Spas-Pa manga summary:

Itsuki Minamori has fallen asleep in class and dreams about a girl from his past. He is awakened by Haruna a girl who apparently has a crush on him, but her friend Chihaya Yuuki tells her to stay away from this boy. He explains that he's spent his life being followed by evil ghosts and during the exposition, another one shows up.
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Vol.6 Chapter 30 : Bonds 3,872 Jan-21-16
Vol.6 Chapter 29 : Answer 3,743 Jan-21-16
Vol.6 Chapter 28 : Decision 3,714 Jan-21-16
Vol.4 Chapter 22 : Tears 3,728 Jan-21-16
Vol.4 Chapter 21 3,706 Jan-21-16
Vol.3 Chapter 16 3,762 Jan-21-16
Vol.3 Chapter 15 3,794 Jan-21-16
Vol.3 Chapter 14 3,897 Jan-21-16