Chaos in the Nether World CHAPTER LIST

Chaos in the Nether World manga summary:

Zhang Muji who only wanted to buy his muse a gift by doing a part-time job ended up facing a weird gate. His greed angered the tycoon on the other side of the gate, and was punished for another part-time job. Zhang Muji was very reluctant. What’s the difference between a part-timer without pay and a loser! Zhang Muji had an idea to get rich by charging a “Gate Construction Fee” from all the immortals…
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 5: Where Am I? 26,098 Aug-09-19
Chapter 4: Ghost 19,609 Aug-09-19
Chapter 3: The Part-time Job 21,684 Aug-09-19
Chapter 2: The Love Potion 25,068 Aug-09-19