Girlfriend Who Absolutely Doesn’t Want to Take a Bath VS Boyfriend Who Absolutely Wants Her to Take a Bath 4.7

Girlfriend Who Absolutely Doesn’T Want To Take A Bath Vs Boyfriend Who Absolutely Wants Her To Take A Bath

Vol.1 Chapter 8: Rpg

70,189 Feb 27,21 semimaru

Hina (23) really hates taking a bath. 'Coz it's too much of a pain! However, her boyfriend, Teppei (23), tries to make her take a bath with various strategies! Can Hina still continue to be stubborn until the end!?  
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I Have a Slow Living in Different World (I Wish) 4.3

I Have A Slow Living In Different World (I Wish)

Chapter 15: My Home, My Life

4,225,239 Feb 27,21 Ouka,Shige

By the will of the goddess, Itsuki Shinomiya was given the privilege of choosing various abilities and being reborn in another world.<br>However, before going to the other world, he didn't want to involve himself in scary, dirty, gross things like battles.<br>Fiercely determined to live a slow life, he chose the unique skill [Pocket Money], giving him an amount of money once per da
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A Story about Living with a Ghost who will Attain Enlightenment in a Year. 4.9

A Story About Living With A Ghost Who Will Attain Enlightenment In A Year.

Chapter 13.5

182,492 Feb 27,21 Inoue Kousei

A story about living with a ghost who will attain enlightenment in a year.
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The Garden of Red Flowers 4.6

The Garden Of Red Flowers

Chapter 25

561,849 Feb 27,21 Maru

A story that reincarnates as a happy <supporting> in a friend’s novel, but takes on the misery of <the main character>.
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Aiki-S 4.6


Vol.7 Chapter 45

1,215,253 Feb 27,21 Isutoshi

Aaah, peaceful life is boring. After the battles of the first series, Joukyuu has to stay quiet in Japan teaching martial arts. Even with Veronica and Kageyasu close by, it is so sleepy. Then when a chef offers him a quick trip to US to mess with their gangs, in return for great Japanese food, he jumps at the chance. Dragging both girls with him, along with Bull for good measure, he arrives in Ame
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We'll get married someday, but for now 4.6

We'll Get Married Someday, But For Now

Chapter 5: Going On A Group Date (Without You) - Part 2

108,316 Feb 27,21 Sekizui hikinuki no kei

Childhood-friends-turned-couple Ritsuho and Kyoichi have been dating for five years but naughty times are nowhere to be found. Ritsuho tries to bring their relationship to the next level, but Kyoichi doesn't seem very interested...?
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Alongside Demons And Deities 4.6

Alongside Demons And Deities

Chapter 10

101,292 Feb 27,21 鹿鸣动漫

My father remarried to a beautiful stepmother and they traveled abroad. My new aunt Qianhe of the same age moved into the house. I thought I was going to start a life that I wouldn’t be ashamed of, but I didn’t expect my aunt to be a demon-slaying immortal, and I Sanqiu to be highly coveted by demons. Attacks continued… but I was surprised to find out that my childhood sweethear
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Extraordinary Son-In-Law 4.1

Extraordinary Son-In-Law

Chapter 62

1,928,233 Feb 27,21 Deer Culture

On the day of the wedding, he was swept out by his wife and returned to his residence, but he was frantically asked for a kiss by a glamorous stranger. The moment his lips touched, he felt a torrent of water rushing into his body. When he woke up again, There are more than ten thousand strangers’ memories in my mind…
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Kamonohashi Ron no Kindan Suiri 4.5

Kamonohashi Ron No Kindan Suiri

Chapter 15.5: Oneshot

5,485 Feb 27,21 Amano Akira

This unusual duo brings the hidden truth into the light! Ron Kamonohashi, a private investigator with serious issues, and Totomaru Ishiki, a pure-hearted but dim police detective, team up to solve the most baffling mysteries! A thrilling detective story for a new generation from Akira Amano, creator of "Reborn!" and "Ēldlive"! Russian / Русский: Этот необычный дуэт раскроет все тайны!
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Peerless Battle Spirit 4.5

Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 267

12,143,411 Feb 27,21 立群君&神域动漫

In the Canglan Continent, only those that who manage to awaken a Martial Spirit can walk on the path of cultivation. In this world, only those with stronger martial spirits can communicate with the heavens and earth. Qin Nan, born in Linshui City, was a peerless genius who possessed talent and was thought to become a great cultivator in the future. However, things changed when he ended up awak
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Delivering in Apocalyptic World 4.1

Delivering In Apocalyptic World

Chapter 23

100,948 Feb 27,21 Updating

When zombies appeared, Ye Fang obtained a super delivery system. Monsters? Zombies? Who dares to snatch my delivery items, you will need to ask my frying pan if it allows it to happen!
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God of War Against The Sky 4.5

