Tap Water Pollution 2.5

Tap Water Pollution

Chapter 82

245,415 Dec 22,19 Xiaoru Culture

The effect of the water pollution have resulted New born babies to have both male and Female sex organ, the United Nation had conclude their decision that the child will have the right to choose their sex once they reach adulthood. Humane as the regulation is, a big disaster followed…
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Am I Too Old for a Boyfriend?! 4.5

Am I Too Old For A Boyfriend?!

Chapter 87

308,018 Dec 22,19 Gua Gua Gua

Gentle, considerate, handsome—according to Shannon Cui—these are the qualities of the ideal boyfriend. If only she could get one. 26 and rapidly approaching “un-dateable” territory, Shannon has been waiting for the perfect someone to sweep her off her feet. Problem is, he's not showing. Date after failed date, she can't help but ask if he exists or she to
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AI Boyfriend 4.7

Ai Boyfriend

Chapter 7

83,411 Dec 22,19 Ghost

Alvis was the idol of millions of girls everywhere but then…he died. Imagine next, when he appears on Minny’s doorstep and claimed her house was his?! She invited him in out of hospitality but never expected him to be so…weird. He’s super silly, super arrogant, and the first person that’s made Minny’s heart race. He’s also…an AI that’s lost
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Umineko no Naku Koro ni Shi: Forgery of the Purple Logic 4

Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Shi: Forgery Of The Purple Logic

Chapter 5

94,195 Dec 22,19 Ryukishi07,Kurumi Suzushiro

Part of the Umineko When They Cry franchise. This side-story takes place outside the main story.<br><br>The story expands on the use of the Purple Declaration introduced by Bernkastel in Twilight of the Golden Witch. The Red Truth still applies in this game even though there are lesser than usual games. Knox's rules are stated in red to show that it is valid in this game.
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Miracle Nikki NPCs' Fantastical Daily Lives 4.9

Miracle Nikki Npcs' Fantastical Daily Lives

Chapter 6

106,237 Dec 22,19 Neko, Nuannuan Tongren Xiaomei

Want to know what the beautiful Miracle Nikki NPCs are doing every day? Well, here are fun daily things and even more stories of sweet romantic moments! Fan-made manhua [Authorized] Based on the mobile game Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen (originally known in Chinese as Miracle Nikki/奇迹暖暖)
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On the Top of the Stars 3.9

On The Top Of The Stars

Chapter 20

87,021 Dec 22,19 Ju Xiang

The most popular idol group is going to crack? Chasing dream is not that easy, but it deserves to struggle forever. This is a story about the backstories of making the top of idol group.
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Ore no Kouhai ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai 2.6

Ore No Kouhai Ga Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai

Vol.6 Afterword

557,558 Dec 21,19 Fushimi Tsukasa

Manga adaptation based on Kuroneko's story, which starts in the 5th light novel.
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Yuizaki-san ha Nageru! 4.3

Yuizaki-San Ha Nageru!

Vol.5 Chapter 63: Throwing With Yuizaki-San!

1,663,802 Dec 21,19 Kagami Yuuma

A girl with a fascination for shot-put.
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Kami-sama wa Ikiru no ga Tsurai 4.7

Kami-Sama Wa Ikiru No Ga Tsurai

Vol.3 Chapter 12.5: Extras (End)

397,881 Dec 21,19 Toyota Yuu

From Starry Heaven: Even in the god's world, the stratified society exists. The patron god of the Hoozuki Shinto Shrine, Kagachi, lives as a god who doesn't stand out in a shrine that is called the Abolished shrine. He is pessimistic towards everything and always says, "Living is painful..." One day, a girl appears in front of him. Her name is Nonomiya Haru. She forces herself to step into the
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The Sorrows of Young Werther 5

The Sorrows Of Young Werther

Chapter 3: The Valley Of Happiness

28,991 Dec 21,19 Variety Art Works,Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The Sorrows of Young Werther (German: Die Leiden des jungen Werthers) is a loosely autobiographical epistolary novel by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, first published in 1774. A revised edition followed in 1787. It was one of the most important novels in the Sturm und Drang period in German literature, and influenced the later Romantic movement. Goethe, aged 24 at the time, finished Werther in five-a
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Sexy in Pink 4.6

Sexy In Pink

Chapter 11: First Night

422,950 Dec 21,19 Daizu Kosame

Pink haired seductress X serious teacher<br>
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Bluechair 4.2


Chapter 759

1,124,523 Dec 21,19 Shen

Bluechair follows the musings of Shen, a mysterious figure in a colorful plane of existence where thoughts and reality seem to blend together. What is the blue chair? What compels him to sit on it? Where is this realm he resides in? Stay tuned as none of this is answered and you are instead taken on a rousing adventure through the mind of a complete dork.
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Nekodamari 5


