Together with Gau 4.5

Together With Gau

Chapter 1: Talking With Gau-Chan

3,934 Apr 08,20 Kawakami Daishirou

Yui Kawahara is a 30-year old office lady with a lot of worries on her mind. She finds comfort in her strange "pet," Gau.
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Ama Ama 4.4

Ama Ama

Chapter 2: Ama Ama 2

11,567 Apr 08,20 Shima Tokio

Yuji's girlfriend Misaki may seem hard and cold on the outside, but inside she's actually soft and loving. As they prepare for their high school entrance exams, Misaki decides that they should temporarily cut off all their dating activities. Will they be able to study hard enough through this period to get into the same high school?
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A Legend of The Wind 4.6

A Legend Of The Wind

Chapter 1

28,158 Apr 07,20 Island project

An ordinary young man’s bloody journey of ascension from ordinary to extraordinary, and from the trough to the peak. In the 16th generation of the Shangguan family of Shangguanxiu, he is ever-changing and looks like a ghost. He comes and goes without a trace. He discovered the correct method of practicing the family martial arts, and changed his life.
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Nian Xiaoxiao's Escape Plan 4.1

Nian Xiaoxiao's Escape Plan

Chapter 10

21,623 Apr 07,20 weibo comic

Bursting into a hotel ready to confront her cheating boyfriend, Nian Xiaoxiao somehow bumped into a president, a drugged president in need of immediate relief…
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The Live 5

The Live

Chapter 1

22,849 Apr 07,20 Ant Studios

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Touch the Empyrean 5

Touch The Empyrean

Chapter 1

9,884 Apr 07,20 Xuan Ge

The Crown Prince of divinity, Chong Hua, had spend all his life living peacefully above the Empyrean until one day Yun Huang, a girl from the Taotie clans barged into his life. He, who had never actually felt the fickleness of mankind gained a great interest in the girl who came from an unknown world, but what comes to them is also dark and full of conspiracies…
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1 Second 4.8

1 Second

Chapter 1

11,706 Apr 07,20 Sini(시니)

A legendary firefighter with a success rescue rate of 100%. What is his special ability?
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The best little doctor 4

The Best Little Doctor

Chapter 2

16,619 Apr 06,20 IDK

The poor student (Shi Li) was expelled by the dean of the college, in (Shi Li) decided to drop out of school and return to the countryside! Then he fell and died, and he mistakenly obtained the inheritance of the divine doctors, and since then, he has been saving people and punishing the evil, his life has changed, and beautiful women have begun to gather around him …
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The Young Master who Ran Away from his marriage 3.4

The Young Master Who Ran Away From His Marriage

Chapter 0

6,284 Apr 06,20

The narcissist young master Xi Men yun’s sister, ran away from home, in result, his mother arranged for him to take his sister’s place and marry Bei Tang Xiao, her fiance. The foolish Xi Men Yu decides to run away as well from the marriage, but fate is an intriguing thing, he ran away only to end up in the same General Bei Tang Xiao’s residence. And because of a small accident wh
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Only I Shall Be Immortal 4.6

Only I Shall Be Immortal

Chapter 2

31,244 Apr 06,20 Tang Jia San Shao

In the Heavens or on Earth, only I shall be immortal! In the vast Divine Lands, at the western border, upon the recommendation of his best friend, he began walking on a path he had never thought possible. The Cloudlink Sect, as the ‘Final Path’ of the 7 main sects of the Divine Lands, on their sacred disciple acceptance ceremony that happens once every 5 years, took in a single 5th gen
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Moracmorac Crown Prince 4.4

Moracmorac Crown Prince

Chapter 2

11,497 Apr 06,20 Wonhae

A fantasy romance story about a handsome crowned prince and his companions that are visiting a hot spring village and a girl with mysterious powers
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First Class Servant 4.7

First Class Servant

Chapter 2

36,139 Apr 07,20 纯情犀利哥(以前的笔名:亲王)

Have you ever seen a servant who is more arrogant than noble? Have you seen a servant who is more arrogant than a monk? Have you seen a servant who is more domineering than an emperor? Have you ever seen a servant who hooked up with her own lady? Have you ever seen a servant who is in trouble with the alluring city? As a modern man, Xu Feng has always been intoxicated with wind and moon, and has b
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A Thing Hiding in an Erotic Cult 3.3

A Thing Hiding In An Erotic Cult

Chapter 17

92,943 Apr 06,20 Hara Tsumoi

Tooru and his sister Yume end up in hospital after a traffic accident leaving their father brain dead when suddenly Itou Yuuzen appears out of nowhere and takes them under his "religious cult's" protection. Is this the beginning of a new life for the brother and sister or something is hidden behind the facade of this religious cult?
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Sailor Suit is Dyed in Black 2.3

