Strongest NPC 4.4

Strongest Npc

Chapter 2

8,023 Jan 22,21 Breaking boundaries

In this era of national martial arts, Chen Ji originally thought that as long as he worked hard to practice martial arts he would be able to get rid of campus bullying, stay with school flowers and live together, and reach the pinnacle of life. However, he discovered that this world is not what he imagined. It's that simple...Nesta era de artes marciais nacionais, Chen Ji Portuguê
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Soukyuu no Shihai-sha ~ Isekai Oppai Musouden 4.5

Soukyuu No Shihai-Sha ~ Isekai Oppai Musouden

Vol.1 Chapter 2

14,037 Jan 22,21 AKAI Maruboro

Hanakizawa Haruzawa, a very normal high school student, gets reincarnated into a new world because of an accident. A goddess tells him, "I want you to save the world that is dominate by magical beings". She then gives him a power called . And this ability grants him the ability to manipulate boobs as much as he wants! How will the story of Haruzawa–who lives in a world with princes
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The First Hunter 4.8

The First Hunter

Chapter 27

256,681 Jan 20,21 디다트,전찬욱

One day the world perished, and a group of monsters emerged to control the whole world. In this eschatology, a group of people awakened and each acquired different special abilities. They are constantly escalating in the struggle, trying to save the world. The infinite chaos mode of Daguai upgrade will be opened soon ...  
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A Story about a Cat Reincarnated in a Different World Where There are no Cats. 4.9

A Story About A Cat Reincarnated In A Different World Where There Are No Cats.

Chapter 9

80,237 Jan 21,21 Tooyama Ema

A story about a cat reincarnated in a different world where there are no cats.
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Devouring Realm

Chapter 5.5

52,142 Jan 17,21 You Fang Xiaoxian,游方小仙

In his previous life, Qiu Lin lost his most cherished partner due to his own mistakes. In order to defend the honor of the trade union, he tried his best to die with the enemy. Now, the reborn Qiu Lin has returned to the starting point of everything. In order to make up for the regrets of the previous life, he will fight to…
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Wizard's Martial World 4.4

Wizard's Martial World

Chapter 10

150,404 Jan 21,21 Park Jeongsu (박정수),Jeiko (제이코)

At the age of 78, Midran, an archmage is still searching for a way to reach 8th circle.  Then he is suddenly turned into a child. Will he be able to recover mana from his past life and become the Archmage of the 9th circle? This is the story of the archmage's struggle in the Murim...  
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My Childhood Friend, the Devilish Knight, Hates Me 4.5

My Childhood Friend, The Devilish Knight, Hates Me

Chapter 2

66,183 Jan 17,21 Aminohada,IZUMI Izu

Suria, who has just been appointed as the new “Spirit Princess,” is reunited with her childhood friend, Reiss, with whom she had a falling out. Several years have passed since that bitter memory and Reiss, now known as the heartless “Devilish Knight,” is entrusted with the important task of being her escort. The two now have to travel together, bringing out Suria’s ol
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Unnamed Memory 4.8

Unnamed Memory

Chapter 3

66,202 Jan 17,21 Furumiya Kuji,Koshimizu Naoki

“As long as you’re the master of that sword and I’m a witch, someday you’ll have to kill me for real.” As a child, Oscar, Crown Prince of Farsas, had been cursed to be childless. At the age of 20, he paid a visit to Tinassha, the strongest witch in the continent, to break the curse. He came back bringing Tinassha along as his protector, and
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Hero in White Coat 4.8

Hero In White Coat

Chapter 2.2

94,269 Jan 17,21 Kokonoe Juuzou,Toyohata Tsubasa

Tenchi Kaito is a rare genius scientist. When he wakes up one day, he has been transferred to another world. Kaito obtains a rare magic called "Creation" that allows him to create things he once saw. With the help of a female mercenary, Kaito lives with her, earns money by using his creation magic, and spends his days in peace and fun, but he gets caught up in various disturbances. &hell
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Poisonous Witch Doctor 4.4

Poisonous Witch Doctor

Chapter 14.2

88,263 Jan 17,21 Barrel of paste

The witch’s descent, David Sun, has decided to join the modern society after learning all the witchery and vermin from his master. He doesn’t have any goals other than his family’s well-being and earn some extra money by saving people from illness. He did not expect trouble to come to find him. While facing all the temptation and evil, watch how a fatty hides from others’ s
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Secrets of the Golden Desert Fox 3.8

Secrets Of The Golden Desert Fox

Chapter 30

20,046 Jan 17,21 노란선인장

A love story between a human with a hidden identity and a ghost. A story that pioneers a new era of romantic fantasy comics in south korea.
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Sunny With a Chance of Dragons! 4.5

Sunny With A Chance Of Dragons!

Chapter 1

6,727 Jan 17,21 郭晓

There exists a young girl with a pair of braids from bones that’s called the witch, suddenly a dragon egg fell on her head and met a fierce baby dragon, the two discriminated beasts, worked together to find where they belong, what will they meet in their adventure?
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Advent Life Revision 4.1

Advent Life Revision

Chapter 7

37,568 Jan 16,21 Iron-Armed Rose

Lee Harin is a model student in his school who has an all perfect face, education, and personality. But one day he had a dream of changing his tedious life. The next day, a strange transfer student comes and sits next to him. But he suddenly said he’s going to kill Harin that day. Harin, who’s troubled by the transfer student who chases him around threatening to kill him, begs for forg
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The Strongest Warrior Goes to School 4.3

