Finally, The Blue Flame 3.8

Finally, The Blue Flame

Chapter 2

1,175 Sep 19,20 Heo soo ah,Robin bae

If one day a blue flame appears, my life will shine brightly.” Princess Jeong Myeong, lost in Yeongchang-gun by Gwanghae-gun and was confined in the Gyeongung Palace with her mother, Inmok. Kim Gae-si, the palace of Gwanghae-gun, is overlooked by the chance to kill her. In the cold and desolate Gyeongung Palace, Jeong Myeong feels the presence of someone who has been around her from one day.
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Punishing Gray Raven: Dominik’s Orphans 4.6

Punishing Gray Raven: Dominik’S Orphans

Chapter 7

4,437 Sep 19,20 Kuro Game

As technology had grown enough to reach forbidden territories, the break out of the Punishing virus destroyed almost every fruits of human civilization. But even under such cruel environments, survivors lived on with hope, and swore to take back Earth to rebuild civilization. This manhua records the stories of people in such a world, who influenced the course of history with their own hands.
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Hotel Temptation 4.6

Hotel Temptation

Chapter 6

4,312 Sep 19,20 拾部次元

In her past life, Liu Zihan was a cowardly girl who was bullied. After her father’s death, she was deceived by relatives and deprived of all her property. After her rebirth, she became the queen of mercenaries and turned into a female soldier from a weak woman. But in an accident, she traversed back to that weak and helpless time, but at the moment she already has good skills and knows the t
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Film Queen Changeover 4.4

Film Queen Changeover

Chapter 14

3,297 Sep 19,20 有狐文化

The once popular superstar goddess, now scorned by the public as a big fat shut-in. See how the powerful heroine transforms from a weak loser to a strong queen, seduces the prince charming, and returns to the peak as the film queen.
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Demon Hunter 4

Demon Hunter

Chapter 32

16,303 Sep 19,20 Baigongyuanzhan

My name is Jiang Ziling, I am, oh no, was a take-out deliverer. When I was delivering milk tea, I encountered a Demon, and she evoked the power within me. Now, I am an awaker, I hunt demons…
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The Glutton Nextdoor 4.5

The Glutton Nextdoor

Chapter 12

5,378 Sep 18,20 Updating

The Glutton NextdoorWhat kind of romantic relationship starts from a “harassment” incident? What kind of romantic relationship hinges on how he cooks? Well, this one does. Allow us to present you with Glutton Nextdoor, aka, “the girl who harassed me and took me for a doll now is drooling over the dish I cooked!
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Touch Touch You 4.8

Touch Touch You

Chapter 9

3,743 Sep 18,20 Gooreum,Lee Dara

I, Junhee Baek fell in love at first sight. But he rejected me immediately! One day, I was in a marriage arranged by my grandfather and turns out- “Argh!” We haven’t seen each other after twelve years… “Junhee Baek, do you want to marry me?” Why the heck does he want to marry me?! “But you’re not my type” I don’t want to marry you either
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Dragon Raja 4.1

Dragon Raja

Chapter 44

21,342 Sep 18,20 Jiang Nan

Lu Mingfei never expected to live an extraordinary life. He was content with his average achievements and took pride in his skill in Starcraft. However, all that is upended when he suddenly receives a scholarship to study in Chicago at a place called Cassell College. It all seems too good to be true, this can only be a scam! Little does he know, that when he does eventually accept the offer, it is
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Dragon Raja 3 3.4

Dragon Raja 3

Chapter 17

2,243 Sep 18,20 Jiang Nan

When a mysterious heartbeat is detected under the seas of Japan, Luminous, Caesar Gattuso and Johann Chu, (also known as the Ace Team of Cassell College) get sent on a mission to Tokyo, where they must cooperate with Cassell’s Japanese branch, led by the conflicted Chisei Gen. After an unexpected turn of events, the trio will find itself in the middle of a hybrid mafia war. Adapted from the
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Dragon Raja 2 4.2

Dragon Raja 2

Chapter 51

8,929 Sep 18,20 Jiang Nan

The summer break is about to end and Lu Mingfei (Luminous) is just doing his best to survive it. In the middle of this, his classmate Johann Chu shows up to bring him back into the world of dragons. As a series of mysterious incidents begin to threaten their lives, a conspiracy to take over the college will put their loyalties to test.
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North by Northwest 4.6

North By Northwest

Chapter 1

985 Sep 18,20 송윤

A famous pirate in the southern oceans, “Lil Shades” During her peaceful journey, a shocking news falls upon her. “The admiral is coming.” There were chills on her back despite the hot weather. Lil took her eyes off her hands and looked up at Alain. She’d heard him, but sahe wanted to check again.
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Shengshi Li Hua Dian 4.7