God Of War Against The Sky

Chapter 14

148,125 Feb 27,21 Updating

Hundred years ago, a generation of God of War Ye Qingyun was born, crushing the sons of various great figures, making the enemy frightened by the wind, but unexpectedly betrayed by his lover Luo Ling, brother wolf thirteen, and falling into the Devil Abyss! A hundred years later, all walks of life entered the golden age, and wicked characters emerged wildly! Ye Qingyun was reborn as a waste discip
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The queen of flowers 4

The Queen Of Flowers

Chapter 2

10,026 Feb 27,21 Lee ji hwan,Seo yoon young

Kim Sohye's life changed after being chosen as the empress. Unfortunately, Shoye's life after marriage is not exactly happy. The king who previously had a concubine doesn't love her and always insulted her. The concubine turned out to have evil intentions to the king. But, slowly but surely the king begins to feel the empress's sincere heart. The feeling of their love began to grow like a flower i
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My Harem Grew So Large, I Was Forced to Ascend 4.5

My Harem Grew So Large, I Was Forced To Ascend

Chapter 18: Foreign Import

433,232 Feb 27,21 黎之恒

Tsundere heavenly master, big-breasted sister, barefoot poison cultivator, immortal swordswoman with white silk clothes, the last 5 out of the 6 strongest people in the world. I, Ye Gulou have become the first person to cultivate immortality through pure unbounded Yang. But wait, cultivating pure unbounded Yang means I can't form relationships with women or else I'll die?! Then what can I
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The Chronicles of Qing Xi 4.4

The Chronicles Of Qing Xi

Chapter 17: Bi Xie's Foe

68,495 Feb 27,21 Hong zhu xia (红猪侠)

As a disciple in the inner palace. Bi Xie assisted the Emperor in guiding the country back from war, expelling the Huns, gathering ambitious talents for the palace, and collecting numerous gifted youths for his own. In his heart, however, he harbors secret feelings of hatred towards the empire for wrongs committed against his family. The truth behind his actions is yet unclear, and his ultimate pu
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Heaven Defying God of War 3.9

Heaven Defying God Of War

Chapter 14

7,059 Feb 27,21 Updating

--------------------------- --------------------------- Up chapter xong. Kiểm tra lại dữ liệu. --------------------------- OK    ---------------------------  
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Timid Palette 4.5

Timid Palette

Chapter 57

198,428 Feb 27,21 Han mingi

Come join the “Palette” illustration club where your imagination becomes reality!
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Binetsu Kuukan 4.5

Binetsu Kuukan

Vol.4 Chapter 21.5.2: Part 2

823,047 Feb 27,21 Aoki Ume

Akasegawa Naoya's mother remarried recently and he suddenly finds himself trying to get along with his new big sister Amane, a student of the prestigious Kasugano Girls' School. But his new big sister isn't like what you might first expect.
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Movie star and pan 4.8

Movie Star And Pan

Chapter 6

33,441 Feb 27,21 暂无

Everyone knows that the girlfriend of the popular strength Xiaosheng Lin Xian has a small vault full of glittering golden beans. Only Lin Xian knows that these are the tears of his family. “Lin Xian, I heard that when you fell in love, Ms. Ye was not yet an adult?” Lin Xian glared at the gossip reporter and looked at the little woman next to him with unspeakable words. His darlings may
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Hungry Cat Kyuu-chan (Fan Comic) 2.6

Hungry Cat Kyuu-Chan (Fan Comic)

Chapter 240: Ringing Endorsement

158,444 Feb 27,21 cromat

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Magic Emperor 4.8

Magic Emperor

Chapter 171

43,497,889 Feb 27,21 Nightingale (original) + No two comics

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Wan Gu Shen Wang 4.4

Wan Gu Shen Wang

Chapter 222

13,933,985 Feb 27,21 Huang Shaoxing Man

The past life died because of the imperial concubine, and he was born again in the high school era. It coincides with the recovery of the aura and the great changes in the world. When rejuvenating a teenager, he will follow the path of his journey, and he will protect his own friends. Loved ones. When he does not choose to stay, he will push him all the way.
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Rise of The Demon King 4.5

Rise Of The Demon King

Chapter 160

13,177,776 Feb 27,21 Ai Lu Mao, Yao Ye, Qing Man

The young Xiao Lang awakened with a Divine Spirit, but the others believed it to be a useless one. He was ridiculed by everyone and some even sent assassins after him, thus forcing him to leave his clan. From then on, he surpassed his limits and attained unimaginable strength! “If the Heavens restrict me, then I shall break the Heavens!"
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Great Doctor Ling Ran 4.8

Great Doctor Ling Ran

Chapter 6

150,437 Feb 27,21 Zhiniao Village (Original)

Ling Ran, whose goal is to become the world's greatest doctor, suddenly obtained the golden finger system! And this is a system with a high degree of medical expertise! With the help of the system, what medical height can the intern Ling Ran reach? This manhua adapted the Webnovel called " great doctor ling ran"
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