Vol.1 Chapter 10

95,926 Dec 21,19 Goumoto

Imagine going home after a tiring shift from work... when you open the door, there lies a paradise of three fluffy house cats! This story is about a tired office lady living with her three unique cats. They interrupt her meals and when she's cleaning, and has to put up with their moody attitudes. Her everyday life is constantly at the mercy of her cats!
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Shishunki Bitter Change 4.7

Shishunki Bitter Change

Vol.9 Chapter 65.9.2: Bacouple

2,752,578 Dec 21,19 Masayoshi

After an accident involving falling from a tree, Yuuta and Yui manage to switch bodies with each other. With many attempts to switch back failed, the two of them are forced to live each-other's lives, with both of them having very different lifestyles and families. Nearly three years pass since the original incident, and the two of them are still stuck in each-other's bodies. How will they cope w
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Kinkyori Renai 4.5

Kinkyori Renai

Vol.10 Chapter 40.5

838,588 Dec 21,19 Mikimoto Rin

From Osuwari Team: Uni is a prodigy with a cool reserve who is accomplished in everything except for English. One day, she insults her temporary English teacher and he overhears her. He asks her to come to his office after school and, somehow, she starts receiving private tutoring from him?! From Manga Abyss Uni Kururugi is a straight faced high school girl who always wears a kitty hair clip to ma
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Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro-Biyori 4.7

Rokuhoudou Yotsuiro-Biyori

Chapter 4.5: Today's A Special Day!

90,892 Dec 21,19 Shimizu Yuu

At the popular Japanese-style tea house Rokuhoudou, customers can count on receiving not only excellent food and drink, but - if they wish for it - a helping hand in solving any problem that may be plaguing them. Serving in Rokuhoudou are four men who are consummate professionals in their individual fields: tea expert Sui, barista Gure, pâtissier Tsubaki and chef Tokitaka.
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Angry Chair 4.1

Angry Chair

Chapter 5

69,506 Dec 21,19 Hyung-Gyu Kang

Liam is a high schooler, who steals anything he can, and resells them on cr*gslist. But that’s when he bumps into the trio…
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I Am Sherlock 4.6

I Am Sherlock

Vol.1 Chapter 3: Study In Scarlet Iii

75,982 Dec 21,19 Koutarou Takata,Io Naomichi

Location: London; time: near-future. John Watson, a depressed and unemployed man, receives an invitation to become a certain "unusual person's" flatmate. He soon finds out that this unusual person is an android named Sherlock Holmes.
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Hello B612 4.8

Hello B612

Chapter 5

69,964 Dec 20,19 Rahee

Cedric the researcher meets Specimen B612, who looks just like an ordinary girl. Will she be able to enjoy the little freedom she has, before being used as a killing machine?
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This Can't Be 4.6

This Can't Be

Chapter 5: Hollywood Fashion

83,338 Dec 20,19 OLSO, HAE

Is romance truly not possible for these people? A comical, scary, and supernatural romance story!
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It’s Virtually Impossible To Make This Boy Like Me 4.7

It’S Virtually Impossible To Make This Boy Like Me

Chapter 7

714,881 Dec 20,19 Roa Fuduki, Kanan

As the only daughter of a wealthy merchant, Rikka had been spending her days peacefully. One day, her father brought back a surly young boy. Bewildered by him, who was filled with wariness, a pop up screen suddenly appeared right before her eyes; In there were things like his name, age, and favourite food... his status had been displayed! Once she saw that, Rikka&
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Little Ghost Q-Taro 4

Little Ghost Q-Taro

Vol.1 Chapter 4: That Weird Kid

31,542 Dec 20,19 Fujiko F. Fujio

Little Ghost Q-Taro, by Fujiko Fujio, is a Japanese manga about a ghost, Q-Taro who lives with the Ohara family. Q-Taro, also known as Q-chan or Oba-Q, is a mischief-maker who likes to fly around scaring people and stealing food, though he is deathly afraid of dogs.<br><br>The story is usually focused on the antics of Q-Taro and his friends. The manga was drawn in 1964–1966 by Fu
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Romance of Flash Wedding 4.1

Romance Of Flash Wedding

Chapter 140 [ End ]

1,735,535 Dec 20,19 KS,Sihai

Because of an accident, he was forced to lose his virginity by his blind date! Who is he? One of the most powerful childe in this city. Rumor has it that countless beauties are willing to bow in homage. But he preserves his moral integrity and stays away from being womanizing. Who is she? The eldest daughter of a rich and po
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Let's Take the Train Together, Shall We? 4.3

Let's Take The Train Together, Shall We?

Chapter 71.2: What To Eat For Breakfast

611,901 Dec 20,19 Sally

When your mundane routine of taking the train to work suddenly turns both interesting and troubling (?!) after meeting a certain someone.
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