Madoka's Secret 4.7

Madoka's Secret

Chapter 6.5: Bonus: Madoka And Itsuki After That

118,333 Mar 14,20 Deme Kingyobachi

Yamada Madoka (♂) loves all sorts of cute things! He grew up playing with dolls, sleeping with stuffed animals, and wearing girl's clothes that his sister made for him! The problem is, other people just don't understand, so when Madoka's family moves to a new city, he commits to acting like a boy at school. But what happens when his neighbor, Tanonaka Itsuki, finds out about his inclin
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 Cajole a Childe Into Being My Boyfriend 2.9

Cajole A Childe Into Being My Boyfriend

Chapter 155

797,611 Apr 27,20 You lu wenhua

Saint Vincent High School, which has always been known as the Nunnery, suddenly got two super handsome teenagers transferred at the same time! Because of accidentally bumping into the secrets of the two, Dora started a weird relationship with them on the first day of school. I just want to teach you a lesson, what the hell is that confession?!
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Otome no Harawata Hoshi no Iro 4.7

Otome No Harawata Hoshi No Iro

Chapter 9

2,543,580 Feb 15,21 Yuhra Ishito

20 years ago, Weve Aliens arrived at Earth to search for marriage partners. Weve are perverted and love interbreeding. With their advanced technology, they have solved all the Earth's problems to do with the environment, food, and resources. Gen is a student at the prestigious Human-Weve school Shinryou Academy. Due to his late grandfather's words, he loathes Weve and believes that pure hu
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Delicious! 5


Chapter 1: The Birth Of The Talented-Cooking Idol!?

14,532 Jan 09,20 Kobayashi Miyuki,Ayumi Yui

Ringo Nonohara's dream is to become a star. Although she can't cook, she tries out for the lead in a cooking show called "Delicious Time," which will also be starring the star she idolizes, Mahito Ishizaka. When she discovers that the final stage of the competition will mean she has to prepare a dish, however, Ringo calls on her good friend, chef, and next-door-neighbor, Tsutsui
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Everyone's Loose Screw 4.7

Everyone's Loose Screw

Chapter 4: The Old Man With The Covered Head

76,625 Jun 23,20 Yohsuken

Junior high school student Misaki Nanao realizes the people of the town she lives in are slowly going insane. At the same time, she starts seeing Beherin, a mysterious demon. “If you make me believe you, I shall help you”. Misaki believes the demon’s words and talks about her terrifying personal experiences; however she gets dragged into people’s increasing insanity, horrif
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Wonder! (Akira Kawa) 4.3

Wonder! (Akira Kawa)

Vol.3 Illustrated Essay: About Nyan

64,802 Sep 06,19 Akira Kawa

A young boy and dog suddenly appear in the life of a carefree couple. The boy is Kota, taken in by his uncle and aunt after the sudden death of his mother. The dog is a mysterious creature he picked up named Wonder. The four of them grow as they awkwardly overcome various incidents and troubles.
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Yurucamp △ 4.8

Yurucamp △

Vol.3 Chapter 18.5: Room Camp

216,938 Aug 03,19 Afro

Rin, a girl camping by herself at the base of Mt. Fuji. Nadeshiko, a girl who came to see Mt. Fuji on her bicycle. The scenery the two witness over a supper of cup ramen marks the start of a new friendship and many adventures to come, camping in the great outdoors!
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Hitorigurashi no OL wo Egakimashita 5

Hitorigurashi No Ol Wo Egakimashita

Vol.1 Chapter 8

79,274 Jul 27,19 Yori Kurokawa

The life of a Japanese salaryman or OL (office lady) can be a thoroughly depressing one. Waking up early, working all day, staying out late for (mandatory) drinks with clients and coworkers, and then catching a few hours of sleep if you’re lucky, only to repeat it again and again and again.<br><br>This is the story of a “Single OL” and her pitiful lifestyle.
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Bad Girl-Exorcist Reina 4.8

Bad Girl-Exorcist Reina

Vol.4 Chapter 39: Exorcism #39 - Waking Up

1,361,093 Feb 24,21 Otosama

Reina Suzuno, a transfer student with a sukujan, blonde hair and loose socks looks totally like a criminal, is a stalker? It turns out that Reina is not a stalker, she is actually an exorcist, an excellent exorcist, the intimidating behavior she has is actually a unique method of exorcism, which exterminates the evil spirits that roam the earth, capable of exorcising hanako from the bath already m
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Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru (fan-colored) 4.8

Soredemo Ayumu Wa Yosetekuru (Fan-Colored)

Vol.2 Chapter 24: The 24Th Move

439,965 Jun 20,20 Yamamoto Souichirou

Ayumu wants to beat his Senpai at Shogi so he can confess his feelings. Though the day of his victory is still nowhere to be seen, this is the story in which he may ‘checkmate’ her by other means.
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Mofu O Neesan No Atatame-kata 4.8

