Sweet Home 4.7

Sweet Home

Chapter 138: Ep. 137

6,080,126 Aug 10,20 Kim Carnby, Hwang Youngchan

From the author and artist of Webtoon "Bastard". Now they're back with new story revolving around a boy who is a recluse. His parents died from an accident, and left him alone.
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Sword and Magic 3.3

Sword And Magic

Chapter 27

45,535 Aug 10,20 Haenok x studio eek

The battle between the Devil’s god and the Dragonian warrior ends with a warrior’s victory, and 10,000 years later, a new warrior opens his eyes to save the world.
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The World is Money and Power 4.9

The World Is Money And Power

Chapter 24

3,287,057 Aug 10,20 Han Dong-woo, Lee Doo-hee

With the arrival of three chaebol members into general high schools, teachers and students will be transformed into " brain fighting " schools that seek power by surrendering to massive capital. Dan-geon, a genius, came to inherit the school's rules.
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Koisuru Bukimi-chan 4.7

Koisuru Bukimi-Chan

Chapter 4

58,929 Aug 10,20 Yoko Yoko

Oobu Kimi is a kind girl who's bullied for her for being scary, but really she's just misunderstood. She's also in love. Published in Monthly Shounen Ace. Artist is credited as Yokoe Kouhei
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Hasla 4.8


Chapter 1.3

588 Aug 10,20 Carlos

If you save 7 lives, you're allowed to murder one person in the city of Hasla. DoJin dreams of the perfect revenge... by becoming a "Samaritan" in Hasla, the city of blood.
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Suki to Kiss 4.3

Suki To Kiss

Chapter 9

14,671 Aug 10,20 Yamada Yana

Sweet Highschool romance of a naïve girl. Do you have you special someone?
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The Mythical Realm 4.5

The Mythical Realm

Chapter 206.2

40,364,181 Aug 10,20 Wu Zui, Liao Jia Le

From OSTNT: The Mythical Realm: A world of blood, a world where the strong triumph over the weak, Ye Yun descended to hell to slay hordes of Demons and ascend to Heaven to slay the Gods just to prove his existence as the strongest, a world where a single being can rule over Heaven and Earth.
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Capture of Relationship 4.2

Capture Of Relationship

Chapter 2

354 Aug 10,20 Meng Li

Xiacheng was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and the splitting headache began to spread to his brain. There seemed to be a voice asking him: “Have you forgotten already? Think about it, XiaCheng…This is a very important thing…”; He had to go to the hospital for treatment and wanted to rely on drugs to escape the voice in his mind, but then he bumped into Shen Lin, a high-ran
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Seishun Scrap! 4.8

Seishun Scrap!

Vol.2 Chapter 8

200,801 Aug 10,20 Attsun

From MangaHelpers: A new program has been set in place for a certain area, where children are separated by gender into eastern and western territories. They're raised with no contact with the opposite sex, and made to only focus on their studies. Of course, there are a few bad apples, and the worst of these are sent to a co-ed school with the troublemakers from both sides. Unfortunately, this
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Strongest Caveman 4.3

Strongest Caveman

Chapter 36: He Is A Wizard

495,719 Aug 10,20 Jing Qi Gong Chang

In a wondrous yet different primitive world, you have a shape shifting saber tooth tiger and a kung fu panda (literally) but when darkness befalls them, only the one who shines the brightest can save them. Follow the talented engineer, Yan Jin who witnessed flying cavemen and yet isn’t the slightest bit disturbed by it since he knows for sure that he himself, is the real caveman over there.
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Front Mission - Dog Life & Dog Style 4.3

Front Mission - Dog Life & Dog Style

Chapter 71: Style:7: Return Of The Shepherd (33)

395,757 Aug 10,20 Ohtagaki Yasuo

Adapted from the Front Mission games. Huffman Island is a land split by an uneasy cease-fire between two major world powers, the USN (United States of the New Continent) and the OCU (Oceania Cooperative Union). The cease-fire has held for 20 years, but now tensions are mounting, and it looks like open war will break out again soon. Matsuda Akira has gone to join the on-site reporting team for N
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Ichijouma Mankitsu Gurashi 4.1

Ichijouma Mankitsu Gurashi

Chapter 8

298,250 Aug 10,20 Hisama Kumako

High school girl in the manga cafe! Meiko is a countryside girl who enters a rich girls' school. All expenses will be paid if she participates in activities... But who knew it would mean live-in work in a manga cafe?! Living in a small manga cafe booth turns out not to be so bad! Would you like to have your fill of the manga cafe staffed by cute high school girls?
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Lady Chinoiserie 4.2

