The King's Avatar 4.7

The King's Avatar

Vol.1 Chapter 10

56,141 Feb 02,21 Butterfly Blue,Chang Pan Yongzhe,D.LAN Cang Lan

The King's Avatar Manhua Adaptation Rerun. Widely regarded as a trailblazer and top-tier professional player in the online multiplayer game Glory, Ye Xiu is dubbed the "Battle God" for his skills and contributions to the game over the years. However, when forced to retire from the team and to leave his gaming career behind, he finds work at a nearby interne
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Raise A Mink As My Wife 4.6

Raise A Mink As My Wife

Chapter 28

68,298 Dec 23,20 Damaizhongjin

A lovely spirit animal is forced to marry a man? travelling into another world, the girl actually became an adorable spirit animal and she even offended the cold and kindless prince who wanted to marry her! She thought she put herself under the patronage of a higher-up, it turned out that the new world is filled with danger and conspiracies… [webcomics]
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The Wolf That Picked Something Up 4.8

The Wolf That Picked Something Up

Chapter 41

501,024 Feb 07,21 Ma Wei

A story about a wolf, his encounter with a small puppy, and their life together following.
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Lord, It Doesn't Matter 4.1

Lord, It Doesn't Matter

Chapter 95

1,696,241 Feb 10,21 SF light novel

The main character, Lord Li De is the fourth son of Lord Yunyang of YongTian Kingdom. After being reincarnated into another world filled with monsters and magic, he tried to live leisurely, but his father had different plans for him. He tried to make Li De a sacrifice in order to make his first son gain more popularity and seem a bit more cruel. This manga starts out by showing how Li De struggles
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Shen Ze 4.6

Shen Ze

Chapter 24: The Human World [End]

52,568 Jan 02,21 KRE,Djade

From an early age, Xu Shenze would often get caught up in the same strange dream. Over time, the dark shadow that the dream cast over his life grew, until, one day, the shadow became real, and suddenly Xu Shenze's life as he knew it was completely torn to shreds. His parents suddenly meet a gruesome end, and all sorts of other strange and disturbing events kept on happening to him. Alone and a
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Spicy Wife 4.2

Spicy Wife

Chapter 113 - End

420,075 Oct 05,20 Iciyuan动漫

The first time Jiang Xinger met Xiao Tingyue, a wealthy, misterious and hansome young man, her only wish is to make out with him. And Tingyue, when he first met Xinger, the young rural girl with some special spice, aloof and cool as him, he couldn’t help it but only to let her be…
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The King’s Favor 4.5

The King’S Favor

Chapter 0

16,407 Oct 04,20 Yun Duan Manhua, Cha Bo

One individual is has a hidden crime that she committed, and the other is a bloody prince who is also the master of strength. Is it destiny or the reincarnation of fate that bought Jin Feng & yu Lou to intertwine with their relationship?
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Fanboy and Robot Idol 3.4

Fanboy And Robot Idol

Chapter 83

75,849 Oct 05,20 Royan

Picking up a has-been robot idol, who has attacked on human beings and taking him home is the crazy thing our MC has done. Faced with this situation, MC decides to help him return to his idol’s life. So let’s start from being a cross-dress streamer. (Isn’t there anything wrong?)
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Sugar Pet 3.2

Sugar Pet

Chapter 19

41,602 Oct 04,20 Updating

Ken will do anything to catch Yuuzuki attention.
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School Hunk Must Love Me 3.4

School Hunk Must Love Me

Chapter 83

55,581 Oct 04,20 Sihai

Souls of two girls have been exchanged with each other after an accident! One is pampered and born with a silver spoon in her mouth while the other is impecunious and dependent on others for living. Will they accept it or struggle with the fate?
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Fallen Star 3.5

Fallen Star

Extra 10

99,881 Oct 04,20 KS

Our famous star realized two facts that give him a headache: One, he is gay but that’s not even the worst part; two, the guy he likes is being forced by his family to go on blind dates and that’s terrible!
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My Own Love Only Belongs to Me 4.5

