Pipe Dreams 5

Pipe Dreams

Vol.1 Ch.1 : Pipe Dreams - Oneshot

36,736 Jan 20,16 Miyamoto Kano

Shino takes a special test with the examiner he likes Calling Chapter 1-2 (Shiki, Keigo) Night Call (Shiki, Shino, Takano/TJ) Pipe Dreams (Shino, TJ) Realize (Shiki, Keigo, Shino, TJ) Stray Sheep (Shiki, Shino, TJ) Everything (Shino, Shino, TJ)
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Pokemon Ranger Batonnage 5

Pokemon Ranger Batonnage

Vol.1 Ch.4 : Mission Complete!

48,145 Jan 20,16 Hidenori Kusaka

Hitomi is a pokemon ranger; someone who uses wild pokemon to achieve their goals rather than capturing them. While pokemon rangers don't need balls to capture pokemon, they do use a tool called a slider in order to get closer to the wild pokemon. 2 years after her graduation from the ranger academy, she joins a team with a top ranger. This ranger uses a rare type of slider called a Batonnage s
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Naruto 4.5


Chapter 700.5 : Uzumaki Naruto

35,542,793 Jan 20,16 Kishimoto Masashi

Read Naruto Manga Online   Naruto is a manga series from Japan. It's about the story of a young ninja who wants to become the strongest leader in his village. The series were produced by Masashi Kishimoto and in 1997 were published. Later this manga was adapted into a TV anime. This studio also has developed 10 movies as well as a number of video animations
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How to become a legend 5

How To Become A Legend

Chapter 1

33,695 Jan 20,16 Marios Damakotto

In the fantasy world of Chorolodia,there are two jobs that are the most famous among the people.Those are the one of the farmer and that of the legend! A certain young man by the name of Aenu Kiratori whose finances are getting worse and worse as time passes,as he has no other option,he decides to start working as a legend.The story follows his adventures as he enters the business.
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Ika Musume 5

Ika Musume


35,293 Jan 20,16 Douman Seiman

(C81) [Kacchuu Musume] Chinese Figure Four Lock (Various)Pg 12-15 Untitled Ika-Musume short by Dowman Sayman(C81) [甲冑娘] 中華風4の字固め (よろず)Multiple translations exist.Anonymous (/a/) Translation: (LWB) Translation: Translations:
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An Ideal Lover 4.5

An Ideal Lover


89,989 Jan 20,16 Tennouji Mio

From Attractive Fascinante: Tsukishiro wanted to know if he's gay. He met his subordinate, Asahina, when he went to a gay pub. Things happened and they finally confessed their love for each other.
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Renai Tsuu -Akka- 5

Renai Tsuu -Akka-

Vol.1 Ch.1

47,334 Jan 20,16 Naono Bohra,Naifu

Hard Yaoi doujinshi for the oneshot Renai Tsuu This is a series of six. The order is: 1. Hada na Ue no Renai Jijou 2. Zaiaku wa Hada no Ue ni (same characters & issue but different plot) 3. Zaiaku wa Hada no Ue ni-Hada no Ue ni Furu Hana* 4. Renai Tsuu 5. Renaitsuu-Akka-* 6. Pillow Talk + Holiday* (*) indicate djs. 4 and 5 are spin-offs featuring Aoki and are contain events from Zaia
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Romance no Kaori 5

Romance No Kaori

Vol.1 Ch.1 : Doujinshi

54,533 Jan 20,16 Fujisaki Kou

Kazuki wakes to the realization that he fell asleep while having sex with his lover Chiharu. Hungry for more, will Kazuki be able to seduce Chiharu and pick up where they left off? Short story
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Renaimago 4.9



43,207 Jan 20,16 Marita Yuzu

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Tokyo Ghoul (Oneshot) 4.7

Tokyo Ghoul (Oneshot)

Ch.0 : [Oneshot]

134,076 Jan 20,16 ISHIDA Sui

This is oneshot of Tokyo Ghoul.Tokyo Ghoul serialization manga : > Tokyo Ghoul (> Spin-off (> Sequel (
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Rust Blaster 4.7

Rust Blaster

Vol.1 Ch.6 : Home

109,774 Jan 20,16 Toboso Yana

From Vampire Knights: In the Vampire Mercenary Specialized School, "1000 Years Academy," the most unvampire-like vampire at the academy, Aldred, and the human transfer student, Kei, meet by chance. But what they didn't know was that it was a fate the world depended on. Other manga: +
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Senyuu: Alba・Ross 5

Senyuu: Alba・ross "the Hero Of Port City"


38,601 Jan 20,16 Haruhara Robinson

A Spinoff of Senyuu.A bundle that is included in the BD.A story of how Ros and Alba meet.
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Saber Marionette J 5

Saber Marionette J

Vol.5 Ch.34 : Final Chapter: As Long As We're Together...