Mofu O Neesan No Atatame-Kata

Chapter 18

565,117 Feb 10,21 Shiina

“I received my life to warm you up, blankets are a god too.” <br>A boy who's really sensitive to cold, Minato, meets a mysterious girl, Kokoro, on his 15th birthday on winter. Kokoro says that she's an artifact spirit that born to warm Minato's heart, and would do anything to make sure he is warm to the core! A very exciting manga with “Warming Action” an
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Nanahoshi to Tachibana 5

Nanahoshi To Tachibana

Vol.2 Chapter 9: Festival's White Bread

146,554 Nov 09,19 Sayaka Ameno

In a small village, there is a small bread shop run by small twins. If the very busy forest becomes gloomy, then that's just the beginning. Sometimes, there's the beat of a heart. Sometimes, there's shedding of tears.
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His Royal Highness is Hungry 4.7

His Royal Highness Is Hungry

Chapter 80

1,854,378 Jan 05,20 璎珞

My name is Qiu Kui, and I time-traveled! From the wonderful modern world to a poor, ancient village where there's no internet, and even electricity! Worst of all, my parents drowned themselves and my younger sister is physically challenged, and not forgetting the fact that our family is also in debt. I mean, seriously, how can I live under these circumstances! T
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I'll Start Being a Feminine Boy 4.5

I'll Start Being A Feminine Boy

Chapter 16: Step 16

165,181 Feb 11,21 Junko Ike

Regular high school boy Toru Takahashi is in love with high school girl Yuri Otogane, but she’s not really into guys. Toru decides to win Yuri’s heart by embracing his feminine side so he enlists the help of one of his “girly” friends, Toranosuke Sagara, to help develop his sense of beauty...
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Heisei Policemen!! 5

Heisei Policemen!!

Vol.1 Chapter 4: I Alredy Saw It So It Can't Be Helped'su!

54,130 Mar 04,19 So-he- Inaba

Gougou is a man who deals with himself, strangers and society as a whole at his own pace. He tends to confuse those around him, beginning with his unique name, but surprisingly his job is upholding law and order as a policeman. However his way of life and working in a modern police force leaves his superiors, civilians and even criminals dumbfounded. It's a new
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The Banished Villainess! Living the Leisurely Life of a Nun Making Revolutionary Church Food 4.8

The Banished Villainess! Living The Leisurely Life Of A Nun Making Revolutionary Church Food

Chapter 17

3,659,199 Dec 27,20 Tsumuji Yoshimura

Event planner Yuka Sawatani‘s life ended as the result of overwork. Reborn into an Otome game with her memory intact, she becomes the villainess Elizabeth. She tries to resist her fate, but at the ending of the game, she is promptly banished.
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Eatable 4.5


Chapter 7: From The Backyard To The Kitchen

210,038 Feb 10,19 Shen Seqi - 深色奇

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Record of Yun Hai Celestial Chef 4.1

Record Of Yun Hai Celestial Chef

Chapter 16

402,794 Aug 20,19 Nao Hui Lu

Food is the most important thing to everyone-- the gods in the Heavens like delicious food too. However, in the Heavenly Realm, delicacies can be eaten, but it can also be used in fights! Pheonix Siew Mai, Exploding Lava Bi Fang, Crystal Prawn Shrimp noodles... Your imagination is the limit to what you can eat. Watch how San Chi steps into the cultivation path to be
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My Daughter is a Skeleton 3.9

My Daughter Is A Skeleton

Chapter 6

201,565 Aug 15,20 Lynia

A 4-koma about human parents and their skeleton daughter. Read from right to left.
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You Look Quite Pretty 4.7

You Look Quite Pretty

Chapter 73

338,478 Feb 10,21 Ju Yeon

A very pretty boy tries to stay out of trouble while everyone chases after him! A legendarily violent troublemaker, expelled from every single school he's attended, has now transferred to his new school... Under disguise as a girl, that is! How will the now oh-so pretty "Erika Lee" finish his school days while being on the hunt by his former classmates?
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Vol.7 Chapter 61: Reminiscence & Remodeling 4

2,830,542 Feb 17,21 Hirayama Yumeaki, Kawai Takanori

The life of an ordinary 25 years old girl suddenly takes a turn for the worse when she becomes a waitress in a restaurant for killers.
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Chuuou Asia Cooking 4.8

Chuuou Asia Cooking

Chapter 1

46,956 Oct 08,18 Mori Kaoru

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan has sponsored a 7-part short introducing several famous Central Asian dishes and how to prepare them.
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Ore to Leo 4.6

Ore To Leo

Chapter 1

69,999 Oct 04,18 Yoshinaga Yuu

Love battle start over a girl!!!
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Take My First Time! 3.9

Take My First Time!

Chapter 1: Your Name Is Childhood Friend

122,041 Jul 20,18 Dae-Geun Park, Haya Robie

“I’m an adult now. I’m going to sleep with 122 men!” In his highschool years, Taeho made a ridiculous promise with his childhood friend, Shin Sari; to give each other their first times! Taeho buries this promise in his memories as he matures and eventually forgets it. However, Sari is still fixated on this promise when they reunite in college!
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