Lady Chinoiserie

Chapter 15

6,269 Aug 10,20 Hatsu Akiko

Because his cousin is under suspicion of murder, William is trying to find a beautiful woman who was his cousin's recent lover to prove his cousin's alibi. But she disappeared from the house where she should have been. The boy then fell in love with a mysterious blonde woman who wears Chinese dresses. He is trying to find her even though time keeps passing by...
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Ikenai Kanojo no Otetsudai 4.7

Ikenai Kanojo No Otetsudai

Vol.3 Chapter 25: Hanako's Diary

1,025,636 Aug 10,20 Kaihei Nakahara

Terada Youhei is your average high school student whose only talent is his ability to see ghosts. One night he meets "Rooftop Rinko-san", a ghost who resides on the rooftop of his school. Because she was unable to make any friends during her life, does that make her the type of ghost who won't let anyone who meets her leave the rooftop...? It's the story of a hilarious friendship
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Douyara Watashi No Karada Wa Kanzen Muteki No You Desu Ne 4.5

Douyara Watashi No Karada Wa Kanzen Muteki No You Desu Ne

Vol.3 Chapter 17

1,229,811 Aug 10,20 Chatsufusa, Fuumi, Sabaneko

A girl who regrets dying without being filial to her parents, she wishes that in her next life that she will have a body that is invincible. God decides to grant her that wish, she awakes suddenly in the body of a baby... Could this be reincarnation?
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Sekisei Inko 4.7

Sekisei Inko

Vol.5 Chapter 48: Soul

271,105 Aug 10,20 Wakui Ken

From MU: A young man, Kaneda, is inflicted with trauma-induced amnesia after discovering the body of his classmate and friend, Hiwako Shima. After being picked up from the hospital by a mysterious benefactor, he resumes school, and tries to piece together his memories of the incident. To make matters more confusing, his buried memories have manifested in the form of a surreal being, whose head is
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Web-ban Working!! 4.8

Web-Ban Working!!

Chapter 14

155,124 Aug 10,20 Takatsu Karino

To help with his family finances, Higashida Daisuke decided to work part-time at a family restaurant. Working there however is a chef with no sense of cooking, a co-worker who solves their problems with money, etc. There is absolutely not one normal person working at the restaurant!
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Natural 4.5


Chapter 33.1

15,772 Aug 10,20 Narita Minako

Riko (whose real name is Ayako) was already in high school when she gained a new younger brother. Miguel is a nine-year-old peruvian boy rescued by her father in the midst of turmoil before he came home to his loving family in Japan. Miguel had a good grasp of Japanese but he didn't seem to be warming up at first. He was overly polite and he barely smiled. But Riko was determined to make sure
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Akita Land Gothic 4.8

Akita Land Gothic

Chapter 4: The Liberator's Scythe

690 Aug 10,20 Kikai

This is a story that takes place in a certain prefecture in the north. In contrast to the few daylight hours it gets, its people are cheerful if a bit eccentric. Among them is Akita, a horned girl. A naturally argumentative and positive child, she lives happily every day. Spicing up her life is Asahi, her slightly odd childhood friend, and Komachi, a city girl who isn't qui
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Soulmate 4.7


Chapter 27: Answer

288,483 Aug 10,20 Ke Ran Bing (可燃冰), Wenzhi Lizi (文枝栗子)

Two girls are friends, sisters, and soulmates. Yu Qi, a 17-year-old high school student, wakes up to find that she and her 27-year-old self had switched souls. One has to relive the experience of meeting her lover again and the other has to bear the responsibility of being a girlfriend, despite being unfamiliar with the girl she's dating. Both worlds are always changing, but the only one who n
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Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru! (Novel) 4.5

Isekai Mahou Wa Okureteru! (Novel)

Chapter 25

6,503,267 Aug 10,20 Gamei Hitsuji

Felmenia Stingray was a genius magician. She quickly became the most distinguished magician of the Astel Kingdom after her discovery of white fire magic, which had the power to burn anything. However, the world is in peril due to the Demon King. The kingdom's court magicians perform a summoning ritual for heroes and bring forth a hero and two youths, a boy and a girl. Unlike the girl, the young m
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The Night Owl Witch 4.6

The Night Owl Witch

Chapter 36: Let's Go On A Trip

416,351 Aug 10,20 Shin Hotani

Maya is a witch. At least, that's what she's always telling her friend Mameyama. To Mameyama, she's just an otaku girl that might have a few screws loose. Either way, the two of them spend late nights together on voice chat, talking about whatever random, trifling things come to mind.
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Department of Corporate Slave Rabbits 4.8

Department Of Corporate Slave Rabbits

Vol.5 Chapter 60: Fuwami & Mofuko And A Compassionate Soul

1,590,163 Aug 10,20 Fujisawa Kamiya

Fuwami, a mysterious rabbit from the Moon who had just lost her job due to a restructuring in the company she used to work in, flew into the room where Shinjirou, an employee of a black company, lives.
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