The Player that can’t Level Up 3.8

The Player That Can’T Level Up

Chapter 20

52,162 Mar 09,21 앵무새

Kim GiGyu awakened as a player at the age of 18. He thought his life was on the track to success, climbing ‘the tower' and closing ‘the gates'… But even after clearing the tutorial, he was level 1. He killed a goblin a day, and he was still level 1. Even after 5 years, he was still level 1. “Who would have thought that this kind of player would exist.” No one knew. Player Who Can't Le
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Raphael the angel 4

Raphael The Angel

Chapter 1

0 Mar 09,21 루시드

Raphael the angel, along with his angel friends Raphael and Uriel turned into the human world's cats. just what is happening! in the unfamiliar human world in a cat's body! the handsome angels that turned into cats, and the human that become their butler, EunHo. The world's most harmless romance! (warning: super heart warming)
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The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract 4.5

The Story Of Park’S Marriage Contract

Chapter 1

2,008 Mar 09,21 김너울

A Joseon girl, Park Yeon Woo, has always believed that the fated love like in her favourite novel would come to her one day. However, on her first night of the wedding, her husband, Tae Ha, suddenly passed away. Unfortunately, she didn't get to mourn for her husband's passing as she has been kidnapped and thrown into a well mysteriously. The man who saved her certainly looks the same as her late h
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The Boy Out Of My Reach 3.9

The Boy Out Of My Reach

Chapter 1

0 Mar 09,21 Kokoharu / Koko haru

Haruka's childhood friend and neighbour is the popular high school model Sano Souta, who hides in plane sight dressed as a massive geek at school. Both their mothers are single moms and got along so well that the two families even moved in together when the kids entered high school and Souta joined the entertainment industry… What's going to happen to these two childhood friends when Haruka is sud
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Men of The Harem 3.8

Men Of The Harem

Chapter 0

4,013 Mar 09,21 Alpha Tart

“Why should I only marry one man?” the female emperor declared. “During past generations, the emperor has had at least five concubines and an average of fifteen. Now that I'm Emperor, I should have at least five concubines, too. The son of a chancellor? The successor to a powerful family? If they're good, send them to the harem.” “My favorite one will become the male empress.”
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How About Scheming 4

How About Scheming

Chapter 0 - Prologue

2,006 Mar 09,21 有欧气工厂

Xia Yan, with a successful career and countless harems, was judged by the ethics system as an inferior woman. The soul behind her was wiped out and she was thrown into the pure and kind little white flower artist Mo Qiuqiu. Mo Qiuqiu? Isn't she the contracted artist of the company that is about to die a year from now? “The system pits me, let me be kind and cautious to re-behave and wait for death
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Retiring As The World’s Strongest Demon 4.1

Retiring As The World’S Strongest Demon

Chapter 0

8,029 Mar 09,21 有鹿文化

The game planner Zou Yu died suddenly during an overtime work and traveled to the immortality game designed by himself, becoming the demon guard who killed the heroine Jiang Yunbo's family. Zou Yu, who thought he would reach the pinnacle of his life in one step, was forced to return to the starting point of the game countless times because of Jiang Yunbo's life-threatening character. It turns out
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The Demon World’s Princess 3.4

The Demon World’S Princess

Chapter 0

0 Mar 09,21 Soo Park

In the fantasy world of Fantaria, the demon kind came down to the human world. Rine travels to the human world in search of the Demon King Surt.
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Egregor 4.8


Chapter 1

6,026 Mar 09,21 Jay Skwar

Poa lives in a small provincial village, and dreams that one day he can become a great blacksmith. But, once mercenaries invaded his village and massacred all inhabitants, including his family. That moment radically changed his life …
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It’s All Black Stocking’s Fault 3.7

It’S All Black Stocking’S Fault

Chapter 1

2,009 Mar 09,21 岛上Project

Liu Mang, now 30 years old, was a good student in the past. But his life wasn't good anymore. One day, when he was massaging his boss' legs, he fainted and went back to the time he was 17 years old. Knowing that studying hard would be useless, he decided to change his fate, and do things he'd never dare to try in the past. Credits to:圣诞文学网
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There Is A Demon In The Fairy Painting 3.7

There Is A Demon In The Fairy Painting

Chapter 1

0 Mar 08,21 Huo guo jun &, xiang de huang / 猫薄荷动漫

Chief Ye Fang, Deputy Director of the Ground Security Bureau. During the investigation of a supernatural murder case near the Fine Arts Academy, he meets Teacher Bai, a man who closely resembles his master that went been missing over 400 years ago. Is Teacher Bai the one Chief Ye loved and looked for over hundreds of years? Guide Me, Find You; You Yao lai zhi hua zhong xian ; Demonic Picture
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We Shan’t Part Tonight 3

We Shan’T Part Tonight

Chapter 1

0 Mar 08,21 Zhi zi

In search of his beloved , The master plays the host to all manner of guests , assisted by his devoted servant. What secrets lie behind the seemingly unremarkable everyday life ? While the guests their wishes granted , will the master and his faithful companion see their wishes come true ??
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Lost Lovers 4.4

