Hetakuso Love Step 4.3

Hetakuso Love Step

0 Feb 27,21 Yoriko

Spring: the second year of university. A time when a student should be able to enjoy their freedom and youth. Even though Kotarou has no friends and no girlfriend, he enjoys his calm life. However, because his beautiful childhood friend Miyako was being pursued by the university playboy Yoshino Aoi, Kotarou was forced to pretend to be her boyfriend. Kotarou thought that he was a
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Bulan! 3.9


Chapter 0: Prologue

0 Feb 27,21 MakanOrang

Bulan was homeschooled since she was little, and she's about to start attending public schools now?!
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Amayakasanaide Fuku Shachou ~Danna-sama wa SSR~ 4.7

Amayakasanaide Fuku Shachou ~Danna-Sama Wa Ssr~

Chapter 1.1

2,002 Feb 27,21 Nakatsuki Kana

Maki is obsessed with her gacha otome games with no other interests in life. That's just fine with her company's vice president Sakurai, and suddenly Maki found herself living with him with a marriage contract while trying to keep it all a secret at work. Now real-life secret love will melt her heart!
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Sanzennenme no Kamitaiou 3.6

Sanzennenme No Kamitaiou

Chapter 5: Shrine

4,011 Feb 27,21 KATOU Fumitaka

3000 year old god decides she wants to quit being a god so she becomes a high school girl. Alternative Raw
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Senki to Yobareta Otoko, Ouke ni Ansatsu Saretara Musume wo Hiroi, Issho ni Slow Life wo Hajimeru 4.8

Senki To Yobareta Otoko, Ouke Ni Ansatsu Saretara Musume Wo Hiroi, Issho Ni Slow Life Wo Hajimeru

Chapter 2

16,051 Feb 27,21 Haaana Denka

The kingdom's mercenary Ordoll, also known as the "War Demon", is feared by enemies and allies alike. Although he is meant to win every battle, he is "assassinated" the day after a cease-fire agreement with a neighboring country is concluded. After pretending to be dead, he manages to escape and decides to head home, shaving his beard and shortening his long hair. Immediately bef
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Ikemen ni Tensei Shita kedo Cheat wa Dekimasen Deshita 4.5

Ikemen Ni Tensei Shita Kedo Cheat Wa Dekimasen Deshita

Chapter 2.2

58,144 Feb 26,21 Mikan Jelly

After Koganei was rejected by a girl he had confessed to, he angrily ran off and was hit by a car. When he woke up, he found that he was reincarnated in another world as Theodore Goldberg, the eldest son of a marquis. And of course, as Koganei is no stranger to isekai series, he knows that he will have some sort of cheat skill to become overpowered and live a slow life. A
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Hamster 5


Chapter 5

12,034 Feb 26,21 Ji Chuan Liu (吉川流)

A series of short oneshots from the author's weibo about the misadventures of a sly house cat and an earnest hamster.
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OpeKan 3.8


Chapter 4: Case 4: Courageous C-Section

4,018 Feb 26,21 Ningen Mao

Inside the Surgery Room it is always very dramatic! Hayashi Akiko, 22 year old single! Searching for highly praised in dramas cool surgeon boyfriend became a nurse♡ To become a popular woman, she applied for a job as an Surgeon Nurse (shortly OpeKan)! But in reality working in a hospital is way different that in dramas!  It's very rigorous and cruel place... The bittersweet
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A Story About a Yakuza and a Detective With a Stern Face 4.9

A Story About A Yakuza And A Detective With A Stern Face

Chapter 8: The Tale Of Anto-Kun

86,181 Feb 26,21 Seiju Natsumegu

The love story between a yakuza and a detective who both can't be honest with their feelings.
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I Decided to Offer Myself to Motivate Senpai 4.2

I Decided To Offer Myself To Motivate Senpai

Chapter 13

56,133 Feb 27,21 橘姬社, 吉太

Jiaxia is a new editor for the comic company BliBli. Ever since high school she has admired comic artist Taiji-sensei, who inspired her to pursue a career in the 2D world. Although Taiji-sensei has a bad reputation in the publishing world for being lazy and troublesome, Jiaxia is determined to be her new editor. But will she be able to get Taiji-sensei to finally get motivated to draw a new comic?
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A Meal Makes Her Forget 4.6

A Meal Makes Her Forget

Chapter 2: Full Speed! With Toruko Rice! (In Nagasaki)

2,004 Feb 27,21 Abe Jun

Meet Sasaki Sachiko. A 29 year old woman who works as an editor to a popular magazine. Her life is great, and soon it's going to be amazing because she's going to be married. Until suddenly ......... "Anyway, I need to eat so I could forget that day" ------ Published in Indonesia by Level Comics under title "A Meal Makes Her Forget"
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Isekai Kenja no Tensei Musou ~Geemu no Chishiki de Isekai Saikyou~ 4.8

Isekai Kenja No Tensei Musou ~Geemu No Chishiki De Isekai Saikyou~

Chapter 5: It Was Like A Raid.

