Blossom Crush CHAPTER LIST

Blossom Crush manga summary:

After an accident kills the love of her life, florist Rosa loses her passion for living. As her mental health withers and wilts, a new love blooms slowly with the arrival of Ethan, a college freshman with a hospitalized mother and estranged father. Not sure if she can ever be happy again, slowly but surely something new grows between them, rife with love triangles, tragedy, and hope for the future.
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 7: Gardenia 3,182 Jul-11-19
Chapter 6: Dahlia 2,063 Jul-11-19
Chapter 5: Zinnia 2,204 Jul-11-19
Chapter 4: Gloxinia 2,685 Jul-11-19
Chapter 3: Sunflower 2,812 Jul-11-19
Chapter 2: Daisy 3,392 Jul-11-19
Chapter 1: Chrysanthemum 4,740 Jul-11-19