Shengshi Li Hua Dian

Chapter 0

349 Sep 18,20 Yun Duan Manhua

Na Ning was mistreated in her previous life, and in her next life, she vowed to make those who harmed her pay double for what they did to her. On her next journey, she was constantly faced with danger. She only trusted herself, only to find that things were not as simple as she thought. Love and regret entangled together, chaos and war rising, the political power is changing. And her memory came b
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Divine Warrior Emperor 4

Divine Warrior Emperor

Chapter 6

6,179 Sep 18,20 WenYuan Culture

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Goddess’ Commoner Soldier King 3.9

Goddess’ Commoner Soldier King

Chapter 3

4,361 Sep 18,20 漫莱坞

The famous soldier king returns to the city and became the assistant and driver of the beautiful chairwoman. For various reasons, he has been integrated into the circle of beauties, becoming the envy and hatred of all men. Be an ambassador for the flower envoy, earn some pocket money, and help beauties solve some troubles. Tang Xiaoyao says: I am the best friend of the goddess, don’t try to
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My Godly Watch 4.7

My Godly Watch

Chapter 0

338 Sep 18,20 Man Ke Wen Hua

Jin Tian has led a frustrating life so far, being beaten up by his classmates and having his watch destroyed. He then accuses God of not having a better life, but then his destroyed watch turns into a super futuristic watch, which shows that the future will be healthy! But what’s the secret hidden in the watch? Let’s see how hard-working teenagers can change their lives!
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A Desperate And Evil Young Man 4.6

A Desperate And Evil Young Man

Chapter 1

461 Sep 18,20 Futuristic anime

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Goddess’s Taste 4.3

Goddess’S Taste

Chapter 1

412 Sep 18,20 Yuria

Yuyu, who was bullied in school for being fat. Yu become a beauty director after trying hard (to lose weight) and is getting high reviews from customers. But his first love, Joo Ain, suddenly appears in front of him. No, but is she the right girl?
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Moshin Hunter 4.5

Moshin Hunter

Chapter 0

740 Sep 18,20 Yoon Hyeon-Sung

Moshins, spirits that dwell on land and sea, may be good in nature, or may have intentions to hurt humans. In a world with such creatures, a warrior travels across the lands with his mysterious dark sword, and hunts all moshins, whether good or bad.
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The Blood Princess And The Knight 4.6

The Blood Princess And The Knight

Chapter 0

611 Sep 18,20 漢唐歸米

I, who was a sacred knight, was defeated and captured in a battle against the vampire clan. “Oh? Letting you die? In your dreams! Accept my embrace. In the future, please take care of me, my lovely daughter~” The silver-haired, the Queen of the Vampire Clan, lifted my chin and smiled cunningly, while her sharp canines drew nearer to my neck…
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Under the Cherry Blossoms 4.6

Under The Cherry Blossoms

Chapter 0

183 Sep 18,20 Dodam-eo,Marzzo,Redgu,Sincere

The tale of Snow White, re-invented! Learning her stepmother had been trying to kill her for the last ten years, Yi Hwa flees from the palace for her life. She desperately searches for Sa-eon, firmly believing he will help her out… But when she finally finds him, he flat out refuses to take her in, as he has enough of a hard time trying to support his six siblings. No matter how much Yi Hwa
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Tian Xia Wu Lai 4.5

Tian Xia Wu Lai

Chapter 1

408 Sep 18,20 Updating

Ruan Ruan doesn’t remember anything about her past. She just knows she was saved by a beggar who claims to be her husband. She follows him through his daily life, meets new people, comes across danger…. Who is she? Who is this boy? And is he truly what he says he is?Show less
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The Republic of China’s Detective 1.4

The Republic Of China’S Detective

Chapter 1

167 Sep 18,20 旷盛动漫

In Shanghai in 1914, many forces had gathered to fight for their own interests. This included warlords, the Japanese, the old Qing court, colonial concessions and gangs. The survivor, Xia Sheng, also came to Shanghai to find the enemy in Tucun. With his strong detective instincts and Feng Xichen as his companion, they will solve multiple cases and identify the true culprits whilst trying to solve
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Mercury Express 4.3

Mercury Express

Chapter 1

703 Sep 18,20 North lane

I can transport anything, just pay me with high enough price. Ling yu, a delivery man with a super power, is caught up in all kinds of accidents because of accepting strange kind of business.
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The little princess 4.7

The Little Princess

Chapter 0

328 Sep 18,20 极漫文化 一口饭工作室

There are many hidden families in the world, and all major families have practiced mysterious yellow magic. As the richest country on this continent, the country of Nu zun is not only rich in resources, but the people in the palace are all talented individuals. The most important thing is that the first queen Bailuo, that is, Luo Jiujiu’s father, is the leading god of war in the Nu zun count
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