Sailor Suit Is Dyed In Black

Vol.3 Chapter 13: Light

15,345 Apr 06,20 Sano Takashi

The main character - Kokonose Touru - is a school girl who can not find her real self in the house or at school. It is only when she is touched by a man that she can feel "alive" and have a sense of purpose. One night she is attacked and is saved by a strange handsome man, a dangerous relationship in the night city begins, but how will it end?
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Doku Mushi - The Ruins Hotel 4.1

Doku Mushi - The Ruins Hotel

Vol.1 Chapter 2

30,592 Apr 06,20 Yazu Michio

Six members of the occult circle will spend a few days at a ruined love hotel during their summer vacation. Upon arrival they meet two additional people who join them, but in the morning of the second day, a female member was found tied & naked. In addition, the exit was locked by someone and the building became a completely enclosed cage. Will this be a repeat of the 'kodoku' that hap
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A Girl Who Unconsciously Acts Boyish 4.8

A Girl Who Unconsciously Acts Boyish

Chapter 3

47,829 Apr 08,20 Akatsuka Taishou

The original web comic Mutou and Satou is based on. A story about an unnamed tomboyish girl and her senpai.
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Goukaku no Tame no! Yasashii Sankaku Kankei Nyuumon 3.8

Goukaku No Tame No! Yasashii Sankaku Kankei Nyuumon

Chapter 1: Looking For Snow In June

35,737 Apr 05,20 Canno

Middle-schooler Mayuki wants to enter Ohtomo high school to join her beloved senpai Akira. Problem is: her grades are so terrible there's no way she can make it into such a high level school. Thus her mother hires a high school girl named Rin as a private teacher to help her daughter. Seeing how the girl looks so much more mature than her, Mayuki ends up asking Rin to teach
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Koi Suru Otome wa Eromanga ni Yume wo Miru 4.8

Koi Suru Otome Wa Eromanga Ni Yume Wo Miru

Chapter 3: In The Clinic...

50,460 Apr 05,20 Popuri Yoshikita

A romantic comedy about an innocent high school girl named Yatsugi Chihaya who tries to express her love for her math teacher, Yasaka-sensei, by following the teachings of her new-found bible - the EROMANGA. Will Chihaya's feelings ever reach her Sensei? Follow this silly, trashy manga to find out! Kisah komedi romantis tentang seorang gadis SMA polos bernama Yatsugi Chihay
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Heart-Beating Beauty Game 4.5

Heart-Beating Beauty Game

Chapter 1

12,854 Apr 04,20 Big bear

Shen Xiao Man is a internet celebrity that went viral from singing. Her talent granted many fans online, but because of her appearance in real life she had to deal with many unfair situations. After a car incident, she met the cosmetic system which turned her to a beauty, to have her appearance remain this way, she has to chase her dreams. Female MC can only open her system’s tasks…
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His 10,000 Romantic Traps 4.3

His 10,000 Romantic Traps

Chapter 11

66,889 Apr 05,20 Cloud Studio

Cheated on by her fiancé and her bestie, Luo Xiaoka loses all her faith in romantic love and decides to fully devote herself to work. However, fate sends her right into her boss’s trap of love. How is she supposed to deal with this man’s 10,000 creative ways to court her? Finally, a considerate and gentle male lead who respects the woman he loves and knows how to properly solve his jea
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The Careful Empress 4.8

The Careful Empress

Chapter 2

72,941 Apr 04,20 Jajoo

The world’s strongest white dragon…becomes the tyrant’s wife?
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Silkflower Fantasy Dream 2.9

Silkflower Fantasy Dream

Chapter 1

11,090 Apr 04,20 iLEGUO

D List actress Bai Muzhi just received her chance to shine but she ends up getting tortured to death by film director Ye Ze. Afterwards, she’s reborn…as Ye Ze’s secret wife, Yun Xiaoran?! She never thought that revenge would involve so many…men!
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The Secret She Keeps 4.2

The Secret She Keeps

Chapter 30

120,199 Apr 06,20 Updating

In her previous life, Yi Ruo Shui, born in a rich family, was a typically obedient girl who was fond of music and adept at playing piano. At that time, being an innocent and unsophisticated girl, she never doubted anybody, nor did she ever guard against her friends or lover, which, however, brought her only constant disasters. Many years later, being blindsided again, Yi Ruo Shui died in
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