Kirari Books Meisouchu! 5

Kirari Books Meisouchu!

Chapter 0

0 Aug 04,20 Aki Hamaji

Kiryuuin Kirari, a rich young lady who doesn't know anything of the world, is introduced by her mother to the historic Meisou Bookstore, which will be the setting of her first part time job experience. It turns out the Meisou Bookstore is in fact filled with anime goods, doujinshis and idol lives, a true otaku bookstore!
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Please Stamp Me! 5

Please Stamp Me!

Chapter 2

0 Aug 04,20 Darae

Twenty-two-year old university student Ji-ah dreams of becoming an CEO and living a happy and single life until she’s 100 years old. “Ji-Ah, I’ve set you up with the grandson of a Chaebol.” “Dad! What the hell are you talking about?” She told herself that she would definitely reject him when they meet. But when she went, her super hot sunbae Yeon-Hoo was there?!
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Kareshi no Koto ga Suki Sugite Kyou mo Zenryoku de Ikiru!!! 5

Kareshi No Koto Ga Suki Sugite Kyou Mo Zenryoku De Ikiru!!!

Chapter 0: Prologue

2 Aug 04,20 Merori,Fukasawa Neji

I love my boyfriend so much I'll tell the entire nation. I will love him as long as I live. Boasting? No, just fangirling. An enjoyable love comedy about the boyfriend-otaku who becomes crazy for her cool boyfriend as she showers him with love! An autobiography, pulled from the tweets of a popular twitter user (Merori) that have also been co
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The Elf and the Hunter's Item Atelier 5

The Elf And The Hunter's Item Atelier

Chapter 0: Snow Crystal Brooch

3 Aug 04,20 Aoi Umetarou

Magritte is an elven crafter who runs a small atelier in the forest, and Yura is a human hunter who follows her. The two people, who have different races and lifespans, still follow each other and, upon request, create mysterious items one after another. Why not take a look a their daily life, just the two of them, a tale spun in an atelier?
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Night of Chaos 5

Night Of Chaos

Chapter 1

3 Aug 04,20 鸽子精 陈翎

When he was young, Yin was abandoned and became a hostage. The two emperors met, and in the end, who will conquer who? Who will be tamed?”
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The Devil 5

The Devil

Chapter 1

2 Aug 04,20 Ena

The princess trapped in the tower brings in a marriage. Her husband has killed his ex-wife several times. The frightened princess eventually wakes up the sarcophagus in the basement and calls out the devil…. “I don’t want to marry him, Raven.”
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Murderer Llewellyn’s Enchanting Dinner Invitation 5

Murderer Llewellyn’S Enchanting Dinner Invitation

Chapter 0

6 Aug 04,20 Sum Na Gi

Shevon is a writer who lives in a run-down apartment in the streets of the slums. One day, strange memos start showing up at his front door. Before he can uncover the mystery behind them, he encounters a beautiful young man that keeps peeling onions on the staircase next to his unit. After accepting a dinner invitation from the young man, Shevon discovers a dead body in his host’s bedroom&he
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Xun Xun Shan You 5

Xun Xun Shan You

Chapter 0

4 Aug 04,20 赵有猫fiya / Ntsye

Fashion stylist Ji Xun, who travels through ancient times, expects to marry a rich and beautiful woman and reach the pinnacle of his life, but instead he is targeted by a man who stares him down! Is all this a bad debt in this life or an unresolved bond from his past life?ro
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Daisy and the Prince 5

Daisy And The Prince

Chapter 0

2 Aug 04,20 Kaykayb

Daisy doesn’t want to live a luxurious life because her family is restraining her from doing what she likes. Instead, they want her to be an elegant lady and marry a nobleman. Will she accomplish it when the Crown Prince appear making it more complicated for her goals?Source of collecting this is kaykayb, I’m sorry for the incorrect grammar I&rs
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Angel Sweetheart Attack 5

Angel Sweetheart Attack

Chapter 1

389 Aug 04,20 ceci,星空社

What kind of sparks will fly between an angel and a devil? What is the feud passed down through generations of vampires and werewolves? How does a mermaid and a fairy date? On a continent where many races coexist peacefully, any kind of gay romance is possible!
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My Harem Depends on Drawing Cards 3.7

My Harem Depends On Drawing Cards

Chapter 1

617 Aug 04,20 びーびーびーといっと! 天神学園浪漫あるばむ

Genius learns to go through different worlds and become waste materials? Use the draw card to open the back road of Xueba’s harem!
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Royal Shop of Young Lady 4.4

