeryeong

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Yes, My Queen 3.6

Yes, My Queen

Chapter 1

29,341 Oct 04,20 Updating

William Castle’s topnotch school for aristocrats is famous for its association with many rich and prestigious political circles around the world. One day however, a girl named Mickey enrolled in this school and was confronted by the prince regarding everything. What’s the reason behind her transfer into this school? And what will happen between Mickey and the two princes in school?
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Scarf Man 3

Scarf Man

Vol.1 Chapter 1: Hombres Bufanda Capítulo 1: ¿héroe O Villano? Enter Scarf Man

27,385 Jul 22,20 DH ANIMATIONS

Dennis McMuffin, aka “Scarf Man” was just a 15 year old wannabe Super Hero, but he became one FOR REAL when he permanently bonded with a magical symbiotic Scarf. Now he’s booling off the fridge and fighting crime. He is SCARF MAN.
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Lemon Lighting 3.1

Lemon Lighting

Chapter 5 : Go Back To The Dorm Tonight

27,343 May 09,21 Changpei literature

The heart beats like lightning and thumps like a lemon. There is a chemical reaction between the school grass who is busy doing business and the school bully who is busy doing school work. Qin Weihang x Anning
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Where Art Thou, My Hero 3.6

Where Art Thou, My Hero

26,500 Mar 31,21 Mio

Can Maria, our heroine full of nerves and anxiety, win against the countless villains coming her way?
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Gu Bae's life reversal 3.4

Gu Bae's Life Reversal

Chapter 2

21,961 Apr 21,21 블토

He enjoys a promiscuous dating life, but is a sincere and ordinary high school teacher. One day, a blonde mafia'Yuan' is standing at the screaming of his younger brother Eighth heard over the handset... . Gu Bae's future, who wanted a normal and quiet life...?
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