Lost Lovers

Chapter 2

2,009 Mar 08,21 Liang Teng

Losing memories after a confession?! A crossdressing boy and his crush are cursed to never fall deep in love, and are forced to repeat their confession over and over. What is the antidote to love? Can there be miracles in true love?
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Season of Roll 4

Season Of Roll

Chapter 6

4,009 Mar 08,21 Flip anime

The dream is to be an Anjuan of a cartoonist, and this year I got my wish to apply for the studio of the cartoonist teacher I admire most. But no one expected that the teacher was actually a black fan who had just forged a beam with him two days ago? In front of the dream, Yuanjia has a narrow road. What kind of sparks will the lively and honest assistant and the cold cartoonist meet?
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Messages From The Killer 2.9

Messages From The Killer

Chapter 37

4,012 Mar 08,21 Yououqi factory

There's a serial killer in my WeChat moments! There seems to be a mysterious large organization behind everything. The only one I can rely on is the guy who sleeps on my lower bunk.
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The Brilliant Miss Olive 4.6

The Brilliant Miss Olive

Chapter 6

18,062 Mar 09,21 Chestnut,Ks·freehourglass,Xcccccc

Olive Fu was not going to have it! Instead of being forced to marry an old man, she takes a leap to determine her own fate. Enthusiastic and strong-willed, she's embarked on a quest to build her jewelry business. But out in the real world, things get messy fast when she bumps into and then hires a handsome stranger (with his own secrets!) to be her assistant. Will she be able to break free from he
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Blue Wings 5

Blue Wings

Chapter 1

2,009 Mar 08,21 Xu Lu Ako

Adopted into a strange family to replace their recently deceased daughter, Skye hasn't had it easy. Her brothers torment her daily and her new adoptive mother is terminally ill. Can Skye survive and finally seize her own happiness? Lan Chi
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The Guardian’s Dragon 4.6

The Guardian’S Dragon

Chapter 1

2,004 Mar 08,21 월,일 연재

This is the world where the women will transform to a Yong (Dragon) and the man will be the Yong Ju (Diviner), they have to make a contract to each other. Yong Yeon, a girl who is just waiting for the day when she will transform to a dragon in a peaceful nation called Yuju Nation. One day while her beloved country being fall apart she encounter her awakening. On the verge of her death,
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My Children are Big Shots 4.2

My Children Are Big Shots

Chapter 1

16,052 Mar 09,21 创迹文化

“Warning: Mature content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older.” Eastern mystical fantasy world, thousands of races, parallel in the world. Each race's own bloodline, pure, reaching the level, can ascend to the Heavenly Gate, to enter the Heavenly Lan Divine Realm. The heroine, Ling Huan Huan
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Your Majesty Is So Handsome 4.9

Your Majesty Is So Handsome

Chapter 0 - Promo

4,003 Mar 08,21 Jugıgım

I woke up in this new world as Diana Gundal, the youngest daughter of a feudal lord. But hey, that's great news! That means I can live my life pampered from head to toe right? Wrong! Everyday I'm living like a maid to help out with the household. What's even worse is that I neither inherited the old Diana's memories nor her knowledge of the language. I'm basically starting from scratch… I th
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Good Disciple, Have Pity On Your Master! 4

Good Disciple, Have Pity On Your Master!

Chapter 1

8,016 Mar 09,21 柜柜

He came from the Great Desolate, carrying the destiny of the human race, he has countless disciples, a total of twelve emperors for the human race! Ying ying ying, raised so many male children, now want a female disciple to rub the master's back!  Good Disciple, Please Spare your Master  Please Spare Me! Apprentice!  Ученица моя, пожалей своего мастера!  好徒儿你就饶了为师伐
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Dangerous Man 5

Dangerous Man

Chapter 0

0 Mar 08,21 Eunmil

Han Bomi is a paralegal who moved to L&B law firm after being caught up in rumours that she had seduced a man with a fiancée. There, she meets Eren, the new CEO of the L&B law firm, a man with a dangerous vibe. Bomi's resemblance to someone attracted her to Eren and although he is constantly concerned about Bomi, she always feels intimidated. “Don't flinch. There is no one who can hurt you.” “Yes,
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I’ll Love You Forever 4.8

I’Ll Love You Forever

Chapter 0

0 Mar 08,21 Phoenix Manhua

During high school, the wild Xiao Kaikai liked the tricky teacher, Xu Moran. But on the day that she was going to confess, Xu Moran disappeared without a trace. Six years later, Xiao Kaikai made her dream of becoming a pilots' instructor come true. And the Xu Moran who had disappeared six years ago reappeared and started to crazily pursue Xiao Kaikai. If you liked me, then why did you disappear at
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Yuri Behavior Guide 4.4

Yuri Behavior Guide

Chapter 2

2,007 Mar 09,21 MOMO636

“Warning: Yuri content: This manga contains materials that might not be suitable to children under 17. By proceeding, you are confirming that you are 17 or older.” the lovely lives of yuri girls!  Orange Girl Behavior
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