Royal Shop Of Young Lady

Chapter 1

1,221 Aug 04,20 Risha

As a chef at a small knight’s restaurant, I became the nuisance youngest daughter of a powerful man who was afraid of the emperor. I tried to run away with all my travel expenses… It’s strange. “If you say you’re sorry, are you that shameless?” “That’s because I’m your brother.” “Why don’t you take Grandmother on a stroll?&rd
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One Thousand Live Broadcast Big Local Tyrant 4.3

One Thousand Live Broadcast Big Local Tyrant

Chapter 0

92 Aug 04,20 哒哒猫漫画

Wang Tian, ​​who works in the martial arts hall, found a bug when he registered on a live broadcast platform after being expelled. Using the rewards in the live broadcast room, he opened the treasure chest to get cheats and swept those who once looked down on him! Martial arts, food, art, wealth! Wang Tian has everything!
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Model-chan and Plain Manager 4.4

Model-Chan And Plain Manager

Chapter 3

6,929 Aug 03,20 Taneko

This is the story of the daily lives of two women from different worlds. Yuria is a renowned model who can’t seem to resist protecting her manager, Okabe, from other guys making a move on her. Both live inside a romantic comedy, hiding what they feel for one another.
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I Favor the Villainess 4.8

I Favor The Villainess

Chapter 2: Their First Contest (Part 1)

9,811 Aug 03,20 Sumio Aono,Inori,Hanagata

Ordinary office worker Oohashi Rei wakes up in the body of the protagonist of her favorite otome game, Revolution. To her delight, the first person to greet her is also her favorite character, Claire Francois–the main antagonist of the story! Now, Rei is determined to romance Claire instead of the game’s male leads. But how will her villainous lady love react to this new courtship?!
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Gosam Mussang 4.6

Gosam Mussang

Chapter 6

10,325 Aug 03,20 B-gyup Dal'gung,B급달궁

1000s of years of history lies dormant in the hidden world of martial arts. Yet the struggles have never ceased and the masters emerge and fight on, now with a high school as its battleground.
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Supreme Deity 4.4

Supreme Deity

Chapter 4

7,372 Aug 03,20 大行道动漫

Li Haifeng, a teenager, accidentally broke into the mysterious tomb when he was eight years old. The yin and yang awakened the soul of Xuanyuan Luoxue, the owner of the tomb, and was possessed by Xuanyuan Luoxue. Li Haifeng was later accepted as a disciple. Ten years later…..
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Kokono-Chan Drinks Tears! 4.5

Kokono-Chan Drinks Tears!

Vol.1 Chapter 7

6,653 Aug 03,20 Shitaranana

A pair of classmates have a unique relationship.
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A Skeleton Who Was The Brave 4.5

A Skeleton Who Was The Brave

Vol.1 Chapter 4: The Skeleton Adventurer Challenges An Underground Dungeon, Just Like An Undead Would. (Part 3)

24,373 Aug 03,20 Saeki Yousuke

Alvis, the hero, lost his life in a battle with the Demon King. However, he lived on... as a skeleton!? Ending his career as the hero who defeated the Demon King, he spent 3 years sleeping, playing and enjoying every day. However, in order to find his long time friend, Izana, he once again enrolls as an adventurer, and changes his name from Alvis to Al the Skeleton. Due to his appeara
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Tokyo Aliens 4.7

Tokyo Aliens

Chapter 0

1,595 Aug 03,20 Naoe

Gunji Akira, who has just started high school, has been chasing after his father's ghost by trying to become a police officer just like him. One day however, he has a surprise encounter with an alien while leaving school. And there begins the start of his fateful adventures with extraterrestrial life... Note: It runs in a seinen magazine and will not be BL. At most, just as
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A Simple Task of Providing Support from the Shadows to Defeat the Demon Lord 4.5

A Simple Task Of Providing Support From The Shadows To Defeat The Demon Lord

Chapter 1

3,402 Aug 03,20 Kijima Renga,Tsukikage

Summary from Comic Walker : Holy Brave, Toudou Naotsugu was summoned from another world to defeat the Demon Lord. Priest Ares was ordered to provide support for the the hero while hiding his true level, however... This is a story of High Priest Ares guiding the Holy Brave on their path to become a Hero.
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Love Is Full of Thorns 3.8

Love Is Full Of Thorns

Chapter 9

5,222 Aug 03,20 Zhang yue keji

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Gradual Love 4.3

Gradual Love

Chapter 3

2,007 Aug 02,20 요니요니 (Yoniyoni)

'Chan-geun' was born with the curse from his forefathers, baldness. Then he meets 'Yeong-shin' a hairdresser who hates baldness! Chan-geun's hard days of struggle to hide the cruel truth begins!
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