My Own Love Only Belongs To Me

Chapter 92 - End

81,310 Oct 04,20 KS

Magic love story happening in mages’ club makes your heart dokidoki. Who is who’s only belonging?
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Lunatic’s ugly girl 4.1

Lunatic’S Ugly Girl

Chapter 7

16,504 Oct 04,20 Hangman (manyu)

One is the ugly daughter of former prime minister of a dynasty, the other is the foolish abolished Crown Prince. They have their own different purpose, but support each other and grow up together step by step below the dangerous situation!Resources:
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Men’s Wear Store and “Her Royal Highness” 4.1

Men’S Wear Store And “Her Royal Highness”

Chapter 201

628,670 Feb 21,21 Updating

Zihao Zhang, a brilliant cross dresser who always knows how to pick the killer skirt to wear, just got dumped ruthlessly. What would happen when he accidentally catches the eyes of Yuze Shao, a super straight guy who always assumes himself to be “unbendable”. Suit? Lolita dresses? Hanfu – Traditional Chinese clothing from Han Dynasty? All pieces of cake for Zihao Zhang!
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Wangpai Xiao Cao Meinan Tuan 3.6

Wangpai Xiao Cao Meinan Tuan

Chapter 13

18,327 Sep 30,20 iCiyuan动漫&,Doro

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Let’s fall in love 3.1

Let’S Fall In Love

Chapter 33

29,425 Sep 30,20 Tang Bu Xing

He used to be the brightest superstar until a rumor was spread that he was a homosexual. Luckily, he got an opportunity to start his singing career again…as a young girl!
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Sexy Food 3.3

Sexy Food

Chapter 58

111,254 Sep 30,20 Daoruisi

How could one be a chef when he lost his taste sense? It doesn’t matter! You can get the whole world if you have the hacking knife! The delicacy lottery system, the beautiful female master and the spiritual space! “Instructor, I want to be a chef!” Since then, Fu Yanze officially walked on the way to be the God of Food (God of the Back Palace)!
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Weak Pretty School Boy’s Love Story 4.2

Weak Pretty School Boy’S Love Story

Chapter 57

40,922 Oct 01,20 Born For Art Comics Studio

Lin Ran, a man with a more beautiful face than women’s, is so timid that even cockroaches can scare him into scream, and his physical strength is also close to zero; meanwhile when he meets the heroic campus girl bully, will it be the journey of a girl bully master and a pretty boy apprentice, or the official opening of a school pretty boy’s courtship diary?
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CEO x Otaku Girl 3.2

Ceo X Otaku Girl

Chapter 77

28,639 Oct 07,20 阿柯文化

A pretty otaku girl leaves the virtual world and meets a CEO?!! He’s so gay the first time I see him! This is too thrilling. I’d better get away from him…
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Courage 2.9


Chapter 90

48,400 Oct 01,20 KS,Sihai

What frightens the young, handsome, gentle, and capable collegue is taking pictures? Will a reunion with an old acquaintanted who now is his new boss uncover a hidden past? What will follow the meeting with a schoolmate? Is it a love triangle? Or a relationship to say goodbye to the past?
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My Naughty Wife 3.3

My Naughty Wife

Chapter 102

94,625 Sep 30,20 KS,Sihai

A misguided affair began with A Truth or Dare? A intimate night? He licked his bleeding lips with dangerous looks. He blushed and buried his head in her neck with cutesy. Who says it’s better to settle a quarrel than to make one?
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President’s Shy Kiss 3.9

President’S Shy Kiss

Chapter 148

172,589 Sep 30,20 开源动漫

After drunk, she was favored by the heir of a rich family. With every step he took, she took a step back… A sudden car accident led to a huge conspiracy behind… Six years later, she took a pair of lovely baby, trying to find out everything, but met him again.
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