92,268 Feb 27,21 Shinkou Shotou,Sanjuu Sanjuu

A young man unfortunately died in the modern era, he reincarnated in another world under the name "Eldo," which also happened to be a world similar to a VRMMO game that he used to play in his previous life. However, it's a world where he knows the "basic skills." Eldo became a level 1 adventurer, playing as a "novice," but he knows the world better than anyone, and this is because of the "data he
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Revenge Is Ours 4.8

Revenge Is Ours

Chapter 15

10,022 Feb 25,21 Gomok,Nam yuhyeon

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Is Everyday Life Possible? 4.6

Is Everyday Life Possible?

Chapter 2

2,007 Feb 27,21 독점 시녹,정경윤

Yoo-il Hotel's representative director is Lee Hojin. He not only possesses an outstanding appearance and background, but he is also competent, modest, and well-mannered! The natural enemy of such a man is Lee Youngjun, his cousin. In order to screw over the devious last boss who takes everything away from him, even the attention and spotlight meant for others, Hojin is trying to obtain an art piec
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What Do I do if I signed a marriage contract with the elf princess? 4.5

What Do I Do If I Signed A Marriage Contract With The Elf Princess?

Chapter 1

4,004 Feb 25,21 Tachibana

“Warning: Yuri content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older.” Nanyue only came to the Elf King for a transfer, and suddenly inexplicably signed a marriage contract with the Elf Princess Asha. Wait, I'm a female, how can I marry the princess? Wait, why should I be wanted by the whole world af
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The Killer Lives Next Door 4.6

The Killer Lives Next Door

Chapter 1

3,887 Feb 24,21 김성희 / Kim Seonghee

A killer who can completely conceal all traces of his existence has been hired to deal with the target while keeping a low profile. However, the place where the killer infiltrated was an apartment in Korea that was has poor soundproofing level. Everyone can hear everything that is happening in the apartment. It is in this place that the killer is to monitor the target until given further instructi
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Waka-chan is pushy again 4.6

Waka-Chan Is Pushy Again

Chapter 1.1

10,030 Feb 24,21 島村 (shimamura)

One Friday… Tomoya, a first-year college student who is determined to get a girlfriend, becomes friends with a beautiful, soothing girl, Sakuraba Waka, but is unable to find the courage to take the first step. Then one day, Tomoya witnesses another side of Waka…?
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Your Memes Are Better Looking Than You 4.3

Your Memes Are Better Looking Than You

Chapter 3

985 Feb 27,21 毛球球

Gu Wei: the infamous lead dancer in boy band T.ATW who has more anti-fans than fans. Jiang Xun: the captain of Team TMW, an esports team that tops the ranks in FPS game ‘Shou Ze'. Through their meddling parents… the two suddenly become engaged! But Jiang Xun, who thinks Gu Wei is his fan, never expected to hear Gu Wei say, “Your reaction memes are better-looking than you.”
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Oh My Boy! 4.3

Oh My Boy!

Chapter 2

4,015 Feb 27,21 Kanipa

Just because of his short stature and his sweet and adorable looks, Arya has only ever received rejections from his crush, Saras. Tired of getting his heart broken, he decides to move on by changing his appearance and becoming the ideal Saras likes as revenge. Unfortunately for him, it seems the universe plans to test him for a while longer.
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Can’t Get Along With Dear Princess 4.3

Can’T Get Along With Dear Princess

Chapter 1

6,011 Feb 24,21 石头人

“Warning: Yuri content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older.” For my country, I was prepared to sacrifice myself, even for marriage. But the one I had to marry happened to be a girl. I had thought I had pranked the goddess pranker, but unexpectedly the goddess had pranked me.
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The Last Dynasty 4.1

The Last Dynasty

Chapter 5

1,663 Feb 27,21 Mo Fei

The story is about a university student named Gao Ying, who happened to be staying at a hotel in an old town with many mysteries and suddenly got caught up in a conflict, a disaster from hundred of years ago. Here, for the first time ever, the truth of the world will be revealed to his eyes. A mysterious story filled with spiritual elements and humor.
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The Pinnacle Doctor 4.5

The Pinnacle Doctor

Chapter 6

34,092 Feb 23,21 时光鱼

The Pinnacle Doctor – He is an ordinary caregiver, and no one expected that he would have a special skill. Let's watch the teenager step on the enemy, embrace the beauty, and play in the bustling city!
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I have regret medicine 4.2

I Have Regret Medicine

Chapter 1

8,026 Feb 23,21 Extreme Man Culture

In an accident, the employee Lu Heng possessed such a magical ability. He got the regret medicine that countless people dream of, and his life started again. After taking it, I have benefited a lot, and the effect of the medicine is very wonderful, staged a Jedi counterattack, counterattack the city. Picking up leaks, hitting faces, all willfulness. Not only is wealth in his hands, he also has bot
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