102,655 Jan 20,16 Akahori Satoru

From Tokyopop: On a world with no women, the surviving men have reintroduced the female in the form of an android. Called Marionettes, they are built to serve men and are limited in their interactions with humans. That is until a poor boy named Otaru Mamiya encounters a Marionette named Lime. Lime is a Saber model with a special circuit that gives her emotions. When Otaru awakens two more Saber Ma
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Battle Angel Alita: Last Order 4.8

Battle Angel Alita: Last Order

Vol.19 Chapter 129 : Alita's Quest Xvii

1,998,474 Jan 20,16 Kishiro Yukito

Last Order starts when Desty Nova's nanotechnology resurrects Alita in the floating city of Tiphares. The town 's black secrets are viciously exposed, but it seems to be a little portion of a world that is complicated. Going into space with old and new companies to learn more about her forgotten past and equally, to look for her lost pal Lou Collins, Alita is caught up in an interplanetary
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Sensei no Baruji 4.8

Sensei No Baruji

Ch.16 : Astro Of The Battle Star

206,402 Jan 20,16 Horikoshi Kouhei

On the once-peaceful planet of Industria, constant battles have been fought over control of the planet. Astro is a dim witted but kind boy who tirelessly works to feed his "family," a group of orphaned children. One day, after being fired from his most recent job, the prince of Industria, Bulge, appears in front of him. And even more shocking, Prince Bulge looks and sounds exactly like A
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Hidamari Sketch - Palette Star 5

Hidamari Sketch - Palette Star

Chapter 1 : Palette Star

37,123 Jan 20,16 Stardust Cradle (circle) & Nagayama Yuunon

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Shining Star (CLAMP) 4.3

Shining Star (Clamp)

Ch.0 : Chapter 0

42,652 Jan 20,16 Clamp

From Manga Updates Imonoyama Taichirou falls in love at first sight with an Indian professor he meets at Oxford University. Soon after he returns to CLAMP School he finds that the person he saw has come to CLAMP School as a guest lecturer and he decides to try and win the man's heart. From Clamp Wiki: This was one of the first stories published in Oneshot format CLAMP, 12 members back the
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Touhou - Touhou Kotatasu Gakari 4.4

Touhou - Touhou Kotatasu Gakari

Ch.1 : Touhou Kotatasu Story

47,723 Jan 20,16 Neko No Sakegoto (circle) & Sazanami Mio

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Hidamari Sketch - Summer Delight 4.8

Hidamari Sketch - Summer Delight

Ch.1 : Summer Delight

37,541 Jan 20,16 Stardust Cradle (circle) & Nagayama Yuunon

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Ceres: Celestial Legend 4.6

Ceres: Celestial Legend

Chapter 84

299,399 Jan 20,16 Watase Yuu

Aya and her twin brother Aki thought they were going to a celebration of their sixteenth birthday at their grandfather's home, but the funeral-like atmosphere tips them off that something's not right. Their "birthday present" turns out to be a mummified hand--the power of which forces an awakening within Aya, and painful wounds all over Aki's body! Grandfather Mikage announce
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Maitake My-HiME Fanbook 4.4

Maitake My-Hime Fanbook


33,696 Jan 20,16 Maitake

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Hekikai no AiON 5

Hekikai No Aion

Vol.11 Chapter 44 : Aion From The Blue Sea [End]

199,547 Jan 20,16 Kagesaki Yuna

Tsugawa Tatsuya just lost his parents in an accident... but he's trying not to let that keep him too down as he starts high school. While trying to obey his father's final wish for him to become an upstanding man, he ends up helping a girl who was being bullied. Despite her exceedingly cold nature, he just can't leave her alone... which may not necessarily be to his benefit, as he ends
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The [email protected] - Vi

Ch.1 : Vi

90,574 Jan 20,16 Fomalhaut (circle),Tanaka Shoutarou

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