The Strongest Warrior Goes To School

Chapter 8

46,152 Jan 16,21 Mahui

Seok Hyun-woo is frequently bullied by the troublemakers at his school, who love to take advantage of Hyun-woo’s poor circumstances. Hyun-woo toughs it out though and continues to endure this frustrating situation. This all changes though, when on one (un)fortunate night, Hyun-woo is beaten and embarrassed by the bullies, with his spirit being pulled from his body shortly afterward. Coincidi
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Above All Gods 2.9

Above All Gods

Chapter 1

8,839 Jan 14,21 AAG

English Gu Tianlang, the King of the Xiaoxiao, the capital of the new fairy god, was besieged by everyone, jealous of heaven, besieged in Chiyan Ridge, tried by heaven, deprived of the fairy magic foundation, the throne of life and death, but the ancient Sirius used a Mysterious ancient jade, reborn five hundred years later! The enemies of the last life, the revenge of this life, the shame o
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Genkai Koe No Tenpu wa, Tensei-sha ni Shika Atsukaenai - Overlimit Skill Holders - 4.8

Genkai Koe No Tenpu Wa, Tensei-Sha Ni Shika Atsukaenai - Overlimit Skill Holders -

Chapter 1.2

178,502 Jan 18,21 Nagatsuki Misoka,Yasuaki MIkami,Ashito Oyari

An extremely beautiful adaptation of a story that held the 1st place in “Let’s become a novelist” both Monthly and Quarter Yearly. A fantasy adventure about bonds forged with people in a different world. The setting is a world, where everyone has eight skill slots. In these slots people can put skills like “Strengthen arm ★&rdqu
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Shinmai Ossan Bouken-sha, Saikyou paati ni shinu hodo kitae rarete Muteki ni naru 4.6

Shinmai Ossan Bouken-Sha, Saikyou Paati Ni Shinu Hodo Kitae Rarete Muteki Ni Naru

Chapter 15.1: The Country In Which The Strong Congregate (Pt. 1)

483,315 Jan 16,21 Ogino Ken,Tea,KISHIBA Kiraku

It is common knowledge that it is best to become an adventurer when you are as young as possible. It is common knowledge that it is best to become an adventurer when you are as young as possible, because the magical power that is the basis of an adventurer's strength will hardly grow if you don't train it while you are young. But this man, Rick Gladiator, who became an adventurer when he w
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Kage no Kyuuteimajutsushi 4.7

Kage No Kyuuteimajutsushi

Chapter 2

56,123 Jan 13,21 Ryousuke Hata,Shiroishi Kotoni

Leon is the kingdom's most worthless Court Magician.  One day, his repeated absences are punished and he is sent to the battlefield, but with the quick wits he was hiding he saved the Third Princess Sicily?  Then, along with the reformer princess, and steeling his own resolve, Leon becomes a specialized officer determined to control events from the shadows.
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I Was Fired as an Adventurer, so I Became an Alchemist! 4.8

I Was Fired As An Adventurer, So I Became An Alchemist!

Chapter 3: A Story Of Feeling How Nice It Is To Become Stronger

60,167 Jan 13,21 Konno Kengo,Sasaki Sazameki

Although  Craft carries an adventurer's life with a magician's crest, he had overwhelmingly low talent for a magician !! Due to his lack of talent, his parties continued to fire him. On the recommendation of an official he changed the crest. With the new crest, he became the legendary "Alchemist of Twilight!" Craft, that has been reborn from the weakest magician to the stron
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Deity Descension War 4.3

Deity Descension War

Chapter 3

17,285 Jan 12,21 Steam Animation Studio

The Continent of the Goddess is divided into two realms, the Xuan, Ao, and Ling tribes are gods in the sky. The human beings who have awakened the soul wheel can summon the gods to inhabit the gods in their bodies and become the goddess masters! Song Xiaoliu, a young man from the border town, possessed peerless talents and was tragically assaulted. He was judged that he had no destiny for his life
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The Fallen Prodigy 4.2

The Fallen Prodigy

Chapter 3

15,849 Jan 12,21 蒸汽动漫工作室

The Continent of the Goddess is divided into two realms, the Xuan, Ao, and Ling tribes are gods in the sky. The human beings who have awakened the soul wheel can summon the gods to inhabit the gods in their bodies and become the goddess masters! Song Xiaoliu, a young man from the border town, possessed peerless talents and was tragically assaulted. He was judged that he had no destiny for his life
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The King’s Beloved Daughter 4.4

The King’S Beloved Daughter

Chapter 3

49,753 Jan 21,21 大行道动漫

As a daughter of calamity/misfortune, she chose to marry into the Duke’s Family, to get rid of her tragic fate in her kingdom. Unexpectedly, her scum of a man husband deals a fatal blow to her head. His mistress contributes to her unexpected death. She is given an unexpected chance of rebirth… opening her eyes again, she returned to her childhood, facing the faithful maid, the indiffe
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King of Fire Dragon 4.6

King Of Fire Dragon

Chapter 5

22,229 Jan 19,21 Lee Dae-Sung

Seo Moon Moo-hui, who had no choice but to look at the world with a different eye from her childhood, unfolds a new world from the tip of his brush, who unexpectedly went out to Kang-ho!
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Your Mask is Falling Off, Your Majesty 4.6

Your Mask Is Falling Off, Your Majesty

Chapter 2

3,748 Jan 16,21 云霜堂工作室

Gou persuades, Su Lili, the girl who unfortunately time-travelled to become a useless princess, and wants to marry the world’s most terrifying mad emperor – Yi QiYaun, in place of her sister! She was planning to escape the marriage before she got on the sedan chair, but she finally rolled into the palace and ran away with Xiao Bailian! ! The world is so big, she is going to a place whe
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